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25+ Eye-Catching Blog Banner Templates to Attract Readers

By Chau Nguyen, Oct 22, 2021

blog banner

You’ve written a killer blog post and started promoting it, but there are not that many readers. You’ve made sure the post is optimized for search, has great content—you even tested different ideas for blog titles but to no avail. Maybe it’s time you tried changing your blog banner.

Sure, you can use stock photos as your banner, but why opt for that while you have creative, eye-catching blog banner templates that you can customize for your posts? Take a look at these templates and once you’ve found one that you love, start editing using our easy Blog Header Maker. No design experience required.

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A blog banner template for virtually anything

blog banner

Writing a listicle? Here’s a blog banner template that’s perfect for you.

This one positions the blog title nicely at the bottom, and makes good use of icons and illustrations to reflect the blog’s content. The header was created for a post on good infographic, and you can see that the main icon resembles an infographic layout, while the five surrounding icons correspond to different elements of an infographic.

To switch out these icons and add ones you want, simply double click an icon and choose a new one to replace it:


If you’re a Business user, you can also add branding elements to any of your designs. First upload your brand colors and logos to My Brand Kit:


And start applying your brand colors and logos to your blog header in one click:


Once you’ve done, you’ll have a new blog banner that can look like this:

blog banner

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Writing something that’s not listicles? No worries. As we mentioned, this blog banner template is good for virtually any content, as there’s lots of room to customize the template and make it your own.

We’ve gone ahead and created several variations of this design, and you can use them for “how-to” articles, guides, and more:

blog banner

blog banner

blog banner

blog banner

Each of the templates above has been used for a Venngage post. Interested in reading them? Here they are:

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Blog banner templates for listicles

blog banner

Here’s another stab at what you can use as your listicle blog banner. This one is also a variation of the previous banner style, but it puts the focus on the number in the blog title (see how the number “8” has a gigantic font size?)

Of course, you can always switch out the icons for the ones you want. Venngage offers 40,000+ icons and illustrations so you’ll always have an icon to convey your idea.

Here’s a simple variation of this banner we created for our post on pitch deck templates:

blog banner

Of course, we provide more than just one banner style for listicles. This is a template we created for our post on visual content marketing statistics:

blog banner

The number, again, is the focus of the banner, but this one opts for a simpler, sleek design that doesn’t use many icons but still gets the point across.

Here’s a variation of it with heavier use of geometric shapes (which is a popular graphic design trend in 2020):

blog banner

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Blog banner templates for “What-is” articles

blog banner

Chances are you’ve written, or planning to write, a “What-is” article. So here are some examples of blog banners you can use.

The banner above was created for a post on webinar. The layout is common, but what makes it unique is its use of icon scenes. Once you’re in the editor and start customizing this banner, you’ll see that some of these are icons grouped together to create a visual narrative.

Of course, this means that it could be difficult to replicate the template unless you have some design skills up your sleeve, or at least you’re familiar with using icons to tell a story. Which is why we’re introducing another template that’s a lot easier to customize:

blog banner

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This one also uses icons heavily, but it opts for a simple layout and doesn’t force the icons to create a narrative. You can easily switch them out and add your own icons for any “What-is” articles you want to write.

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Customizable blog banners for start-ups

Start-up businesses uncertain about brand blog banners for their websites can consult the following customizable templates for inspiration.

A cooking website’s blog banners of choice

blog banner

If you’re a food blogger, you’ve come to the right place. This Venngage free blog header template is a staple of most culinary and dining blogs you’ve encountered in the past.

This blog banner is as simple as it is effective in conveying messages. The main image here is of a dish and several cooking ingredients and utensils, hiding behind a black banner that hosts the blog title.

To edit, simply replace the photo with the one you want (upload your photo using our drag-and-drop editor) or choose from our 3+ million stock photos:


Here are some more culinary blog banner templates for your inspiration:

blog banner

blog banner

Blog header template for a yoga studio

blog banner

Health and fitness websites are either gritty or soft, meditative, and elegant. Venngage’s Pink Yoga Blog Banner falls into the soft category because yoga is a relaxing, elegant art.

This template is meant for those that don’t have much design experience, as the layout is quite simple and can accommodate so many styles. You can also use this banner when sharing your post on social media, although a custom Instagram carousel, Facebook post or Pinterest post is better.

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Blog headers for artistic pursuits

Blog banner templates for anything music

blog banner

You can easily guess that this header is right at home in any music blog because of the technical musical equipment backdrop.

One of the best customization tips for Orange Music Studio Blog Banner is to adapt the background header text color into the second most dominant color in your background image. This characteristic is one of the many versatilities that make it an impressive blog banner for any purpose.

Let’s take a look at another music blog banner:

blog banner

Venngage’s Creative Music Blog Banner is a beautiful compilation of everything music. For example, the guitar strings with the modern speaker as a guitar body hole are one of the banner’s best features. In addition, the curved violin cuts and a guitar pick further highlight the banner’s musically oriented features.

While the banner is good for music blogs, the latter’s too-specific features will limit its overall usefulness in other industries. You can use it with many other niches by preserving the symbolism, font, and layout.

Header images for travel bloggers

blog banner

The light-opaque header text background color does well in highlighting Travel Destination Tips Blog Banner’s text. The blog header’s layout can accommodate much more text and a subtitle for additional details. Thus, blogs with more words in the header can use this layout.

Venngage allows you to remove the photos and images and preserve only the layout even in its free banner editor. Then you can add your brand’s assets to reflect your business effectively.

Here’s another example of a blog banner for a travel blogger. This one requires much less edit; you only need to switch out the simple background and replace the blog title:

blog banner

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Banners for nursing and medical blogs

blog banner

Let’s get back to blog banners that make good use of icons and illustrations. In this template from Venngage, you have human vector figures that communicate nonverbally with each other. In addition, you have a well-designed backdrop that uses a bokeh effect, setting it apart from most templates.

Venngage offers lots of people icons and illustrations, 2000 of which are editable to reflect your diverse target audience:

diverse-icons-new nav

You can easily choose the people icons you want if you’re running a nursing or medical blog. Here’s a variation of the same banner style for your inspiration:

blog banner

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Simple & elegant blog headers for email posts

blog banner

Embracing a simple style, this blog banner relies on icons to communicate the main message of the post.

This also makes it fairly easy to edit, as you only need to think about what icons you can use to reflect the post content. We recommend using this template for blog posts about email marketing, email design, newsletters and the like.

We’ve used the template to create this blog header on welcome email designs:

blog banner

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Blog banner templates for case studies

blog banner

Writing case studies for your business blog? This is the perfect template for you.

This template uses a simple layout without much use of icons. Instead, it relies on different fonts and font hierarchy to make the blog title pop.

Here’s another stab at a case study blog banner:

blog banner

This one uses the same layout, a simple backdrop behind a black banner that hosts the blog title and any illustrating assets.

To accommodate the blog banner, you can also create an infographic for your case study, like how we did with this post about College UnMazed:

visual storytelling

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Qualities of an outstanding blog banner

An excellent blog banner possesses the right qualities:

  • The right size. Check your blog header’s web layout. Make sure you’ve got all measurements correct before uploading your custom header.
  • From first to last. Visual hierarchy is vital for optimal narrative visibility. For example, the Webinar Blog Header prioritizes a left-to-right visual approach. Doing so has readers go through the text, the cute dog, and a webinar currently happening.
  • Photo relevance. Every image in your header must relate to your topic. Don’t include images that aren’t part of it at all.
  • Readable and clear font. Your text carries your brand’s name and message, so readable and legible fonts are a must.

Use Venngage’s Blog Header Maker to create blog banners that attract readers and reflect your amazing content

Blog banner making shouldn’t be a huge burden on productivity and content-focused authors. With these 25+ banner templates, you’ll have an excellent blog banner complementing well-written content.

No design experience? No problem. Start using Venngage’s drag-and-drop editor to customize our easy-to-edit templates for your blog posts.

About Chau Nguyen

Chau Nguyen is the Copywriter at Venngage. She loves writing and nerding about content, consumer behavior, conversion optimization, or cats. In her free time Chau watches (mostly) horror movies, writes (occasionally) horror poems, tortures herself with heart-wrenching books, and journals her (surprisingly normal) dreams.