7 Presentation Templates That Are Better Than The Average PowerPoint Theme

By Sara McGuire, Sep 08, 2017

presentation templates

What’s worse than sitting through a boring presentation?

Being the one to deliver a boring presentation.

Have you ever looked at the spaced out faces of your audience while you delivered a presentation and thought to yourself, uh-oh, I’m losing them? Or have you published a slide deck full of really useful information, only for it to go ignored? It’s not a good feeling.

How can you create a presentation that will not only grab the attention of your audience but hold onto it as well?

Saying goodbye to typical, boring PowerPoint slides is a good place to start.

Think about the last boring presentation you sat through. What did the slides look like? Did they have a bland color scheme? Were there too many points (or worse, paragraphs) crammed onto one slide? Were the charts and diagrams clunky and hard to understand?

A lot of the time, how engaging a presentation is comes down to the design. When people see the same old boring PowerPoint themes, there’s a good chance they’re going to lose focus.

The demand for creative, engaging visual content is higher than ever. If you want to really capture your audience’s attention, you need to use creative presentation designs. That means mixing up your slide layouts and incorporating compelling images, effective data visualizations, and bold illustrations into your slide decks.

The problem is, if you have very little (or no) design experience, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to designing presentations with impact. We’ve got you covered.

Here are seven presentation templates you can use to create attention grabbing slide decks.

Report Presentation Template

Keep your team focused and up to date with these light and airy monthly report presentation template. The soft color palette is easy on the eyes and allows you to put the information forward. Changing the color scheme to fit your brand is easy with Venngage’s color picker tool.

presentation slides


Travel Presentation Template

Inspire your audience to get out there and see the world with this bold travel presentation template. The placeholder images can easily be replaced with your own awe-inspiring shots. Be sure to include exciting testimonial quotes and fun facts about the places you’re describing.

presentation templates

Corporate Presentation Template

Sometimes, finding a balance between creative expression and business-appropriate content can be a challenge. This corporate report presentation template has a sleek, professional design, without the predictability of a typical PowerPoint theme. The flat design and simple icons will engage your audience without ruffling any feathers.

presentation templates

Business Trends Presentation Template

Keep your audience up to date on the latest industry trends with this clean, understated presentation template. The minimalist white color scheme with pops of bold colors will attract the eyes and spark interest. Beginner designers can easily swap out the text and visuals to fit their information.

presentation templates

Classroom Presentation Template

When students aren’t engaged, they miss valuable information. Help keep students’ minds from wandering by packing your presentation with visuals. This classroom presentation template offers a selection of different types of visuals to engage students and increase information retention.

presentation templates

Design Strategy Presentation Template

This colorful design strategy presentation template is perfect for inspiring your audience to try new strategies and take chances. The bright, playful icons are inviting and make concepts seem less intimidating. To pick icons to fit your information, simply search for a topic in Venngage’s library of over 40,000 icons.

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Creative Presentation Template

Gradients are one of the top graphic design trends this year. This creative presentation template will make an impression on your audience with its fresh, classy design. Switch up the fonts by browsing through our extensive font library. Use our color picker tool to select the perfect shades for your design.

presentation templates

Introducing Venngage Present

We have received a ton of requests from Venngage users for PowerPoint-optimized templates. But we wanted to take it a step further. We are very excited to introduce Venngage Present.

The new multi-page presentation templates can be found under the Infographics tab in Venngage’s templates library.
presentation templates

Venngage Present allows you to edit and export multiple slides in one go. While PowerPoint limits the extent to which you can edit your slide design, Venngage’s
free-form editor gives you complete control.

Use the slide menu on the right side of the screen to flip through the slide in your deck.


Venngage Present allows you to add unlimited pages to your presentation. To add a new blank slide to your deck, simply click the Add button in the side menu. Then you can drag and drop shapes, text boxes, charts, icons and images from the presentation side menu.

presentation templates

To copy one of the slide templates, click the Setting button in the presentation side menu and click Copy.


To delete a slide, click on the Settings button in the presentation side menu and click Delete Page.

presentation templates

You can export up to 50 slides, either as a PNG or PDF. Then, simply import the images into PowerPoint or Google Slides.

But with Venngage Present, exporting your presentation isn’t necessary. You can show your presentation directly in Venngage by clicking the Share button in the top menu and using the share link. That will take you to your presentation page, where you can flip through your slides using the presentation side menu on the right.


The world has seen enough boring presentations. Make presentations fun again with Venngage Present.

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