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17 Travel Brochure Examples For Traveler & Tourism

Written by: Danesh Ramuthi

Oct 12, 2023

Travel Brochure Examples

Travel brochures are vital, acting as silent ambassadors for countless destinations. At their core, travel brochures are printed or digital guides, crafted with precision by graphic designers, meant to showcase intriguing destinations, unforgettable experiences, and enticing offers, all with the purpose of beckoning tourists.

These aren’t just mere pages filled with colorful images and minimal text; they are the heartbeats of travel agencies, painting vivid dreams of beach getaways, wildlife watching, and outdoor activities.

In this blog post, I’ll explore various travel brochure examples and provide helpful information on creating designs that not only catch the eye but also encourage visitors to embark on a journey.

If you’re looking to enhance or create your own masterpiece, Venngage offers an easy way to create irresistible travel brochures. With our user-friendly platform and a plethora of travel brochure templates, even those new to design can craft brochures that take potential customers on a journey before they even set foot at the destination.

So, let’s set forth on this journey together, ensuring that your travel business and its offerings take the center stage in the minds of tourists and travelers alike.


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Trifold travel brochure example

Widely preferred by travel agencies and businesses, the travel trifold brochure template is a compact, yet effective means to showcase travel destinations with finesse and clarity. This tri-fold brochure design, meticulously crafted by graphic designers, is an art of balancing minimal text, colorful images, and strategic placement of details to captivate the potential customer.

Creative Travel Brochure Template

The beauty of the trifold design lies in its structure. With three distinct panels, it allows a business to segregate information efficiently, dedicating space for highlighting specific travel destinations, detailing travel insurance options, and even showcasing enticing beach getaways or outdoor activities.

Vacation Travel Brochure Template

Creating an effective trifold travel brochure requires more than just filling in a template. It involves understanding the target audience, selecting images that resonate, and providing helpful information without overwhelming the reader. 

Vacation Tours Travel Tri Fold Brochure Template

Travel guide brochure example

Travel guide brochures serve as a comprehensive roadmap for tourists, encapsulating the essence of a destination. These brochures, often crafted by skilled graphic designers, emphasize not just the beauty of travel destinations but also offer helpful information to potential tourists.

Such brochures not only highlight the picturesque landscapes and popular spots but delve deeper into the local culture, hidden gems, and off-the-beaten-path treasures that make every trip memorable.

Tokyo Gradient Professional Travel Tri Fold Brochure Template

Travel agencies recognize this and invest in high-quality brochure designs, often leveraging free travel brochure templates to kick-start the creative process. Such brochures can easily be customized with one’s own photos, brand assets, and unique design elements to resonate with the target audience.

Simple Vacation Travel Tri Fold Brochure Template

For businesses, the travel guide brochure also doubles as a marketing tool. An effective brochure, which is more than just a compilation of images and minimal text, encourages visitors to explore the destination, engage with local businesses, and soak in the experiences offered.

Adventure travel brochure example

Adventure travel brochures are designed to ignite the spirit of adventure in potential travelers. Unlike regular travel brochures, these focus on adrenaline-pumping activities, remote locations, and experiences that push boundaries. 

Utah Travel Brochure

Each page aims to evoke a sense of thrill, showcasing activities like wildlife watching, mountaineering, deep-sea diving, or exploring rugged terrains. It’s not just about the destination; it’s about the journey and the challenges that come with it.

Teal Europe Tourism Travel Tri Fold Brochure Template

Knowing that the reader is seeking thrills, the brochure design prioritizes showcasing outdoor activities, perhaps offering details on off-season perks or travel insurance tailored to adventure sports.

Every element, from the photos to text boxes, is strategically placed to offer the reader just enough information to pique their curiosity, but not too much to give everything away. 

After all, adventure is about the unknown, and a well-designed brochure ensures the potential customer is eager to embark on that journey of discovery.

Cruise travel brochure example

Cruise travel brochures serve as a beacon to those seeking luxurious adventures on the high seas. These beautifully curated pieces often give potential travelers a glimpse into the grandeur of life aboard a majestic liner. 

With pictures of expansive sun decks, gourmet dining experiences, and panoramic ocean views, the cruise travel brochure is designed to captivate. Additionally, detailed itineraries often accompany these images, showcasing the various ports of call, on-shore excursions, and cultural events passengers can partake in. 

Moreover, the brochure provides insights into the various amenities on board, be it rejuvenating spas, entertainment options, or themed nights. For many, the allure of a cruise lies in the harmonious blend of relaxation and exploration, and a well-designed brochure ensures that this balance is perfectly conveyed.

Beach travel brochure example

Beach travel brochures are an invitation to a world of sun, sand, and serenity. Evoking the rhythmic sounds of crashing waves and the gentle warmth of golden sands, these brochures are crafted to transport readers to idyllic coastal paradises. 

Vivid photographs of palm-fringed shores, azure waters, and sun-drenched landscapes take center stage, promising a retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Beyond the natural beauty, these brochures delve into the experiences that beach destinations offer. 

World Travel Tri Fold Brochure

From thrilling water sports and beachside activities to local seafood feasts and tropical nightlife, readers are given a comprehensive overview of what awaits.

A well-constructed beach travel brochure doesn’t just showcase a destination; it encapsulates the very essence of a beach holiday, offering both tranquility and excitement in equal measure.

Vintage travel brochure example

Vintage travel brochures harken back to an era of classic adventures, romanticizing travel in a way that’s nostalgic and deeply evocative. With designs reminiscent of the golden age of travel, these brochures showcase destinations using sepia tones, retro fonts, and artistic illustrations. 

Beyond the visuals, vintage brochures transport readers through time, recapturing the charm of old-world journeys, steam trains, and early air travel. 

These travel brochures, often sought after by collectors and history enthusiasts, serve as a beautiful reminder of how travel used to be, making them not just informative pieces but also treasured keepsakes.

Minimalist travel brochure example

Minimalist travel brochures are the epitome of the adage “less is more.” Rooted in clean lines, muted color palettes, and uncluttered design, these brochures present travel information in a straightforward yet impactful manner. 

Gone are the excessive embellishments; instead, every element, from images to text boxes, is thoughtfully curated and placed. 

Such a design approach prioritizes clarity, ensuring that the potential customer isn’t overwhelmed but is instead drawn into the essential aspects of the travel offering. 

Minimalist brochures resonate particularly well with a target audience that appreciates simplicity, elegance, and the sheer beauty of unadulterated visuals.

Modern travel brochure example

Modern travel brochures embody the zeitgeist of contemporary design. They are vibrant, dynamic, and often interactive, reflecting the ever-evolving nature of today’s travel trends. 

Morocco Travel Brochure

These brochures leverage the latest in graphic design techniques, incorporating bold colors, innovative layouts, and often, digital elements like QR codes linking directly to immersive online experiences. 

France Travel Tri Fold Brochure

Modern brochures cater to the tech-savvy traveler, ensuring that while they provide essential details in print, they also seamlessly bridge the gap to the digital realm. 

Tokyo Professional Travel Tri Fold Brochure Template

Be it through embedded videos, virtual tours, or interactive maps, these brochures represent the cutting edge in travel marketing, appealing to a generation that seeks both adventure and convenience at just a click.

City tour brochure example

Navigating the urban jungle becomes an exhilarating journey with the right city tour brochure. Tailored to showcase the pulsating heart of metropolises, these brochures offer vivid glimpses into architectural wonders, historic landmarks, bustling markets, and hidden gems. 

Destination Travel Tri Fold Brochure

Maps take center stage in many of these designs, guiding tourists seamlessly from one point of interest to another, ensuring they soak in the essence of the city. 

France Tri Fold Travel Brochure

Additionally, the city tour brochure provides helpful information, from local dining spots to modes of transportation. 

Creative Travel Brochure Template

For travelers keen to explore a city’s fabric beyond its main attractions, such brochures are invaluable, granting them both direction and inspiration.

Travel brochure example for students

Travel brochures for students prioritize experiences that are both enriching and budget-friendly. Recognizing the unique needs and aspirations of the student traveler, these brochures highlight destinations and packages that offer a mix of learning, adventure, and cultural immersion. 

Details on affordable accommodation options, group discounts, and off-season deals are crucial. Graphics and images within these brochures often resonate with youthful energy, focusing on outdoor activities, wildlife watching, and community engagements. 

Simple Blue Travel Tri Fold Brochure Template

Moreover, with students often relying on digital platforms for planning, a good travel brochure for this demographic would seamlessly integrate QR codes or links to websites, ensuring detailed information is available at just a click.

Trekking brochure example

Trekking brochures are aimed to attract the hikers’ attention to visit the routes and trails described on them.  In case a reputable trekking company intends to sell Tour du Mont Blanc the detailed info will be referred exclusively to this route. 

image (3).png

Travel brochure example for travel agency

For travel agencies, the brochure is more than just an informational tool; it’s a potent marketing asset. These brochures are meticulously designed to showcase the agency’s expertise in curating memorable vacations. 

Tourist Travel Brochure

From the selection of travel destinations to the arrangement of tours, the brochure communicates the agency’s commitment to providing unparalleled experiences. High-quality photos and colorful images of destinations take the reader on a visual journey, while testimonials and reviews build trust. 

The design often reflects the brand assets of the travel agency, ensuring consistency in messaging. 

Simple Orange Travel Tri Fold Brochure Template

Clear call-to-action prompts, such as “Contact us for customized packages” or “Visit our website for exclusive deals,” encourage potential clients to take the next step.

In essence, a travel agency’s brochure serves as a bridge between the agency and its potential customers, emphasizing reliability, variety, and expertise.

What to include in a travel brochure? 

Crafting an effective travel brochure requires the amalgamation of essential information, captivating visuals, and purposeful design.

Whether you’re a seasoned travel agency or just trying your hand at travel brochure design, having a checklist of indispensable elements can help in creating an impactful brochure that appeals to your target audience. Let’s delve into the key components to include:

  • Destination name: Clearly mention the travel destination to set expectations for potential tourists.
  • Eye-catching cover photo: Use a colorful image or a collage of images that captures the essence of the destination, ensuring it takes center stage on the brochure cover.
  • Brief description: Give a succinct overview of the destination, highlighting its unique selling points and major attractions.
  • Map: Include a map to highlight key attractions, accommodations, and transportation options.
  • Travel itinerary: Detail day-to-day activities, sites to visit, and recommended spending time at each location.
  • Accommodation options: Provide a list of recommended places to stay, catering to a range of budgets.
  • Local attractions: Spotlight on main tourist spots, wildlife watching areas, outdoor activities, and lesser-known hidden gems.
  • Travel tips: Offer helpful information about local customs, necessary travel insurance, off-season travel benefits, and other points of interest.
  • Photos and images: Integrate high-quality photos of the destination, ensuring they resonate with the overall theme of the brochure.
  • Testimonials: Include positive feedback from previous customers to build trust and encourage visitors.
  • Contact information: Detail the travel agency’s contact information, including website link, phone number, and physical address.
  • Call to action: Encourage potential clients to reach out, book a trip, or visit the agency’s website for more information.
  • Customizable templates: If offering free travel brochure templates for potential clients or graphic designers, ensure they can easily customize them with their own photos or brand assets.
  • QR code: Integrate a dynamic QR code linking to additional resources, booking pages, or exclusive offers, ensuring details are just a click away.

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How to make a travel brochure?

Creating an engaging travel brochure is both an art and science, capturing the essence of a destination while ensuring practicality. From enticing travelers with stunning visuals to offering valuable details that assist in planning their journey, a well-crafted travel brochure is a fundamental tool for every travel business. Let’s delve into the intricacies of designing a brochure that stands out.

Understanding the target audience

Every destination has its unique allure, captivating a distinct set of travelers. While some might be in search of adrenaline-pumping adventures, others could be seeking a serene beach getaway.

Recognizing the target audience’s preferences is pivotal in crafting a brochure that resonates with them. Analyzing feedback from previous clients, surveying potential customers, and studying travel trends can provide insights.

These insights inform not only the content but also the overall design, ensuring the travel brochure effectively engages its intended readers.

Selecting the optimal format

Travel brochures come in various formats, each serving a specific purpose. For a concise snapshot of a destination, the tri fold brochure is a popular choice among travel agencies.

On the other hand, a more extensive booklet format allows for an in-depth exploration of the travel destination, perfect for those offering a range of experiences or a comprehensive guide to a region.

Use a color scheme

The power of color in evoking emotions and setting the mood cannot be understated. The colors chosen for the travel brochure can transport readers, offering a glimpse of the destination’s ambiance. For example, earthy tones might suggest wildlife watching adventures, while cool blues could evoke images of serene beach getaways.

Moreover, the color scheme should complement the images and align with the brand assets of the travel business. Working with a graphic designer can help in selecting a palette that both represents the destination and appeals to the target audience.

Integrating practical information

While captivating visuals and narratives are vital, the functionality of a travel brochure is equally crucial. A well-designed map highlighting essential attractions, transportation hubs, and recommended accommodations aids travelers in their journey.

Additionally, crucial details like travel insurance options, off-season benefits, and links to associated travel agencies enhance the brochure’s utility. Equally essential is the inclusion of contact details right on the cover, ensuring potential clients can reach out with ease.

Comprehensive directions, both within the brochure and via digital means like QR codes or website links, further support travelers in their planning phase.

Embracing modern design elements

Today’s travelers expect a blend of traditional and digital touchpoints. Incorporating QR codes, which lead to immersive video tours or detailed websites, can seamlessly bridge this gap.

Furthermore, ensuring the brochure’s design is optimized for both print and digital ensures a broader reach, catering to varying preferences of tourists.

Use a pre-designed template

For those not looking to start from scratch, utilizing pre-designed travel brochure templates, like those offered by platforms such as Venngage, can be a time-saving choice. These templates, crafted by professional designers, ensure that the brochure design is visually appealing.

They can then be customized with their own photos, details, and branding, creating a professional travel brochure with ease.

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Final thoughts

It’s evident that every brochure serves a unique purpose, reflecting the essence of its respective travel destination. A travel brochure is more than just a collection of colorful images and enticing descriptions; it’s a bridge between potential clients and unforgettable experiences.

Whether you’re a travel agency aiming to draw tourists to a hidden beach getaway or a graphic designer hoping to showcase a city’s charm, the right brochure design takes center stage.

The wide selection of travel brochure examples showcased here is a testament to the versatility and significance of these tools in the world of tourism. As travelers, these brochures become our initial window to the world, guiding us, inspiring us, and fueling our wanderlust.

Ready to craft your own captivating travel brochure? Dive into the world of effortless design with Venngage and create a travel brochure that stands out with our customizeable templates.

Embark on your creative journey now!