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12+ Event Flyer Design Examples & Ideas – Daily Design Inspiration #20

Every hour there are thousands of projects published by many talented designers. But because those are published across a collection of different social networks and sites, you often miss them. That’s why I decided to put together the first edition of the Daily Design Inspiration.

With this daily collection of event flyer examples, I want to give new designers a platform to show off their work.

To spread some inspiration to readers. To collect amazing design work on one platform. And to make it easy for anyone to create something beautiful.

In this edition of the Daily Design Inspiration, we are going to look at some event flyer examples from Turner DuckworthShanti Sparrow, and a few from our own Venngage designers.

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1. Mill Valley Film Festival Event Flyer Example

Creator: Turner Duckworth

Type: Realistic Event Flyer Example

Selected Because: I personally love this event flyer example, as the image of an old-school ticket gives the audience an idea of the event before reading the text. The event flyer design uses complementary colors between the graphic and text, allowing the information to stand out and make it more legible. The text is kept to a minimum, yet provides important details of what, when and where more information can be found. Minimal noise is present on the event flyer design due to the use of white space placing emphasis on the design.

To achieve a sophisticated, yet creative look for your event, see the flyer example above. Interchangeable between different platforms, print versus multimedia, this flyer template shows how the design will look on each, depending on the users’ needs.


2. Soda Design Night Event Flyer Example

Creator: Not Listed

Type: Modern Event Flyer Example

Selected Because: Using a color scheme that relates to what your event is about will help appeal to your targeted audience. As the background has more going on with the colors, the use of black font not only helps to balance out the flyer design but also allows the text to stand out.

At first glance, the event flyer template reminds you of summer with the image and colors used, but when reading the details below the event takes place later in the year. This composition helps to draw the audience to the event, I mean who wouldn’t want it to feel like summer in the cool late month of October?

Looking at this event flyer design makes me thirsty and want to go out for a drink myself!


3. Modern Pool Party Event Flyer Template

Creator: Venngage

Type: Modern Event Flyer Example

Selected Because: This event poster design brings a feel of an 80’s pool party. The choice of complementary colors, font style, and even the texture of the concrete, all have been carefully selected in line with the theme.

The event poster template above is an excellent example of how influential a color palette can be. The selected hue of blue and yellow represents summer exceptionally and relates to the theme of the event flyer idea. Notice how the colors are consistent with different types of text, white for headings and black for context, each causing a contrast against the vibrant background. These are simple details that can help the audience determine various types of information easily.

Take a look at the main heading and image; the rule of thirds is present for both, creating a sense of balance in the event poster design. Key information is provided with who, what, when and where and the use of different heading sizes has provided a sense of direction for the readers’ eye.


4. The Small Stakes Music Event Flyer Example

Creator: Dwell

Type: Minimalist Event Flyer Example

Selected Because: The first two things I noticed on this event flyer design right away; the bold record and College Night Noise Pop. After reading Noise Pop, I automatically went back to the top and noticed how the record displays noise; in the illustration design and with the sound it makes. Increased font weight of selected text helped place emphasis on the theme of the event flyer, with tracking providing a sense of central balance. Crazy what the perfect combination of words and an image can trigger right?

When starting your event flyer designs think of what you want your viewer to feel, and create that experience so they can relate and want to attend. A record player can take you back in time and is strategically reflected in this color palette as well. The flyer template above shows how colors can be interchangeable in the theme, yet still have the same effect.


5. Laneway Festival Music Festival Event Flyer Example

Creator: WBYK

Type: Creative Event Flyer Example

Selected Because: The alignment of the text leads the viewers’ eye towards the main part of the poster, the image. Designer WBYK incorporates symbolism in this event poster template to show what it’s about. Colors represent indie music themes, and the finger touching the sphere depicts two meanings. A DJ spinning a set and the same hands with shows around the world landing on traditional grounds.

The scale of your event can determine your poster design format, digital or print, this template is applicable to both.


6. Simple Purple Meditation Event Flyer Template

Creator: Venngage

Type: Fitness Event Flyer Example

Selected Because: Depending on the type of event flyer purpose, keep it as straightforward as possible and minimizing any distractions. Just looking at this event poster idea, I feel calm with the use of purple, quickly creating a sense of peace. The basic shapes and minimal color palette keeps me relaxed as I view the rest of the event flyer template in detail.

Notice how the words in the main heading reflect the shapes; meditation with the person floating and the park with the flowers and the leaves. The use of whitespace continues to provide clarity towards the main concept of the design.

My personal favorite part of this event flyer template is the call to action at the very bottom. The bold font weight with the exclamation mark pulls the user back out from the calm state they entered, indicating what needs to be done to feel that again.


7. Poetry Slam Night Event Flyer Example


Creator: Utkarsh Khatri

Type: Minimalist Event Flyer Example

Selected Because: To attract a niche market, create an event flyer design that targets the audience. The title speaks for itself, and the use of the bold contrasting orange Slam, it helps distinguish the type of poetry event. In addition, the handwritten font style indicating time and date adds to the authenticity of the event with the material that will be presented. White space can provide symmetry to a design and display how a poet may stand center stage with the mike, placing more focus on both the design and idea of presenting.

The creative flyer example above shows how the template can have subtle changes in the design depending on where it will be posted. The bold black border for a standing poster in the event venue can help frame the overall design, whereas the use of white space helps make the central design more prominent in an artboard creative setting.

8. Hello Yello Creative Event Poster Example

Creator: Not Listed

Type: Minimalist Event Flyer Example

Selected Because: Using a prominent color to set the mood of the event design template can really transform the experience of the audience from the get-go. Looking at this event flyer example I suddenly feel a burst of energy and think happy animation thoughts. The event design template shows the design is prominent, whether it’s placed in a vibrant or calm setting.

Choosing the right color palette for your event flyer design is essential as it sets the mood and needs to match the intent of the event. The main heading font style is the next strongest element in this example, not only did the colors make me happy but indicates it’s a more laid back and artsy event. Take notice of how each group of text has different composition and layout, each delivering a different piece of information, but being proportional to the shape and size of the main graphic.



9. IKRA Event Flyer Example

Creator: Lesha Limonov

Type: Modern Event Flyer Example

Selected Because: The bold background choice has my caught eye instantly, it helps to outline the image and makes the text stand out and make it more legible. Since the choice of Coral Red is powerful, this creative flyer template displays how using it with softer tones can help settle the intensity of the color without sacrificing visual impact. Taking a step back, you notice there is a margin around the event flyer example, which has helped to balance out the components and elements of the design.

The creative flyer example above is an example of how certain designs can still be effective without the use of extensive white space. The right grouping of elements can also create great event marketing.



10. Kool Part Music Event Flyer Example

Creator: modulwerk

Type: Music Event Flyer Example

Selected Because: The event poster design above is a perfect example of a symmetrically balanced design. I love how it gives a feel of new colors halfway through the design, when really only the position of each has been changed. This shows how important it can be to work within a color palette.

The use of the one sans serif font over the poster design has created a sense of consistency throughout the page. Each body of text has a different look to it, all due to the various font space, and alignment.

Due to the shades of the color used, an event poster design like this would be most effective in a white setting, as color settings could overpower the poster.



11. Taste Of The Upper West Side Modern Event Flyer Example

Creator: Shanti Sparrow

Type: Modern Food Event Flyer Example

Selected Because: Create a theme not just for the event flyer, but also for the entire event. Flyer templates can be part of a larger branding package as well, try to maximize the impact it can have on the audience. The smallest details can go a long way.

Take a look at the event design template above for inspiration. Decide on a color palette and apply it to your event flyers, food menus, seating charges, napkins and plates for the ultimate experience! This doesn’t mean you should use the exact same design across all mediums, change small details such as the positions of the colors and elements for each. See how the main text and shapes are the same, just placed in different sections with a change in color, it looks different but is essentially the same.

Consistency is key!



12. Nordic Black Theatre Event Flyer Example

Creator: Umer Ahmed & Haider Ahmad

Type: Entertainment  Event Flyer Example

Selected Because: The use of dark black background helps the text design of each letter stand out. Considering this is an example of a theatre event flyer example, it fits right in, unique to other entertainment flyers. This is exactly what I associate with Theatres; telling stories in their own way, free from rules. This is a great example of how you don’t have to always follow the rules in creative flyer designs, the possibilities are endless.

If you look carefully, in a way, the letters hug the faces of each individual. Though the name is Nordic Black Theatre, it shows various ethnicities in the poster, welcoming everyone to the auditions. There is a message that comes through with each element used, the images, the text, and the design.




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