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New Templates of the Week: 11 Templates to Boost Your Data Visualizations

Written by: Camila Feijóo

Nov 10, 2022

weekly templates 2

In the digital era, the more visual and attractive your communications are, the more your audience will retain the information.

Enter data visualization. If you’re new to the term, data visualization is the visual presentation of data or information. The goal of data visualization is to communicate data or information clearly and effectively to readers. 

Now, the term “data visualization” might sound a bit intimidating, but don’t worry! With Venngage’s fully customizable templates, you can find professionally designed charts, infographics, maps and graphs that make data visualization a breeze.

In this brief article, I’ve compiled simple — but powerful — charts to elevate your reports, presentations, plans, newsletters and more. Consider your communication needs covered.

a GIF of a man saying "Couldn't be more simple"

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Blank 5-Column Chart Template

A blank five-column chart is a template you can use to create various charts, including line graphs, bar charts, and pie charts. You can use this design to ace your business presentations and reports, and to help keep track of sales data or compare different products or employees’ performance over time.

Venngage offers a wide range of blank five-column chart templates that you can use for free. Sign up for a free account; then select a template that best fits your needs and enter your data into the spreadsheet.

blank 5 column chart template

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Pie Chart Template

Pie chart templates display portions of a whole. A pie chart works when you want to compare proportions that are substantially different. Some people think that a bar graph is the simplest way to represent data, but we invite you to create your own pie chart so your reports and presentations make an impact.

You can edit this template by changing the title, labels for each slice, legend and data. You can also change the font and colors. And if you want to add other graphic elements to your customized chart, thousands of icons are available for any creative idea. 

pie chart template

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Blank Chart Template

Oversee trends and patterns in data for your business, research, or other purposes by customizing this easy-to-use blank chart template. Even when all our templates are full of real information, each design is fully customizable.

You can either change the colors, the text, the data, or the organization — but there’s no need for you to do the last one since our team of professional designers has done the hard work for you. 

Do you need another layout? Just navigate through our chart templates catalog and select the perfect design for you. Our easy-to-use editor also allows you to download in multiple formats to print your chart design or send it online with just a click.

blank chart template

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Graph Template

With Venngage’s online graph maker tool you can customize engaging graphs to show complex data in presentations and reports, and impress prospective clients, partners and donors! This graph is perfect to break down goals into OKRs and inputs to report to your team.

If you have a company style guide, you can upload it to Venngage’s My Brand Kit (available on Business plans) for easy access and to ensure your graph template is on-brand. It will save you time editing graph templates, as you won’t need to search for the correct colors or fonts each time you design other pieces on Venngage.

Why hire an expert when you can customize your favorite report or presentation template in minutes?

graph template line graph

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Bubble Chart Template

A bubble chart is a type of chart that displays data in a three-dimensional format. Present data sets with multiple variables or compare clusters of information by customizing this easy-to-use chart template.

In this template, the size of the bubbles represents the magnitude of the data. In contrast, the bubbles’ color represents the different data categories. Bubble charts are often used to visualize data sets that have multiple variables.

Our bubble chart templates are fully editable and our smart editor will transform raw data into engaging graphics, just enter new data in a simple table or paste your Google Sheets link or upload an Excel file to import information automatically with Venngage graph generator.

bubble chart template

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PowerPoint Map Chart

A PowerPoint map chart is a particular type of chart that uses geographical data to create appealing and informative presentations. You can use this kind of chart to display data such as sales figures, population density, or distribution of resources. 

These charts are an excellent way to visualize data and communicate information clearly and concisely. Creating a map chart from scratch can be challenging and time-consuming — that’s where we come to the rescue.

powerpoint map chart

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Comparison Bar Chart

Sometimes making strategic decisions is more uncomplicated when visualizing a comparison of performance, numbers or metrics. You can change all the design and text elements in this industry layoffs 2022 comparison bar chart.

To present the layoff trends across various industries, use the charts function. This feature will provide you with many data visualization options. Use contrasting colors for the graph or chart elements to ensure clarity.

comparison bar chart

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Donut Chart Marketing Stats Template

A donut chart is almost the same thing as a pie chart in terms of data representation. They’re both visually-engaging methods to explain complex information in a simple and effective way.

The best part of creating charts with our compelling designs is that we have all the tools that you need to craft a marketing chart inside Venngage’s editor. There is no need to install extra software or browser extensions that can slow your device down. Venngage is cloud-based, which means you can access your designed templates anytime and anywhere, as long as you can connect to the internet.

Need more chart ideas? Navigate to our free Chart Maker tool and learn more about the perks of using Venngage, some tricks to improve your chart editing process and explore more templates from our catalog. We upload new templates every week!

donut chart marketing stats template

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Thermometer Graph Marketing Stats Template

Level up your statistics report by using charts and start visualizing growth trends to plan your next goals and steps. This graph statistical template allows businesses to easily see how well their marketing campaigns are doing by comparing them to a benchmark or target goal.

We offer a wide variety of icons that can represent data points or other important information in your template. These can include symbols from your brand or theme, as well as standalone icons to highlight a specific concept. You can also add your own icons, images and logos with our drag-and-drop editor tool.

Thermometer Graph Marketing Stats Template

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Bar Graph Template

Are you looking to communicate important business information to your clients and customers? Do you need to create an information tool that can help your stakeholders understand complicated numbers and data? 

If you want to simplify data to make people understand your business numbers and statistics, then using a graph to explain your data is a great solution. In order to help you save time, our team of professional designers has created templates like this for you. 

You only need to add your information and download it in the format you need, to deliver your communication. Export in PNG or JPG to add to a presentation, or in PDF to send via email.

bar graph template

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Stacked Bar Chart Marketing Stats Template

A stacked bar chart marketing stats template is a visual representation of data that allows you to compare different categories of information. Add stacked charts to your presentations or reports and improve the way your audience understands metrics or other important data.

Not the chart template you need? Take a look at our charts templates catalog and find the perfect template for each communication need. Most of our templates are free but there are some templates that can only be used by Business or Premium users.

stacked bar chart marketing stats template

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Deliver valuable data through impactful visuals with Venngage

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Sign up for a free account, pick a design from our library of professional templates, swap in your content, add graphic elements and you’re ready to go!

About Camila Feijóo

Camila is a Marketing Specialist at Venngage. She has a background in content management, audiovisuals and advertising; which has given her the opportunity to work with valuable brands and projects around the world. She’s full of movie references, music industry facts and tech hacks. She loves a good em dash — and she doesn't like to talk about herself in the third person.