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Design a Professional Logo Using Venngage's Beginner-Friendly Logo Maker

Create a Logo Now

Create a logo that communicates your brand's personality and unique value proposition. No design experience required.

Create consistent, recognizable branding with a custom logo

A logo is an essential part of recognizable branding. Think of it as putting your brand's best face forward. A good logo is eye-catching and speaks to what your brand does.

That means that for your logo to be effective, it needs to have that professional-quality finish. But if you're trying to get your business off the ground, hiring a graphic designer might not be doable.

That's where Venngage's logo maker can help. Start with one of our customizable logo templates.

Design a custom logo in 5 steps:

  1. Create a Venngage account (it's free!).
  2. Pick a logo template to use as the base for your own design.
  3. Customize your logo's color scheme, font, and accent images.
  4. Create and save multiple versions of your logo for different uses.
  5. Download your logo in stunning quality.

How to use Venngage's online logo maker:

Completely customize your logo template

Venngage's drag-and-drop makes it easy to customize your logo design. Each template can be customized as much or as little as you want - it's up to you!

Upload and save your own images

Give your logo a personal touch by incorporating your own images. When in doubt, Venngage offers a library of over 40,000 icons.

Use your brand colors and fonts

Consistent branding is important. Paste your brand color hex codes into Vennage's color picker tool. Select compatible fonts from the drop-down font menu.

Create copies of your logo for different occasions

Many brands create several versions of their logos, using different color schemes and visuals. With Venngage, you can copy, edit and save multiple versions of your logo.

Take logo design into your own hands

In a perfect world, every business would be able to afford professional designers. But for small businesses and organizations, that often isn't a reality. Venngage's logo maker allows you to take design into your own hands.

Design your own original logo in a matter of minutes, for a fraction of the cost of hiring a designer. Venngage makes it easy to edit your logo at any time - you your design is entirely under your control.

Start with a customizable logo template

Venngage offers an extensive library of logo templates for a wide variety of brands. Find a template that speaks to your brand. But remember: any of Venngage's logo templates can be customized as much as you want. Create a logo that represents your unique brand.

Pick from over 40,000 icons

An icons is a simple way to add a visual to your logo. Icons can look modern, classy or casual depending on the style. Venngage's extensive icons library will ensure that you find something that fits your brand.

Get your brand out there

Your logo will be one of the most recognizable parts of your brand. Design your logo with the intention of including it on your marketing content, business documents, and more. Venngage makes it easy to create multiple versions of your logo, so you can easily integrate it into a wide variety of content.

Download your logo in high quality

Ensure that your logo looks great on any platform. With Venngage, you can download your logo as a high quality PNG or PDF file. The Team Sharing function also makes it easy to share your logo design with your team.


Can I share my logo with my team directly from Venngage?

Yes, you can share your designs with your team members using the Team Sharing feature.

What is the best format to export my logo in?

PNG and PDF are both standard, versatile file types to download your logo in. Venngage allows you to download in both formats.

Can I edit my logo after I've downloaded it?

Yes, you can go back and edit your logo design at any time.

Like what you see? Check out our logo template library: