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10+ LinkedIn Banner Templates To Optimize Your Profile [+ Tips]

By Letícia Fonseca, Nov 11, 2021

10+ LinkedIn Banner Templates To Optimize Your Profile [+ Tips] Blog Header

Going to job fairs, asking for referrals from existing networks, and directly going to companies aren’t the only ways to land the job you have been dreaming of.

Most job seekers use job search platforms such as Indeed, LinkedIn and Facebook Job Search. 

However, many of the 600 million professional profiles (and counting) on LinkedIn fail to maximize the platform and its features to help them find a job.

One way to find a new job or career is through a professionally designed LinkedIn banner.

Haven’t designed a LinkedIn background photo before? With Venngage LinkedIn Banner Maker, you can create memorable banners from customizable templates even without prior design experience.


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What is a LinkedIn banner?

A LinkedIn banner is the image you use to replace the default LinkedIn cover photo that appears at the top of a user’s profile, just alongside the profile picture.

It can yield either a favorable or disadvantageous impression about you as it conveys your personal branding and personality.

For example, LinkedIn banners like the one below, convey that you are a medical professional with an approachable personality


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Why do you need a LinkedIn banner?

According to Jobvite, 92% of today’s employers and recruiters use social media to look for their company’s newest addition.

Among all social media and job search platforms, they use LinkedIn the most.

This is why a custom LinkedIn cover photo and graphics, like the example below, are necessary to boost your personal brand and profile.


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6 LinkedIn banner templates to inspire you

Not everyone has the design skills to create a background photo that makes their LinkedIn profile stand out.

With Venngage, you can easily create a banner yourself. Venngage has hundreds of ready-to-use templates, so you can design a LinkedIn banner in just a few clicks.

The following professional and engaging Venngage templates are a great way to start building your LinkedIn profile.

Vintage Legal Profile LinkedIn Cover Banner Template


The legal profession has always been thought of as something that is noble and resolute. It is only fitting for a person working for the legal industry to make use of a straightforward yet sophisticated legal banner.

Using a background image for a banner can give you an edge in the crowd on LinkedIn. You can either upload your own photo or choose from the free stock photos in the Venngage gallery.

replace free stock photos v2

Pair that realistic photo with a minimal color scheme and voila! You’re good to go!

Grid Dentist Profile LinkedIn Cover Banner Template


Dental anxiety for children is often caused by their perception of the dental environment. It is important to pick the color palette that will provide comfort to a young patient.

This LinkedIn banner template applies a modern color scheme with child-friendly images and shapes.

LinkedIn banners should not only be representative of your profession but they should reflect your personal brand. This banner does the job.

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Dark Architecture Profile LinkedIn Cover Banner Template


When we think about architecture, what immediately comes to mind are high-rise buildings. Understandably enough, architects tend to leverage that perception by using photos featuring their portfolio or finished projects.

The dark color scheme of the template adds up to the overall refinement of the banner.

Note how the banner puts the individual’s company or personal logo in the foreground. The contrasting colors make it stand out. This helps to gain attention and improves recall.

Orange Investment Profile LinkedIn Cover Banner Template


Less is still more! The design might look minimalistic but it definitely is an effective attention-grabbing one. If your goal is to project simplicity and objectivity, then this banner template is perfect for you.

With its monochromatic color scheme and icons, this template will simply present the polished message that you would want to convey in your LinkedIn profile.

Venngage has over 40,000 icons available in the editor, including diverse icons. Look for the ones that would perfectly fit your LinkedIn background image and add it with just one click.

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Colorful Grid Profile LinkedIn Cover Banner Template

Colors leave lasting impressions on people. LinkedIn users can make subconscious judgments about a person, an environment, or a product within a few seconds.

This LinkedIn banner template’s use of bright colors is definitely doing its part in grabbing the audience’s attention.


You can modify this banner by choosing from Venngage’s pre-generated color palettes ranging from minimal to dramatic.

Replace the icons to suit your profession or swap them out to add more text about your skills.

Professional Photo LinkedIn Banner Template

Whether you’re a doctor, an architect, or a photographer, you can never go wrong when using a photo that relates to your profession.

Why? Because the impact you’re trying to create in your career can be best represented through your Linkedin cover photo. Moreover, it can elevate your professional image beyond your job title.

This minimalist template can be enhanced through bold text that makes the LinkedIn background image pop.


With Venngage’s editor, you can modify the design by highlighting the text you want to change and click on the bold typeface option.

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5 tips for creating a LinkedIn banner

In need of a professional-looking banner for your personal or company LinkedIn profile? Look no further.

You can start with a few of Venngage’s fully customizable LinkedIn banner templates and use these tips to make your LinkedIn cover photo stand out.

Add a professional background to your LinkedIn banner

Every LinkedIn background you use should visually tell a story about you as a professional. The image should represent you. We all know how effective a single photo is as a storyteller.

It is generally better to show your LinkedIn visitors who you really are just by using a powerful and compelling LinkedIn cover photo rather than having to explain it through words.

Here’s a great example of an unforgettable LinkedIn banner that uses colors and the individual’s photo.


Observe the proper LinkedIn banner dimensions

You expended effort in designing your LinkedIn banner. It would be a waste if LinkedIn cropped it due to wrong formatting.

This could ruin the intended effect you want your LinkedIn photo to deliver. Keep in mind the banner dimensions for a LinkedIn cover photo and apply the right format.

This way, your LinkedIn banner will be at its optimal quality once uploaded.

A banner image like this example could easily be uploaded to LinkedIn without losing any quality or resolution.


If you aren’t sure, check out LinkedIn’s Help Center and you’ll see the sizes they prefer.

The image file must be in PNG, JPEG, or GIF format. The file size should not exceed 8 MB and the minimum size requirements are 646 x 220 pixels.

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Avoid using a general template

Given the heavy traffic on LinkedIn, it is always challenging to stand out.

One way to do so is to avoid one-size-fits-all templates. Once people have seen your LinkedIn profile, there is a good chance that they have gone through your Facebook and/or Twitter profiles, as well.

Though you might come across job opportunities on the other platforms, only LinkedIn is meant to portray your best professional self.

A LinkedIn cover photo like this example wouldn’t work on other platforms. But on LinkedIn, the image can grab the attention of prospective employers and connections.


Your cover photo from your social media accounts should be different from the one you use on LinkedIn. A professional community such as LinkedIn will only engage with equally professional users. 

Keep it simple

This is one of the most fundamental rules of design. Keep your design simple.

From the color scheme that you use to the background image or icons you add. Avoid overwhelming your audience with too many visuals.

You can opt to include only your contact details, or your business or personal logo. Look at how simple this design is while still being impactful.


When you design your LinkedIn background photo, keep in mind that your profile picture falls in the middle of the banner. Keep alignment in mind when designing your LinkedIn banner.

Create a LinkedIn banner that reflects your professionalism

Your LinkedIn profile can be rich with content. But the background image is what people initially see when they visit your account.

A LinkedIn banner shouldn’t be overlooked. It can make a favorable first impression and kickstart your professional career.

Create your own captivating LinkedIn banner with Venngage to make visitors want to stay on your profile and get to know you more professionally.