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Create a compelling & convincing business plan online with Venngage


Not a designer? No problem. With our easy-to-edit templates and online Business Plan builder, anyone can create a winning business plan for free. Over 40,000 businesses already use and trust Venngage.

Launch a profitable business with a visually engaging business plan

Not all businesses, or business plans, are created equally. Make sure the plan you share with investors, lenders and other stakeholders is not only packed with key data and information, but visually engaging too.

Looking to make your your business plan stand out from the pack? Venngage's unique business plan templates add serious style to your ideas.

Whether you're looking for a traditional business plan format or something more creative, Venngage's easy-to-edit business plan templates let anyone make a business plan. No design experience required.

Create unique charts and graphs for your data, too. Add bar or line charts, pie charts, Venn diagrams, interactive maps and more and edit them with a few clicks.

The best part? Venngage' Business Plan Builder is a fraction of the cost of hiring a business plan writer.

Create a winning business plan with Venngage in 5 steps:

  1. Create a free Venngage account using your email, Google or Facebook profiles.
  2. Select the perfect business plan template from our library of professionally-designed templates.
  3. Use our online Business Plan Builder to add your information, data and more to your business plan template. Change the text, fonts, colors and backgrounds with a few clicks.
  4. Level up your business plan and add one of our 40,000 professional icons or 3 million stock photos.
  5. Download your business plan as a PDF or PowerPoint file (paid plans only), or share the public link for free.

Design an unforgettable business plan today

Brand colors & fonts

Add your brand colors & fonts to any template with a one click.

Pro data visualizations

Summarize your data with a stunning graph, chart or table.

Real time collaboration

Collaborate with your whole team & leave helpful feedback.

Easy-to-edit templates

Save money and hours of design time with our easy-to-edit templates.

Easy-to-edit business plan templates

No budget for a professional designer? Save 20+ hours of design time and hours of frustration with our easy-to-customize business plan templates.

Our team of professional designers has created a collection of unique business plan templates that anyone can customize. Pick a simple template, add your text and data and you're done.

Or choose a more creative template and play around with the fonts, photos, icons, colors and more.

Whatever the case, Venngage's drag-and-drop business plan generator lets anyone create a beautiful, professional business plan without any design experience.

One-click branding with My Brand Kit

Upload and save your brand colors, fonts and logo to your Brand Kit. Add your branding to any of our templates with one click.

Don't like how your brand colors look in a template? Toggle through the options to get a variety of combinations.

You can also use My Brand Kit to set title, subtitle and body font styles and sizes.

The result? Designs that are uniform and consistent every time thanks to Venngage's business plan creator.

Show off important metrics with professional data visualizations

Make your data easily understandable and engaging by using creative graphs and charts.

Need a pie chart to show how the market is segmented, a line graph to explain the potential growth or a simple map to break down your customer demographics?

Import your data from an Excel file or Google Sheet, customize with a few clicks and you're done.

With Venngage's Business Plan Builder, it's simple to turn complicated data into accessible, beautiful visualizations.

Collaborate with your whole team throughout the design process

Do you want to create collaboratively with your team? No problem.

Venngage makes it easy to work with everyone on your team to produce something phenomenal, on a single dashboard. Multiple team members can edit, design and share their ideas.

Our online business plan maker allows your team members to collaborative anywhere, at any time.

Download or share your business plan instantly

Download your business plan with one click as an image, PDF, Interactive PDF or PowerPoint file. Add it to your Google Doc or Slides, your Word doc or existing PowerPoint slides (paid plans only).

Or share a public link for free from our business plan generator.

Don't worry. You can go back and edit your business plan at any time.


How much does Venngage's Business Plan Builder cost?

Anyone can make a business plan for free and share a link to their work. Our Premium ($19/month) and Business ($49/month) plans include premium templates and features, plus download capability.

Can I use Venngage collaboratively with my team?

Create your business plan in real time with your team, leave comments or share private links using our Business or Enterprise Plans.

Can I download my business plan?

Yes! You can download your business plan in PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF or PowerPoint formats (paid plans only). It's free to share a public link.

Create an amazing business plan online with Venngage