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A Guide to Designing the Perfect Welcome Banner [+Examples]

Written by: Daleska Pedriquez

Nov 12, 2021

A Guide to Designing the Perfect Welcome Banner [+Examples] Blog Header

Let’s say all your employees were gone for a long time. Now they’re coming back after the business has straightened things out.

You’ll want an excellent welcome banner that brings back the warmth and motivation they’ve left behind after their days of absence.

Welcome banner designs largely depend on the occasion. Plus, you’ll need design instincts to pull off a message-centric, and memorable welcome banner.

Here’s a short guide to help you design a welcome banner for returning employees. Don’t have design experience? With the Venngage Banner Maker, you can design memorable banners.

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5 ingredients for a perfect welcome back banner

Starting from scratch isn’t a first-time designer’s only option to create an excellent banner. You can start designing for free with the Venngage editor. Use one of the many welcome banner templates from the Venngage library for your projects.

The following section will help you understand the principles behind making a memorable welcome banner, like this example.

Custom Welcome Banner

Using these tips, you can design welcome back banners to make your employees feel special. Choose one of the customizable templates from the Venngage library and use the editor to make the design your own.

Here are five ways to design an attractive welcome banner, and they’re easy to execute with some experimentation and practice.

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1. Stay on topic

Welcome banners must be relevant to everyone reading the message. It should relate to a topic that everyone understands.

For example, businesses were working remotely during the pandemic. This has been the situation for over 18 months now.

A personalized banner message, like the one below, would make employees feel more comfortable returning to the workplace.

Personalized Welcome Banner

Another example is of a business that has recently finished a hiring fest aimed at fresh graduates. Therefore, the welcome banner’s message and visuals must relate to the new graduates’ experiences.

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2. Use company branding

Welcome banners always evoke a pleasant feeling. Without company branding, your employees can’t connect their pleasant feelings to their greeter. Always follow company branding guidelines when designing your welcome banner.

Branding includes your logo, colors, brand fonts, unique visual style, and company photos.

However, logos and colors are enough for welcome banners, like in this email banner example.

Blue Cyber Monday Email Banner Template

Keep in mind that too much branding raises suspicions and feels artificial to your employees. You don’t want to crowd the visual and take away from your message.

With Venngage for Business, you can access the My Brand Kit feature. Add your website when prompted and your logos and brand styles will be imported into the editor. Then you can add your branding to all designs with a single click.


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3. Don’t forget about visual hierarchy

Want your employees to feel welcomed? Make an effort to design an aesthetically pleasing banner.

Well-designed welcome banners for employees follow a visual hierarchy that clients won’t mistake for advertising or marketing media.

Visual hierarchy prioritizes three things:

  • The message
  • The layout
  • The overall impact

Look at this email header as an example. There’s a clear hierarchy of information. The layout is clean, ensuring the message is received loud and clear.

Accounting Email Banner Template

HR departments create employee welcome banners as part of their responsibility. Therefore, taking some tips or training from the visual marketing department is the best course of action.

4. Include a general message for everyone

A good message appeals to and empathizes with all employees. Thus, welcome banners must use a good general message that relates to everyone.

Plus, its language or humor (if any) shouldn’t be too complex that it leaves out some employees.

A simple printable banner like this example welcomes everyone in the staff back to the company.

Welcome Back Banner Printable

You can use the Venngage editor to create print-ready files. Add the print bleed, crop marks, and adjust the size of the banner before exporting it for the printer.

Venngage for business offers numerous export options, including export as PNG, PNG HD, and PDF.


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5. Use high contrast when possible

Blending colors feels artistic. However, it leads to a visually ambiguous message that readers still find confusing.

We recommend using high-contrast colors to highlight the message and visual motifs you use, such as icons.

This email header uses a blue color palette to in the background and the highlights but the text and icon are white. Which makes for a good contrast and helps the message stand out.

Blue Now Hiring Email Banner Template

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Should you create a ‘Welcome Back, We Missed You’ banner?

A banner proclaiming that ‘We Missed You’ implies an intimate closeness to your employees. Businesses can use this text to welcome employees, but it may not feel professional.

This level of intimacy could make people feel uncomfortable. We recommend sticking with a non-intimate and more professional approach to your banner message.

Welcome banner templates and design tips

Here are nine templates you can fully customize to your brand’s needs.

Grid welcome banner design

Welcome Back Banner Template

This Venngage template can easily draw the eye. The grid-style makes the message easier to see. And the contrasting colors and subtle shapes make it stand out.

You can create this banner for a welcome back email or set the bleed marks and send it to the printer.

Easily change the font and background colors to suit your brand.

Pro tip: Resize your design for print from the Settings tab in the editor menu. You can also use margins to align your banner.

Welcome banner with shapes

Welcome Back To Work Banner

This template is another colorful design that’s aesthetic, warm, and welcoming. The font is highly stylized and that adds to how much of an occasion this return to the workplace is.

The font can easily be changed in the Venngage editor for something more relevant to your brand. Also, be mindful that the colors you use don’t drown out the text.

Pro Tip: Use the ‘show print bleed’ option in Settings to add bleed and crop marks to your design when you export your design. This will ensure that your banner is printed accurately.

Welcome back, we missed you banner

Welcome Back We Missed You Banner

This professional, contrasting color welcome banner looks stunning and gets the message across succinctly.

The simplicity works well for any type of company and makes the template easy to edit.

You can print it out as a banner that warmly welcomes your employees, send it via email or share it on social media.

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Personalize welcome banner template

Welcome Banner Template

This Venngage template is an excellent banner for welcoming an employee who’s been away for a while.

The template is elegant with a simple duotone background and design. It’s easy to replicate for different employees just by changing the colors.

Social media cover banner

Professional LinkedIn Banner Template

This Venngage template has an excellent layout that can work for a LinkedIn banner as well as a welcome banner.

Easily change the background image to suit your brand. Venngage has a library of over 3 million stock photos. Or you can upload your own.

Pro tip: Have a question about downloading and printing your banner? The Venngage Support team will guide you through any issue.

Customer Support

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Holiday email or print header

Holiday Blog Header

This welcome banner can work for e-commerce, email cards, or customer and employee holiday banners.

The beautiful holly backdrop and elegant bordered text are eye-catching greeting elements that can work for your employees.

You can always replace the background image for other events and with differentbrand assets.

Purple email or printable banner

Purple Birthday Email Banner Template

This banner is excellent for employees coming in to work from a sabbatical. A personalized image will show how much effort the company has put in.

We recommend using ‘Welcome Back’ as the message for this template, or a quote about returning from leave.

You can fully customize the visual by replacing its background color, adding your business icons and logos, and changing the design elements.

Bold social media banner

Bright Blog Header

With this template, you can replace the icon with your company logo or any of the icons available in the Venngage library.

Retain the backdrop image and header text if they suit your brand’s aesthetics and style. Plus, Venngage’s free editor gives you full access to a font selection that will suit your welcome banner needs.

Design beautiful welcome banners to help your employees transition back to the workplace

With these welcome banner tips and templates, you can design attractive welcome banners that will make the process of reopening offices easier.

Don’t have design experience? With Venngage’s templates and easy-to-use editor, you can create a variety of banners in no time.

About Daleska Pedriquez

Daleska is Venngage’s Marketing Manager. With a background in marketing communications and a deep interest in journalism, she aims to write about exciting topics and make them understandable for everyone.