10+ Marketing Brochure Examples, Templates & Ideas – Daily Design Inspiration #29
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10+ Marketing Brochure Examples, Templates & Ideas – Daily Design Inspiration #29


Every hour there are thousands of projects published by many talented designers. But because those are published across a collection of different social networks and sites, you often miss them.

That’s why I decided to put together the first edition of the Daily Design Inspiration. With this daily collection of marketing brochure examples, I want to give new designers a platform to show off their work.

To spread some inspiration to readers. To collect amazing design work on one platform. And to make it easy for anyone to create something beautiful.

In this edition of the Daily Design Inspiration, we are going to look at some marketing brochure examples from Rebecca FinnRonnie Alley, and a few from our own Venngage designers.

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1. Futuristic LoTA Branding Brochure Example

Creator: Ronnie Alley

Type: Creative Marketing Brochure Example

Think of where your brochures will be displayed, at a beauty expo, wedding show, or even in the salon itself?  This business brochure template shows a creative way of laying out the brochures on a table; one look and you can see what each page is about. Making you want to take one with you, without even having to flip through!

The business brochure template above provides key information; the company name, where to contact them, what services they offer, and what they are all about. There is a lot of information to be provided, resulting in large groups of text, but the designer did a great job at balancing it out to avoid clutter or bore the reader. Not only does the white space help balance the amount of text, but even the listing of the services helps freshen up the brochure design.



2. Teal Tech Trifold Brochure Template

Creator: Venngage

Type: Simple Marketing Brochure Example

Looking at this stock photo I automatically assume this trifold brochure template has to do with an IT company offering their services. Once you flip open the brochure, the first page is a description of the business. Use images for your brochure design that reflects directly what your business is about, or even what the intent of the brochure is.

In this trifold brochure template, the designer went straight to the company name on the front page, indicating it will be about the company itself. The solid color of the background on one panel not only helps distinguish a difference between each panel but also brightens up and gives life to the brochure.

This brochure template makes it easy for the viewer to reach out to the business, as it has contact information on both the first and last page.



3. Blue Sonbola Nonprofit Marketing Brochure Example


Creator: Mohamed Samir

Type: Colorful Nonprofit Brochure Example

This marketing brochure idea is a great example of why you should select a design that fits the needs of your content! Nothing like the typical tri-fold brochures you usually see, the design and layout really makes it one of a kind! Notice how the illustration has a line that goes from one page to the other, leading the user on where to go next.

The marketing brochure example theme is about the future of children.  The color and illustrations not only associate with children but also visually appealing to adults, who in the end, will help shape a better tomorrow. The use of a margin for the text on all pages creates clean alignment not only with the overall brochure but also within the illustrations, keeping it consistent throughout.



4. Innovative Pinovo Boulders Marketing Brochure Example

Creator: Craftor Studio

Type: Innovative Marketing Brochure Example

At first sight, the leaflet of this brochure design template reminds me of a large yellow envelope, one which usually consists of official documents. The color and the bold text with white paper sticking out; every component fits the feel. Before moving forward I can tell this represents something solid and concrete, but yet it feels fun due to the design, making it even more attractive.

I love that the brochure design template shows you need to pull the brochure out to view it completely. The impact of this brochure design continues to keep your attention. The grey scale theme helps certain yellow text stand out, and the headings for each section make it look more organized. Allowing the user to have a preview of what each section is about. Each page has an image where a text box overlaps on the bottom right, again, creating a sense of consistency throughout.



5. 2 for the Road Productions Colorful Marketing Brochure


Creator: Thellius Zamprogno

Type: Creative Marketing Brochure Example

You can easily change up the vibe of your marketing brochure design by using duotone images. Each page side has a different duotone color applied to the images in this brochure idea.

The confetti in the marketing brochure design reminds me of road trips across the country, and how messy a car can get with things all over the place. This feeling goes right along the theme of the brochure; 2 for the Road. It could even represent how confetti falls from the sky at music events to get the crowd going. Either way, it fits right in!

Because it’s a music event, you don’t want to simply list the artists in bullet point format, or in a straight list, it needs to be more fun. The designer made it artistic and laid back, where the names appear as if they are floating through the air, just like the confetti.



6. Bold Red & Blue YODEX Marketing Brochure

Creator: Zora Wu

Type: Bold Marketing Brochure Example

One thing all designers have in common is the need to measure one element or another in their creative designs, and this event brochure template represents just that! It’s a design that will genuinely be appreciated by the targeted audience, the designers at this exhibition.

Each brochure design comes in bold colors, two different designs, but four variations due to the change in color layouts. Every single composition makes it vibrant against multiple settings, more than other brochures would be able to accomplish.

Not only does this event brochure template appeal to the targeted audience, but it also accurately represents how concise and effective brochures should be. Exhibitions hand out all types of freebies; such as the band wrapped around these brochures. The band not only appeals to the thought of opening an invitation but also accurately reflects the illustration in the brochure itself.



7. MyHomeMatch Marketing Brochure Example

Creator: Marisa Passos

Type: Bold Marketing Brochure Example

Looking at the cover of this business brochure design I feel like I’m peeking through a journey of a corporate profile. Next, I see a floor plan, and instantly, I know what this brochure is about, even before reading the text.

Each page of this brochure design is different from the next, making it easier to flip through and focus. Apart from the layout, the components vary as well; some with images, others with icons and text. The icons even give the reader a heads up of what the body of text will be about, letting them decide if they want to read it or not.

With the use of a bold, solid colored background, the text is kept to a minimum, making it stand out more. Imagine it was the opposite, and there were large groups of text on each page, the viewer would glance briefly and look elsewhere.



8. Minimalist Astray Marketing Brochure Example

Creator: Rebecca Finn

Type: Minimalist Marketing Brochure Example

As someone who loves to explore, this travel brochure template makes me smile. Definitely, one of a kind, the small size of the first panel helps give the travel brochure a two in one look. Whether you look at the image first or the text, they both work as a team to show you what they’re about.

The travel brochure template above can easily be modified to show the experience you offer to clients. The use of consistent high res images on the top of each page helps transport the viewer to the destination, making you want to read the text and learn more!

Don’t like the layout of images above each description? No problem, try placing brief summaries under an icon with headlines to get your message across! It’s easy on the eye and really places emphasis on your key attractions.



9. Melbourne Queer Film Festival Marketing Brochure Example


Creator: Sweet Creative

Type: Creative Marketing Brochure Example

The use of colors in this brochure template idea invokes positive and happy thoughts. Considering this is a brochure for an event, the designer was considerate of not only the targeted audience but also the business associates.

It clearly displays the logos associated with the film festival on the front page, as compared to the back, making everyone happy. The vibrant colors of the candy, with the use of a soft pink, the brochure design comes together beautifully.

The brochure template idea above can be applied to various mediums; posters, leaflets, handouts, and event programs. All part of a bigger picture, a branding package for recurring events.



10. Farm Fresh Trifold Brochure Template

Creator: Venngage

Type: Simple Trifold Marketing Brochure

Fresh farm food reminds me of the simple days, just like this brochure design inspiration does! Plain black text, basic icons, and the white space make me focus directly on what’s presented to me, without any distractions.

The use of dotted lines even helps the reader go through the timeline, without this, the visual path would be all over the place. The best part about using a timeline; doesn’t matter how educated you are on the topic, the timeline can teach it all, make it accessible to a larger audience!

Integrating icons that represent the theme of your brochure design inspiration can attract the audience you are looking for. Try avoiding complex icons, unless they are the main focus of your brochure design; keep it simple so your message is clear.



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