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12+ Best Newsletter Examples to Inspire Your Next Email Campaign Strategy

Written by: Jennifer Gaskin

May 28, 2021

Newsletter Examples

Newsletters aren’t just for updating distant relatives about your summer vacation. Organizations, business and brands of all stripes are increasingly embracing the use of newsletters in their marketing. Let’s look at some newsletter examples to help supercharge your email campaign strategy.

How popular are brand newsletters? The majority of B2B marketers use them, and they have the highest rate of lead nurturing success among content types, according to a Content Marketing Institute survey.

Venngage’s Newsletter Design makes it easy to bring your newsletter ideas to life. After you’ve feasted your eyes on these newsletter examples, head over to our email newsletter templates to get started today.

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Company newsletter ideas

Whether your email campaign includes a monthly, weekly or irregular newsletter release schedule, there are tons of options for the content you could mine to create an effective email newsletter.

Monthly newsletter ideas

Effective monthly newsletters will generally include a few types of content, and you should plan to test multiple options to see which are most effective.

Here are some options for your monthly newsletter ideas:

  • How-to guides
  • Deep-dive blog posts
  • Links to YouTube videos, tutorials or webinars
  • FAQs
  • Event invitations or e-vites
  • Event recaps
  • Brand storytelling
  • Industry news
  • Awards and honors
  • Upcoming product launches
  • Product or service pro tips
  • Coupon codes
  • User-generated content

Internal newsletter ideas

Creating newsletters for internal audiences requires just as much thought about which types of content people actually want to see. However, this audience can’t just opt-out, and there may be content your corporate policy requires or strongly encourages including.

Here are some of the best internal newsletter ideas:

  • Upcoming events, meetings or seminars
  • Recaps of previous events
  • Photo slideshows from events
  • Project schedule updates
  • Annual revenue reports
  • Proposed policy changes
  • Job openings

Employee newsletter ideas

For internal newsletters focused entirely on employees, consider content that not only helps them do their jobs but encourages camaraderie and team spirit. Consider segmenting employee newsletters by department if your content relates directly to their job tasks.

Here are a few employee newsletter ideas to try:

  • Pro tips
  • Product demos
  • Job openings
  • Promotions
  • Retirements
  • Birthdays
  • Fun content like quizzes or pet photos
  • Awards and honors, especially individual ones

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Email newsletter examples

It’s fair to say there’s an email newsletter out there for just about every niche interest you could imagine. News, politics, sports, culture and entertainment are all popular topic ideas to say nothing of industry-specific email newsletters.

A journey through my inbox reveals interests as varied as home renovation, marketing, graphic design, art, pet care, politics, news and gaming. Some are daily, but most are weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Email newsletters can summarize existing content, or they can share something new. The right option depends on your existing content strategy, but an email newsletter is an excellent way to repurpose content and get the biggest bang for the buck.

Here are a few email newsletter examples from my actual inbox:

The Morning, New York Times

newsletter example
The Morning, the New York Times’ daily newsletter

The New York Times bills its The Morning newsletter as something to help readers make sense of the news and events of the day. It’s written by Times columnist David Leonhardt, and while the full stories included are behind the Times’ paywall, it’s an excellent way to get more news than just the headlines.

Brand New Weekly

newsletter example
Brand New weekly newsletter

Brand New is a blog written by graphic designer Armin Vit covering the corporate brand identity world. Vit publishes new posts daily, and his weekly newsletter summarizes his coverage and reviews of rebranding and designs spotted throughout the week.

The biggest strength of the newsletter is that it truly reflects the experience of reading Vit’s blog posts. Newsletter readers can quickly catch up with the conversations happening throughout the week on the blog.

Dave Pell’s NextDraft

newsletter example
Dave Pell’s daily NextDraft newsletter

Writer Dave Pell scours dozens of news sites bright and early each morning for his NextDraft newsletter. He collects stories about the events he thinks are most interesting and weaves them together to create a daily diary of the 10 most fascinating ones.

Because Pell isn’t working in a newsroom, his take is that of an outsider. This everyman approach sets NextDraft apart, as does the human touch Pell applies. I subscribe to the daily NextDraft newsletter, but the content is also available as an app.

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Newsletter introduction examples

Newsletter introductions help you set the stage for your audience about what to expect with your newsletters. Some companies prefer to write these newsletter introductions from the perspective of a specific person, while others may be “from” the company as a whole.

Consider whether you can offer your subscribers more than just your thanks when they sign up. Depending on your industry, that could mean enticing them with gated content that applies to your area of expertise.

Here are some great examples:

Smashing Magazine

newsletter example
Smashing Magazine introduction newsletter

If your organization creates content or any other goods or services, consider creating an introductory giveaway. When new users subscribe to Smashing Magazine‘s weekly newsletter, they get a link to download a pack of tips and checklists for designers.

Thrive Global

newsletter example
Thrive Global newsletter introduction

At a minimum, you should create a welcome email that offers users a glimpse of what they can expect to see if they continue subscribing. Thrive Global is a media consultancy launched by Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington.

In addition to consulting with organizations, Thrive Global also has a community of contributors and content creators who write regularly on health and wellness. Its Thrive Global Daily newsletter offers “actionable tips for enhancing well-being, productivity, and a sense of purpose.”


newsletter example
Venngage introduction newsletter

If you’ve already signed up for Venngage, you’ve gotten one of these. And if you haven’t yet, get ready. Welcome emails are useful not only for priming your newsletter audience but for giving them tips on how best to use your products, website or other services.

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Company newsletter examples

Company newsletters are useful both for internal and external purposes. Just keep the audience in mind when creating your company newsletter. Folks who work for you can’t just unsubscribe, but you also need to be mindful of how they spend their time.

For external audiences, company newsletters can keep customers and clients apprised of changes to your hours or policies or they can help you share your expertise in your field.

newsletter examples

This newsletter example is ideal for occasional internal communication with team members. Be cautious with sending out communications like this. Sending too many can make team members tune out.

newsletter example
Malwarebytes monthly newsletter

This monthly newsletter from internet security provider Malwarebytes illustrates how companies can educate and engage their customers through helpful newsletter content. Note that the tips and stories included all relate back to the company’s mission of preventing malware.

Newsletter examples

For organizations that plan or host local events, keeping the community apprised on scheduling or changes is critical. Consider a newsletter template like the one above if your company does regular event work in the community.

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Subscription email examples

Whether signing up for your newsletter or service is free or it comes with a fee, subscription or welcome emails set the tone. At every touchpoint with a subscriber, you need to make sure your brand identity is reinforced.

As we’ve already explored, some brands offer promotional or free materials in their subscription emails, while others prefer simply to offer their gratitude and welcome new subscribers.

Depending on where your customers are located, you may be legally required to prompt them to verify their email address before you begin sending them content. Even when it’s not legally required, it’s good form to give people a chance to change their minds.

newsletter examples

This subscription welcome email achieves both tasks, encouraging a new user to verify their email address as well as giving them something useful.

newsletter examples
Creative Market subscription newsletter

Creative Market is well-known among graphic designers and visual artists of all stripes thanks to its wide selection of fonts, graphics and other tools for sale. But it’s also a smart subscription option because the site routinely offers discount codes and free downloads.

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Employee newsletter examples

Employee newsletters should strive to keep your team updated in an efficient manner. Just as you want to avoid wasting time with meetings, use those same principles for employee newsletters. Make them as informative and useful as possible.

newsletter examples

This example created by a financial services firm was the best way to ensure the entire team was aware of the process for reopening offices during the pandemic. In addition to providing an update on when sites would reopen, the newsletter provided tips for creating good hygiene habits.

newsletter examples

Employee newsletters are also useful tools for regular communication with your team like this example created by a coffee company. Humanize executives and bring your team closer together with personal messages from leaders.

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Business newsletter examples

As we’ve seen, business newsletters come in limitless varieties and can have just about any purpose you can imagine. For most companies, that means building an email newsletter that helps them engage with their audience and promote their industry expertise.

newsletter examples

Showing off your pro tips and tricks is an excellent way to share what you know with your audience. This real estate marketing newsletter example promotes an agent’s blog by providing useful suggestions people can put into practice right away.

newsletter example
HomeAdvisor weekly newsletter

If your business collects data, consider sharing some of it with your audience. HomeAdvisor, for example, shares regular newsletters filled with home renovation and decor tips. But it also sometimes offers really useful information like what you could expect to spend on projects in your area.

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Newsletter example FAQ

Do you have questions about creating great newsletters? We have answers.

What are some good newsletters?

For every interest area out there, you can expect to find dozens of newsletter options. Google something like “home improvement” and “newsletter” to find ones that interest you. Or think of brands or organizations you trust. Chances are they have a consumer newsletter you can subscribe to.

How do you write a catchy newsletter?

There are dozens of ways to create content for your newsletter. But the most important thing is to consider the audience. Most people are turned off by emails that waste their time. So think about the people who are going to read your newsletter before you start working on anything else.

What do you write in your first newsletter?

Your first newsletter should set the stage for what the reader can expect if they keep subscribing. So give them a brief overview of the content you plan to share with them, and consider offering them something special.

If your company makes products or sells services, that could mean offering them a coupon code or a free download.

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In summary: Get inspired by these newsletter examples and ideas for your next successful email newsletter campaign

These days, it feels like every company in the world is publishing email newsletters. While that might be an exaggeration, there’s no doubt that most brands and organizations should consider whether a newsletter would be an effective communication method for them.

Replicate the success of your favorite newsletter or take a look at one of the templates above to get your creativity flowing.

About Jennifer Gaskin

A veteran of newsrooms and agencies, Jennifer Gaskin is a writer, editor and designer who is the only living person not to have strong feelings on the Oxford comma. She's an award-winning practitioner of journalism and information design who spent the better part of a decade as the creative director of a digital marketing shop. As a writer, Jennifer contributes to a variety of publications while working with clients as well as taking on her own projects.