11 Templates to Turn Boring Information Into Creative Infographics

By Sara McGuire, Jun 23, 2017

creative infographics

No one likes to be ignored.

It’s especially frustrating when you have important information to share.

Maybe you’re trying to communicate your business value proposition to your customers or clients. Maybe you’re trying to bring your team up to speed on new industry information. Or maybe you’re trying to explain concepts to educate your students.

It can be hard to grab someone’s attention and keep it…especially if your information is kind of boring by nature.

How do you get people to not only pay attention to your information but also engage with it?

That’s where informational infographics can come in handy.

Informational infographics turn boring, technical and industry-specific information into engaging visuals.

Turning dry text into creative infographics allows you to highlight key information in a visual format that can easily be shared online and in print.

The best part? You don’t have to hire a designer to do it! All you need to get started is the right infographic template.

Here are some of the best templates to help you make your own creative infographics.


1. Set readers on the right course with an informative infographic

Perhaps your job requires you to help guide people in the right direction. An infographic that breaks down a process into clear steps can help make daunting tasks seem manageable.

For example, many people have trouble managing money and planning for the future. This infographic breaks down the financial planning process into bite-size pieces:

financial planning

2. Make answers to burning questions accessible

Infographics enable you to bypass pages of information to get to the key points of a topic. If there are questions that a lot of people are asking, an infographic can make the answers to those questions accessible and easy to understand.

For example, this infographic answers common questions about same-sex marriage, and debunks some myths as well:

infographic template

3. Engage readers with a creative infographics

A topic might be more interesting than people realize. The problem is, they don’t always realize it if they’re faced with a boring page of text. A creative infographic can highlight the exciting aspects of a topic. Plus, readers will be able to easily share the infographic with other people who might be interested!

Do you know how much power your brain is packing? This infographic breaks it down:

infographic template

4. Show how parts make up a whole

A visual can help readers understand concepts better than text alone. Use one focus illustration to represent your central idea and break down the different contributing components. Infographics like this make for great quick reference posters!

Take this infographic about the qualities that make up a great leader:

creative infographics

5. Explain industry-specific concepts

Whether you’re pitching your business to potential clients, or you’re onboarding new team members, an infographic can demystify industry-specific terms. If someone forgets what a term means, they can check the infographic for a quick refresher.

For example, what the heck are keywordgraphics? This infographic explains the concept in detail:

infographic template

6. Help people remember important information

There are a lot of things that demand our attention on a day-to-day basis. It’s easy to forget things…even important things. Infographics act as great reminders. Include an infographic guide in event packages, team emails, or as print outs to keep important information top-of-mind.

For example, take this guide that reminds people what to pack before travelling:

infographic template

7. Make a one-page infographic guide

It can be difficult for readers to wrap their heads around guidelines with a lot of information. An infographic guide is perfect for condensing guidelines into one organized page. Accompany each section with a clear visual so readers will be able to quickly scan and find the information they’re looking for.

For example, this one-page guide will help readers keep the health properties of each herb straight:

creative infographics

8. Make lists exciting with bold designs

When faced with a generic list, there’s a good chance readers are going to skip over points to get to the bottom. Bold and colorful icons can make each point on a list stand out.

Take this infographic that uses a different color for each number on the list:

creative infographics

9. Highlight the different options available

People aren’t always aware of what their options are. You can assemble all of their options in one place using an infographic. Let readers knows that the benefits and important details of each option are. Informational infographics like these are great for helping team members solve problems and helping people make tough decisions.

Look at this infographic that offers different options for how manager can tackle employee dissatisfaction:

creative infographics

10. Keep best practices top-of-mind

It can be easy to get caught up in your own tasks, to the point where you can lose sight of important guidelines and best practices. A creative infographic can help you keep best practices in mind as you tackle day-to-day challenges.

For example, this infographic reminds managers what matters most to employees in the workplace:

employee info infographic

11. Introduce smart strategies to your team/audience

The digital landscape is always shifting and changing. If you’re in a digital industry, you need to adjust your strategies to meet these changes. An infographic is the perfect way to introduce new strategies to your team or audience.

Take a look at how this infographic introduces 5 effective strategies conversion rate optimization:

marketing info infographic

Still need a bit more help creating infographics? Read our detailed guide Infographics For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide.

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