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Help Center

17 Types of Reports for Reporting and Decision Making

Written by: Danesh Ramuthi

Dec 22, 2023

Types of Reports

Reports are indispensable tools for communication and analysis, providing structured and clear presentations of data, findings, and insights. 

The spectrum of report types is as diverse as their applications, ranging from analytical reports that offer deep insights into data, to informational reports that present facts in a straightforward manner. Other common types include feasibility reports, research reports, and progress reports, each designed to fulfill specific objectives in different professional contexts.

Recognizing the myriad types of reports and their applications is essential for effective communication and decision-making. While it’s challenging to pinpoint an exact number, the variety of reports is vast and continuously evolving to meet the dynamic needs of different industries and technological advancements. 

For professionals seeking to master the art of report writing, Venngage offers report maker and customizable report templates. These tools are tailored to facilitate the creation of professional, visually compelling reports, suitable for a wide range of report types. 


Table of content:

Formal reports

Formal reports are comprehensive documents often used in business and academic settings to convey detailed information, research findings, or recommendations. These reports are characterized by a structured format, including elements like a title page, table of contents, executive summary, and bibliography. 

Precision and clarity in language are essential, as formal reports are typically intended for stakeholders who make key decisions based on the data presented. They often include charts, graphs, and other visual aids to support the text, providing a thorough analysis of the topic at hand.

Technical Report Template

Informal reports

Informal reports are typically shorter and less structured than formal reports. They are used for routine communication within an organization, such as updates, brief summaries, or informal proposals

These reports are usually more conversational in tone, making them more accessible and easier to read. Informal reports may not require extensive data or research and often bypass elements like the title page or table of contents. They are an effective tool for quick and efficient communication of essential information within teams or departments.

Black And Pink Tab Incident Report

Internal reports

Internal reports are documents used within an organization to share information, analyze operations, or make recommendations. They are intended for an internal audience, such as management, employees, or departments, and are not typically shared outside the organization. 

These reports can be formal or informal, depending on their purpose and audience. Internal reports play a crucial role in decision-making, problem-solving, and strategy development, providing valuable insights into various aspects of the organization’s functioning.

Project Status Report Template

External reports

External reports are prepared with the intent of sharing information with parties outside of the organization, such as investors, clients, regulatory bodies, or the general public. These reports must be meticulously crafted, as they reflect the organization’s professionalism and credibility. 

They often include annual reports, financial statements, compliance reports, and research findings. External reports require accuracy and transparency, often following specific guidelines or standards set by external entities. 

The language and presentation of these reports are tailored to meet the expectations and requirements of the external audience.

Financial Income Statement Report Template

Annual reports

Annual reports are comprehensive reflections of a year’s accomplishments, challenges, and financial health for businesses and organizations. These reports, often crafted with a blend of informational and analytical insights, provide a detailed overview of the year’s activities, including achievements, financial performance, and future projections. 

Key components like an executive summary, financial statements, and marketing strategies are presented in a formal report format, offering stakeholders an in-depth look at the organization’s progress. Annual reports not only serve as statutory documents but also as tools for strategic planning and investor relations, often accompanied by engaging graphics and narratives to highlight the year’s milestones.

Simple Corporate Annual Report Template

Monthly reports

Monthly reports offer a regular pulse check on a business’s operations, giving insights into ongoing projects, sales performance, and financial health. These reports typically combine data analysis and narrative to present a clear picture of the month’s activities. 

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are often highlighted to track progress against goals. Whether it’s a monthly end-close sales report, financial overview, or inventory status, these reports provide essential feedback to management, allowing for timely adjustments in strategies or operations. 

In businesses where rapid changes occur, such as sales or marketing departments, monthly reports and dashboards are invaluable tools for staying aligned with short-term objectives and long-term goals.

Monthly Payroll Report Template

Weekly reports

Weekly reports serve as a compass for short-term progress and immediate action in various business contexts. These brief yet insightful documents focus on key developments, challenges, and accomplishments over a week. 

They often include updates on project milestones, team performance, and any immediate issues needing attention. In fast-paced environments, weekly reports are crucial for maintaining momentum and ensuring team alignment. 

Typically informal in nature, these reports are designed for quick consumption and prompt decision-making, often utilized by teams to stay connected and informed about ongoing activities and impending deadlines.

Blue Professional Blank Weekly Report

Daily reports

Daily reports are snapshots of day-to-day operations, crucial for industries and roles where real-time information is pivotal. These reports, often succinct and to-the-point, cover essential activities, key metrics, and immediate concerns. 

From a daily sales report in a bustling retail environment to a project status update in a dynamic construction site, these reports provide a continuous stream of information for timely decision-making. They are instrumental in managing daily workflows, addressing urgent issues, and keeping all stakeholders in the loop. 

Daily reports, usually brief and focused, play a significant role in ensuring smooth daily operations and immediate response to any arising challenges.

Modern Company Daily Report

Financial reports

In business, numbers tell a compelling story, particularly through financial reports. These documents are crucial in painting a detailed picture of a company’s financial health. They encompass various statements, including income, cash flow, and balance sheets, offering a window into profitability, liquidity, and financial stability. 

Key for stakeholders, from investors to managers, these reports inform critical decisions, shape financial strategies, and ensure regulatory compliance. The precision and detail in these reports are paramount, as they not only reflect current fiscal standing but also guide future financial planning.

Yellow Business Financial Report

Incident reports

When unexpected events occur, the clarity and detail provided in incident reports become invaluable. These documents meticulously record incidents, outlining the specifics of when, where, and how they unfolded, and the immediate response enacted. 

Essential in risk management, these reports aid in identifying causes, enhancing safety protocols, and preventing recurrence. 

Their factual and objective nature ensures a clear understanding of each incident, making them integral in maintaining safety standards and complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

Indigo Incident Report Template

Marketing reports

The pulse of a company’s marketing efforts is captured in marketing reports. These analytical tools evaluate the effectiveness of marketing strategies, from consumer engagement to campaign returns. 

By tracking key metrics such as web traffic, lead generation, and social media activity, these reports offer a comprehensive view of marketing successes and areas for improvement. Regular analysis through these reports is crucial for adapting to market dynamics, optimizing marketing strategies, and ensuring effective allocation of marketing resources.

Monthly Marketing Report Template

Sales reports

Within the world of commerce, sales reports serve as a navigator, guiding through the complex seas of sales data. These reports offer a panoramic view of sales performance, highlighting trends, customer preferences, and revenue streams.

Businesses rely on these reports to gauge product performance, identify market opportunities, and strategize for future sales growth. The insights gained from sales reports are instrumental in target setting, forecasting, and formulating tactics to enhance sales effectiveness.

Red Line Sales Report

Progress reports

The journey of a project, with its triumphs and challenges, is chronicled in progress reports. These documents offer a periodic snapshot of ongoing projects, detailing accomplishments, pending tasks, and hurdles encountered along the way. They serve as a communication bridge between project teams and stakeholders, ensuring transparency and alignment on project objectives and timelines. 

Effective progress reports are key in steering projects towards their successful completion, keeping all parties informed and engaged in the project’s journey.

Blue Project Progress Report

Project status reports

When navigating the complexities of project management, project status reports act as essential beacons, illuminating the current state of affairs. These documents offer a snapshot of progress, detailing milestones achieved, upcoming tasks, and any roadblocks encountered. 

Vital for keeping stakeholders informed, they enable proactive decision-making and ensure that everyone involved has a clear understanding of the project’s trajectory.

Professional Project Status Progress Report

Survey reports

Survey reports are invaluable tools, translating responses into meaningful insights. These reports compile and analyze survey data, providing a clear picture of public opinions, customer satisfaction, or market trends. The findings in these reports guide strategic planning, product development, and customer engagement strategies, making them crucial for informed decision-making in various sectors.


Informational reports

Serving as the foundation of effective communication in organizations, informational reports present facts and data in a straightforward manner. They are designed to inform, rather than persuade, providing clear and concise information on a specific topic, event, or situation. 

These reports are essential for keeping team members, management, and stakeholders updated on various aspects of business operations, without the inclusion of analysis or recommendations.

Executive Report Template

Analytical reports

Analytical reports stand at the crossroads of data and decision-making. These documents delve deep into data, examining patterns, trends, and correlations to provide a comprehensive analysis. They play a pivotal role in guiding business, HR strategies, policy-making, and problem-solving. 

By offering insights and recommendations based on thorough analysis, these reports are instrumental in enabling organizations to make well-informed decisions.

Marketing Skills Infographic Template

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Final thoughts

There are many types of reports, encompassing everything from formal to informal, internal to external, and from financial to marketing reports. Each type serves a unique purpose, catering to different needs within a business or educational context. Understanding these differences is key to creating reports that are not just informative but also impactful.

Financial reports require meticulous detail, while marketing reports thrive on creativity and analytics. Similarly, progress and project status reports are essential in keeping stakeholders informed and projects on track.

Creating these reports doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Venngage offers a versatile report maker and a variety of report templates, making it easier to design reports that are both professional and visually appealing. With Venngage’s tools at your disposal, you can transform data and information into compelling narratives that resonate with your audience.

Remember, the right report can not only convey essential information but also inspire action, guide decision-making, and reflect the health and progress of your endeavors. So, take advantage of the resources available to you and elevate your reporting to the next level with Venngage.