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Help Center

40+ Business Newsletter Templates to Captivate Your Audience [100% Customizable]

Written by: Jessie Strongitharm

Oct 18, 2022

40+ Business Newsletter Templates to Captivate Your Audience [100% Customizable]

Designing a company newsletter that engages and inspires action from scratch isn’t just complicated — it’s time-consuming.

Luckily, modern solutions mean you no longer need to be a design wiz or an HTML expert to create amazing communications. With a business newsletter template as your launch point, you’ll save time producing engaging designs.

So, I’ve rounded up 40+ business newsletter templates you can use to engage any audience, anywhere. Plus, email newsletter design tips to help you rock the ‘box.


Click to jump ahead: 

What is a business newsletter? 

Business newsletters are emails sent out by companies that contain product, service and/or company updates, as well as discounts, resources and/or industry information.

These kinds of newsletters may be external communications to customers, or as internal communications to employees. That means there’s no shortage of topics, content and audiences you can cover.

Here’s a quick example of a business newsletter for internal communications:

business newsletter

As part of your email marketing strategy, the goal of business newsletters is to nurture your relationship with employees, subscribers or customers.

From communicating company news and enticing subscribers to convert, to managing remote teams and keeping customers in the loop, these digital messages deliver results — so long as they’re engaging.

That’s why the design of your email newsletter matters so much: the visuals are the first thing recipients see. But if you’re not a designer, how do you ensure your visuals are up to snuff?

By using a business newsletter template, of course! 

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What is a business newsletter template?

Business newsletter templates are the ultimate hack for sending professional, engaging communications without pause. 

Here’s an example of a template for external communications this time:

business newsletter

With ready-made email layouts and easy-to-edit components, there’s no need for prior design knowledge, technical skills or steep learning curves. Simply swap out the content of your email newsletter template, add your desired visual assets and you’re good to go. 

(Skip to this section for a walkthrough of how to create a 100% customized business newsletter in minutes, for free.) 

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40 business newsletter templates for internal or external use

Below are 40 standout newsletter templates you can use to take your business communications to new heights. Whether you’re sending an internal message to employees or externally to customers, these newsletter examples will ensure your company voice is heard.

Note that anything you see in each template, from the text and the visuals, to the color palette and call-to-action (CTA), are 100% editable with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Use these templates as your starting point, then personalize from there. 

Internal business newsletter templates and examples

Free editable business newsletter template

business newsletter

Updating staff, investors, customers or clients on the state of your organization is a breeze with this easy-to-read newsletter template. 

With different sections and ample space for visuals and icons, you can break up the text and organize it so viewers can easily find the information they’re curious about. 

Design tip: use icons with a consistent design style to create a cohesive feel throughout. 

Monthly update business newsletter templates

business newsletter

A lot can happen to a business in one month! To keep everyone in the loop, why not send a monthly update email like this one? 

Alternating from a single to double column design, this duo-toned, hybrid layout is perfect for emphasizing the month’s highlights and any important updates. 

Alternatively, you can use this monthly company update template to draw attention to newsworthy events. 

business newsletter

Design tip: Keep your layout consistent so your audience knows what to expect. (In psychology, the “familiarity principle” has been shown to influence our preferences)

Internal corporate newsletter templates

business newsletter

With a larger team, it’s vital to reach out and connect with each and every staff member. After all, a united team produces better results. 

This internal newsletter template is perfect for the kinds of corporate communications taking place throughout each quarter. There’s also space to share relevant blog posts and resources if you wish.

Next, this template offers a similar format to the last design — the only differences being a smaller banner image and monochrome color scheme. 

business newsletter

Need distinct sections in your internal corporate newsletter to showcase updates across different departments? Make use of this hybrid email design.

business newsletter

Design tip: use Venngage’s My Brand Kit to automatically add your brand colors to your email design with one click. (Available on Business plans.)

As if that wasn’t enough, check below for another style you can try:

business newsletter

Notice how this newsletter template reads like a blog post? This adds a personal touch to your internal correspondences with its two column and feature image.

Free editable company newsletter template

business newsletter

Have key metrics to update employees on? This monthly newsletter template features space for a graph so your company can visually illustrate results. 

With a single column layout and minimalist style icons, readers will surely be drawn to the story your internal data tells.

Design tip: use data visualizations to tell a story with your information and cut down on text.

Bright one column company newsletter

business newsletter

Here’s another pre-made email template with a section for data visualizations. Its bold colors add a cheerful feel, don’t you think?

Graphic business newsletter

business newsletter

The best way to ensure employees or customers engage? Add visuals, visuals and more visuals!

This template stacks graphics on top of each other to attract attention towards each point. 

Remote working guide newsletter template

business newsletter

In this day and age (and certainly since 2020), more and more employees work remotely. So ensure company employees far and wide are set up for success with a free remote working guide newsletter template. 

With a double column layout featuring space for a personal letter and mini process infographic, you can feel confident your WFH staff will hit the ground running.

Company communications email template

business newsletter

Want to make sure your employees follow certain rules or conduct? Be crystal clear in your communications.

This template follows that principle by using a bold vector graphic to garner attention. The guidelines are also separated by a two column layout so remote employees knows exactly what to do (or not do).

Design tip: cut down on email copy by following the 3 C’s of written communications: be clear, concise and compelling. 

Free internal announcement newsletter template

business newsletter

Looking for even less textual components in your email design? Use icons to visualize the ideas in your text. 

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Internal Company Newsletter

business newsletter

This internal company email template makes an impact without overwhelming. A tonal background emphasizes any images, icons and CTAs to add visual interest

Staff announcement email templates

business newsletter

In business, some goodbyes are inevitable. Ensure the contributions (and departure) of valued team members don’t go unnoticed with this staff announcement template. 

business newsletter

Along the same vein, this email can be used to communicate leadership’s well wishes to departing staff. Note that this template is mobile-friendly and responsive to different email clients. 

Design tip: always follow responsive email design best practices. You can also check subscriber data from your ESP to inform your formatting choices. For example, if most of your subscribers check your newsletter on mobile, optimize for this format first. 

business newsletter

Another inevitability in business? Sometimes, hires just don’t work out. 

Rather than keep the rest of your business team in the dark, communicate this information so responsibilities can be delegated efficiently. This email design template keeps the text (AKA the details) to a minimum, highlighting a point of contact employees can refer to instead. 

Retirement party mobile email template 

business newsletter

Send team members off with an employee retirement newsletter that shows sincerity and gratitude for their service to the organization. 

Multi-colored graphics add some bold flair to an otherwise text-focused design, and a mobile-first approach ensures all will take note.

Simple business email newsletter templates

business newsletter

Sometimes, simplicity wins out. Especially when you have important information to share amongst your team!

Eliminate distractions with this minimal one column email design. With a singular, standout CTA button and memo format, this template creates a visual hierarchy that focuses readers’ attention on what really matters.

If peach hues aren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry…

business newsletter

This one’s for you if you’re feeling blue.

Design tip: change the background color(s) and add patterns to any of these email templates to suit your needs or brand guidelines.

Internal company letter email template

business newsletter

For serious matters requiring a longer explanation, opt for a text-predominant template like so. Then, upload your signature as an image file to tie it all together. 

Outreach email newsletter template

business newsletter

Outbound marketing in email is a common practice for many businesses in the B2B space. Rather than defer to boring plain-text, use this outreach email template to differentiate your company visually. 

Employee discount email newsletter 

business newsletter

For companies looking to alert staff on employee discounts and deals, this template should do the trick. Though a fashion company is featured here, you can customize its content to suit any industry. 

Design tip: Keep key information “above the fold” to maximize its chances of being noticed. 

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External business newsletter templates and examples

Editable free newsletter template

business newsletter

Of all the email layouts out there, single column emails translate best on mobile devices. They display information without risking being jumbled — a major no-no in UX design.

This is highly important for external communications with customers, since 50% of all emails are opened via smartphone. 

Weekly Newsletter Template

business newsletter

A weekly newsletter template is the perfect design for marketing emails. With ample room for eye-catching imagery, this hybrid layout is sure to grab, and keep, subscribers attention.

Bold email newsletter template

business newsletter

Want to stand out against a sea of competitors? Use bold graphics and bright contrasting colors to command attention.

Design tip: get familiar with the color theory in design to ensure your colors complement each other, instead of clashing. 

Product update email newsletter templates

business newsletter

For product update emails, pique subscriber interest by using the eye-catching graphics, contrasting colors and minimal text. 

Want to lighten up your product update email? Reach for this template instead:

business newsletter

Design tip: if you’re stuck picking between two designs, A/B test them both to see what subscribers respond to.

If you want to feature a photo instead, perhaps this product update template will speak to you:


Remote healthcare business email template 

business newsletter

This template is a great choice for those in the business of virtual healthcare. Ample space is given to educate your email list about the benefits, while icons, colors and other visuals improve digestibility.

Welcome email newsletter templates

business newsletter
business newsletter

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First impressions count. 

That’s why welcome email newsletters are a great opportunity to win over new customers. In fact, welcome emails generate up to 3.2x more revenue

Tech email newsletter template 


This graphic email newsletter is perfect for tech and gaming companies. Using visuals to illustrate — and differentiate — your products always pays off.

Industry news email template 

business newsletter

Along the same lines as thought leadership, a weekly roundup of industry news can help you stand out from the competition and assert yourself as an authority in your niche. 

Advice newsletter templates

business newsletter

Deepen your company-customer relationships by offering helpful advice and tips to subscribers. This colorful, icon-rich template is ideal for keeping readers engaged. 

Design tip: illustrate your points with icons or graphics to add visual interest and create fast connections. 

Infographic newsletter template 

business newsletter

Infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than text-only content. So apply that same principle to your email newsletters, and offer valuable information to subscribers.

Event marketing newsletter template 

business newsletter

Want people to register for a webinar, video conference or other event? Send this polished event marketing newsletter as an eblast. 

This template has lots of room for text and a large CTA button, so subscribers can’t help but be persuaded to register. 

Promotional email newsletter templates

business newsletter

Motivates readers to act by placing your offer smack-dab in the middle of the page, right where their sightlines naturally settle. 

Or if you’re privy to pink…


Looking for something more graphic? The free promotional newsletter template below might be your speed: 

business newsletter

. . .

Phew! That was a lot of templates… 

But the fun’s not over yet. Once you’ve made a choice, it’s time to start customizing…

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How do I create a newsletter for my business?

To create a newsletter for your business, look no further than Venngage’s huge selection of professional email templates and intuitive, no-code editor. Here’s how to get started:

business newsletter
  1. First, sign-up for a free Venngage account.
  2. Choose any of the templates above, or click on the “Newsletters” tab on Venngage’s template page to select a design that suits your needs. Then, hit the “Create” button on the template page.
  3. Swap in your desired email copy, icons and colors to make it suitable for your business and use case. (Looking to keep your branding consistent and your team in the loops? With a Business Plan, you get access to premium features that your comms team will love — like real-time Team Collaboration and automated branding via My Brand Kit.)
  4. Voila! The perfect business newsletter is ready in just four steps. Share the link publicly for free, or upgrade to a paid plan to download your custom template, or export to an HTML file you can use with your preferred app. (Yup, Venngage files work with Mailchimp, Outlook and other email service providers (ESPs).

Related: How to Create a Newsletter From Scratch [Templates Included]

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Business newsletter templates FAQ 

Are there free newsletter templates?

Yes. There are a variety of free and high quality newsletter templates to choose from on Venngage’s Newsletter Templates page — many of them featured in this section. You’ll notice that some templates on the page are flagged as Premium or Business, indicating they’re available by upgrading only. 

So once you’ve signed up for a Venngage account (which is 100% free to do), simply navigate back to the page and sort the results by ‘Plan Type’ to filter out paid options. 

Is there a newsletter template in Word?

Yes and no. Yes in the sense that you can create a newsletter template 100% from scratch and save it manually for reuse. To do so, start a blank document, choose a page layout and select a design style to follow. You would then add and adjust all the email content manually before saving the template and reusing it as needed. 

However, unlike a design platform like Venngage, there are no ready-made newsletter templates in Microsoft Word. This means you cannot add or swap out visual components quickly and easily. Every change to your template design and layout will take hours longer to achieve. 

What is the best program to create a newsletter?

There are many programs that can help you create a newsletter, like Canva, Adobe, Lucidpress, Microsoft Publisher and Venngage. One of the best programs to create your newsletter is Venngage. 

Venngage’s huge selection of easy-to-edit, professionally-designed templates combined with an intuitive drag-and-drop visual editor wins out over other email production options that require technical design skills or HTML knowledge. 

What’s more, others offer only a basic selection of templates and programs with a steep learning curve. And you may not be able to create data visualizations or access other benefits, like automated branding and real-time Team Collaboration.

The bottom line: creating a polished business newsletter is a cinch with Venngage.

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Easily engage audiences with premium and free business newsletter templates

Creating engaging newsletters for your business can be difficult — but it doesn’t have to be! With the right newsletter template, email production becomes a no-brainer. You’ll boost engagement, improve your ROI and look darn good while doing it.

To get started, sign up to use Venngage’s Newsletter Creator for free or explore all our newsletter template by hitting the green button below. Once you choose a template, all you have to do is make a few tweaks before you get to sit back, relax and reap the rewards of an easy breezy, ultra successful email strategy.


About Jessie Strongitharm

Jessie Strongitharm is a Content Marketer & Writer at Venngage. A quick-witted wordsmith whose passions lie in strategic storytelling (see also: excessive alliteration), Jessie's background in psychology, new media communications and B2B SaaS marketing informs the copy she crafts for Venngage's audience.