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Simple Orange Travel Tri Fold Brochure

Present a bright travel brochure and more by modifying this Simple Orange Travel Tri Fold Brochure Template!

Showcase a minimalist travel brochure with this Simple Orange Travel Tri Fold Brochure Template. The template is easy to customize and features an analogous color palette, a photo, and a playful heading font. For a simple yet vibrant look, consider using an analogous color palette. You can choose any color from dark to bright or dramatic to subtle. There are a variety of colors to choose from that will complement your brochure. As with any travel brochure, using photos is a great way to grab attention. Add a photo to the background or insert multiple photos throughout the brochure. Apply your own content and add a touch of creativity by utilizing a playful heading font. Whether you want a modern or whimsical look, there's a font to match any style. You can then choose a subtle font for the body that's easy to read. Need more brochure templates? Browse the Venngage library for more editable travel brochure templates!