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Guidelines for Twitter Header Size [+ Best Practices]

Written by: Cristian Oana

Nov 29, 2021

Guidelines to Set Twitter Header Size [+ Best Practices] Blog Header

As a social media and content-sharing platform, Twitter is already text-heavy. It is crucial that users create a header for their profile that highlights their brand aesthetic.

This will ultimately make their profile stand out. Adhering to the Twitter header size is essential in this regard.

But what are the size requirements that users should follow? In this guide, we share the Twitter header dimensions users need to know, as well as best practices.

Haven’t designed a standout header before? Venngage Twitter Header Maker offers a variety of templates for every business need. And you don’t need design experience to use it.


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What is a Twitter header?

A Twitter header, also referred to as a Twitter banner, is an image placed on the top part of one’s profile along with a profile picture.

Twitter header images, like the one below, convey pertinent information about the person or the business that owns the account. 

Wildlife Twitter Post Template

This Twitter header image depicts the profile of a content creator associated with wildlife. You can use the same format for your own Twitter profile image.

Use your own realistic photos for your profile’s content or search through Venngage’s plethora of royalty-free stock photos.

Remember that the header photo is basically the same as a Youtube banner, a Facebook cover photo, or a LinkedIn banner.

By adding a header, you give users a good first impression of your business. That’s why Twitter header size is also important. We explain more below.

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What are the preferred Twitter header dimensions?

To optimize your Twitter header dimensions, note these measurements and apply them to your design.

The ideal Twitter header size is 1500 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall with an aspect ratio of 3:1.

It is extremely important that you also take into consideration your profile picture as well as the invisible area around your display image.

For example, the below Twitter banner leaves plenty of room on the left for the profile picture.

Creative Twitter Cover Template

The photo you upload as a Twitter header should be in JPG, GIF, or PNG format. Animated GIFs are not supported by the platform. You can no longer use them for a profile picture or for header images. 

The maximum file size, however, should be kept under 2MB, so keep that in mind when uploading an image.

There are some Twitter headers that may not look right after these are uploaded due to failure to take into account the profile picture and invisible area around it.

To address this situation and the different screen resolutions as well, there is a need to leave ample space on the bottom left corner of the banner. Also, leave some empty space at the top and bottom of the image.

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Best practices to optimize your Twitter header

You can also use your Twitter header as your digital event poster such as this one. As simple and as straightforward as this template, you may be able to grab attention from the audience — in this case, classical dance enthusiasts.

Dance Ad Twitter Post Template

Speaking of dance steps and footsteps, let’s get you started on the right foot in your journey towards optimizing your Twitter header.

Use the recommended Twitter header size

After working hard on perfecting your Twitter header, it would be a shame if the app crops out a good chunk of it because it failed to follow the Twitter header size requirement, which is 1500-pixels-wide by 500-pixels-tall.

All Venngage Twitter banner templates are already sized correctly, like the example below, and accommodate for your profile picture.

Cityscape Twitter Post Template

You can also easily resize templates in the Venngage editor without losing any resolution.

Take your profile picture into account

The image size isn’t the only thing you need to consider when making a Twitter banner; you also have to take your profile picture into account as it also takes up space on your design.

Allot ample space on the bottom left corner of the header to account for the profile picture and different screen resolutions, like in this Twitter cover photo example.

Networking Twitter Post Template

Suppose you have noticed that Twitter seems to be cropping out some parts of your header despite following the recommended image size.

That’s because of the different monitor sizes and browsers from which we view these images. Hence, it is recommended to leave some space on the top and bottom of your design.

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Make sure your Twitter is aligned with your branding

For a successful brand representation, all your marketing strategies should match your business’s overall branding.

For your Twitter header, pick an image that effectively represents your branding or aligns with your brand’s color scheme, like in this Twitter banner example.

Professional Twitter Banner Template

With Venngage for business, you can access the My Brand Kit feature which automatically imports your branding into the editor once you add your website.

You can then use the Autobrand function to add your brand logo, colors and fonts to your designs with a single click.


Use a high-quality image

Featuring a high-quality image for a Twitter header translates to a professional impression for your business.

You may choose from royalty-free stock photos from different websites or create your own from a Twitter header image template, like the one below.

Photo Twitter Post Template

Keep it simple

Don’t go overboard with visuals or with text. Keep your Twitter header straightforward and concise.

It should not only look professional and attractive, but it should also be able to communicate the message you want to get across.

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How can you make a Twitter header with the Venngage banner maker?

Promote your webinars and conferences with this template and more! Use photos and illustrations relevant to your event to prompt curiosity and intrigue from the people who will come across your header.

Earth Quote Twitter Post Template

Creating a Twitter header is an undeniably challenging task. That’s why Venngage is here to guide you to perfectly size your Twitter banner in just a few clicks. Follow these simple steps.

Create a Venngage account for free

Signing up for Venngage is as easy as one, two, three! Go to Venngage.com or click on any of the Twitter banners in this post.

Register for an with your email, Gmail or Facebook account. Start editing your Twitter banner.

Choose the perfect Twitter header template for your business

Venngage features a wide variety and choices of perfectly designed Twitter header templates. Choose what you deem fit for your branding, and your banner’s all set, like this Twitter header image example.

Editable Twitter Post Template

Customize according to your preference

This step is where you get to add your personal touch. The features Twitter header from Venngage are ready-to-use and completely customizable.

Enhance any template component by aligning the design with your branding. Add your text with your preferred font size and style, and play with limitless color combinations.

Virtual Event Webinar Twitter Banner Ad Template

Venngage also has hundreds of icons and images in store for you, so get extra creative!

Spice things up a little bit by uploading your photo or choosing from its massive library of stock photos and illustrations.

Download your Twitter banner to add to your Twitter profile

After everything has been done, download and upload it to your Twitter profile. Now the Twitter universe is bound to get hooked by your Twitter cover photo.

Or, if you want to collaborate with your colleagues on your design, you can share it with them through Venngage’s real-time collaboration feature, available with a business account.

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FAQs about Twitter header size

How do you make a photo fit the Twitter header?

Twitter is a great avenue for communicating with your potential customers, clients and investors.

Just like any other social media platform, Twitter also has regulations and limitations to adhere to when it comes to the photos uploaded on the site.

It would be best to format your photo based on Twitter’s recommended size — 1500 by 500 pixels — before you post it.

To be safe, choose premade Twitter header templates from Venngage that already adhere to Twitter’s recommended header size.

Is it called a header or a banner on Twitter?

A Twitter header is just the same as the Twitter banner. However, the former is more commonly used by many of the social media platform’s users.

Set an attention-grabbing Twitter header now!

You may promote your products and services using your Twitter header, too, just like this template does. And in just a matter of a few clicks, you can now create a professional-looking Twitter header for your own profile. 

Regardless if you have ample to zero experience and skills in designing, Venngage is here to help with your banner needs. It’s the best graphic design tool out there as it is friendly to all, professional or not.

Sign up with Venngage now and get started with creating your Twitter header.

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