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Create an Enticing Menu With Venngage's Menu Maker

Make a Menu

Make a menu that inspires appetites with our easy to use online menu maker

Wet the appetites of readers with a professional menu design

Before people decide to eat at a restaurant, they usually read the menu first. A beautiful menu with a fresh design can make your dishes all the more appetizing.

The problem? Most restaurants, catering businesses, and cafes are working within a tight budget. But that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the quality of your menus.

Venngage's menu templates make it easy to create menus for any type of restaurant. Pick a template with a theme and layout that fits your restaurant. Insert your own dishes and customize the design to fit your business. Voila - a menu that hungry patrons will pour over.

No design experience required.

Create an appetizing menu in 5 steps:

  1. Sign up for Venngage for free.
  2. Pick a menu template that fits your menu selection.
  3. Personalize your menu text and design.
  4. Season your menu design with beautiful images and decorative fonts.
  5. Download your menu as a high quality PNG or PDF.

How to create a menu that draws in hungry crowds:

Pick a menu template with a layout that fits your vision

How do you want your restaurant to appear on the page? Look for a menu template that will tell your readers the story of your restaurant.

Select fonts that speak to your restaurant's theme

Browse Venngage's font library for fonts that will grab readers' attention and make your tasty descriptions jump off the page.

Include enticing images

Showcase the wholesome ingredients that go into your food, the special region your food is inspired by, or show the dishes themselves.

Embellish your menu design with pops of color

Add bright borders, titles, and illustrations to make your menu engaging.

Menu templates ranging from rustic-homestyle to modern-chic

Do you want readers to feel like they've just stepped off the red carpet and into your restaurant? Or do you want them to feel like they're sitting down at their grandma's table?

Venngage offers a variety of menu templates for all sorts of culinary stories. Each template is professionally designed and ready to use as is. Just replace the text placeholders with your own text and you're ready to go!

If you do want to take more creative freedom, you can also customize your menu as much as you want using our simple drag and drop canvas.

Find fonts that embody the voice of your business

What is your food trying to say to people? Settle down for a comforting meal? Or impress your guests with our trendy fare?

The fonts you use in your menu will speak to the theme and mood of your business.

Venngage's font library offers a wide variety of different font styles. Pick from scrawling script fonts to fun quirky fonts, to sleek modern sans serif fonts.

Upload and save your own images to our menu maker

Pictures are an essential part of storytelling - especially where food is concerned.

Venngage gives you the freedom to upload your own images and save them to your image library to use again later. Our handy image frame feature helps you incorporate your visuals seamlessly into your design.

Create menus with multiple pages

Got more foodie goodness than can be contained on one page? Create menus with multiple pages using our multi-page feature.

Copy, add, delete, and rearrange menu pages. Venngage's drag-and-drop canvas makes it easy to modify templates to fit your specific needs.

If you don't have your own images, Venngage offers an image library containing thousands of free stock photos.

Download your menu in stunning high quality

Download your menu as a high quality PNG or PDF, or share your menu on social media directly from Venngage in just a few clicks.


How do I sign up for Venngage?

You can sign up with your email, Facebook or Gmail account.

Can I edit my menu after I've exported it?

Yes, you can access your design at any time and make changes by selecting it in your design library. Any edits you make to the design are autosaved.

Can I print out my menu?

Yes! You can download your menu as a high quality PNG or multi-page PDF.

Check out Venngage's templates library for more menu templates.