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30+ Hiring Flyers You Can Use To Customize Your Job Description

Written by: Jennifer Gaskin

Jun 14, 2023

hiring flyers to customize job descriptions

The coronavirus pandemic created a global labor shortage that had farms, factories and businesses of all types struggling to fill open positions.

For employers looking to add to their ranks, that often means doing your best to stand out. That’s why creating engaging, memorable hiring flyers is important.

With Venngage’s Flyer Maker, you can create a flyer that can be used online or in print to advertise and promote the job opening to your social media followers, within your industry or at colleges, universities and hiring events.

Learn about what makes a good hiring flyer and how you can create one, or get inspired by our flyer templates to put the best face on your job opening.

Click to jump ahead:

Hiring flyer examples

Let’s take a look at hiring flyers by industry to see what your peers and competitors may be using to attract top talent.

IT, development & programming job posting flyer examples

Technology-related jobs are especially popular, as many of them can be done from home. This includes IT management, programming and other development positions.

Be sure your now hiring flyer makes an impression on these workers who may have lots of options.

Now Hiring Flyer Template

This flyer, which looks to hire software developers, uses a simple two-shade color palette on top of an image anchored by a laptop.

Several job titles are included, and key bullet points about benefits are also listed.

Hiring Flyer Template

This IT hiring flyer takes a different approach while listing the same information, making it ideal for companies with a corporate environment.

Developer Job Hiring Business Flyer Template

This programming job flyer, on the other hand, includes the same basic information but uses an image of workers at their desks to give candidates a glimpse into their potential future work environment.

Black Yellow Hiring Business Flyer Template

This flyer turns all the others upside-down — literally.

Taking advantage of an overhead photograph, this development job flyer has a unique perspective.

Hiring Corporate Business Flyer Template

Customize this job posting flyer with your company’s brand colors and fonts so you can share it internally or on your social channels.

Yellow Blue Hiring Business Flyer Template

It’s tough for potential candidates to gather much information about an employer from a flyer, so a great photograph can really make a difference.

Choose one like this from our library, or use a high-quality camera to take a picture of your team members collaborating and enjoying their jobs.

Gray Office Hiring Business Flyer Template

This hiring flyer would be perfect for a company that wants potential job candidates to know they’ll be entering a bustling, busy team.

Clean Simple Hiring Business Flyer Template

Your job flyer can also advertise popular aspects of where your company is located. The downtown location mentioned in this IT flyer is reinforced with the skyscraper image in the background.

Data & analytics job posting flyer examples

Jobs related to data and analytics are in high demand, and that’s only expected to keep growing as the global economy increases its reliance on data.

In the US, for example, data jobs are expected to grow at nearly four times the rate of all other jobs through 2026.

Data Analyst Hiring Business Flyer Template

This data now hiring flyer includes brief job descriptions, and the background image makes it clear at a glance what’s most important to the employer — data.

Bold Hiring Business Flyer Template

This now hiring flyer example also uses an image to help job candidates see themselves in the role, while job descriptions appear at the bottom of the page.

Vibrant Data Company Job Flyer Template

This simple data job flyer uses icons and a faint background illustration to share details of open positions with interested candidates.

Manufacturing & logistics job posting flyer examples

If you experienced issues getting things delivered during the pandemic, logistics and supply chain issues were probably to blame.

Manufacturing and logistics jobs provide a crucial cog, and this industry has unique needs to speak to when hiring for open positions.

Laneway Now Hiring Flyer

This now hiring flyer includes a diverse range of jobs, which is common for companies in this industry.

Speaking to the various types of candidates means being quite general, as this broadly industrial image reflects.

Job Opportunities Business Flyer Template

This employer got even more general by using an abstract image as the background for this job flyer.

Marketing & media job posting flyer examples

Making yourself stand out when hiring media and marketing professionals means creating something they haven’t seen before.

Listing pay rates for open positions can help candidates understand if the job is for them right away.

Red Job Hiring Business Flyer Template

This job flyer was designed for media professionals, but listing pay rates and hours can be useful across a variety of industries.

Show candidates that you are upfront about your salary and hours expectations.

Dark Writer Hiring Business Flyer Template

Listing salaries in a job flyer, as this media job opening flyer does, can feel strange if your company doesn’t customarily list such figures in your advertising.

But pay transparency is increasingly important to businesses and workers.

Retail & service industry job posting flyer examples

The retail and service industries have notoriously high turnover rates, so if you’re a hiring manager in this field, chances are you’ll need to make many hiring flyers over the years.

Consider your audience and the likely job candidates you’ll have, and then think about what will appeal most to them when creating a hiring flyer.

Grid Music Store Hiring Business Flyer Template

This modern job flyer amps up the cool factor, reflecting the business itself (a music store).

Remember that for many people viewing your flyer, this may be the first they’ve heard of your company, so every image or icon you choose has an impact.

Coffee Bookstore Hiring Business Flyer Template

This job flyer for a coffee shop/bookstore reflects the vibe employees and patrons feel walking in, and because it lists the base hourly rate on offer, potential candidates don’t have to wonder if it’s worth their time to apply.

Internship job posting flyer examples

Internships pose their own unique issues when it comes to enticing top-tier candidates.

Because many are unpaid or for college credit, internship hiring flyers tend to be broad with few specifics offered.

Internship Recruitment Business Flyer Template

This internship flyer doesn’t list a specific job; rather, it’s offering students a chance to see what’s out there that might appeal to them, though the image chosen will probably cause students to assume it’s more technology-focused.

Purple Internship Opportunity Flyer Template

This internship flyer includes similar information to the example above, but the image of the university campus makes it more general.

Job fair & hiring event job posting examples

Organizations and employers that put on job fairs and hiring events may want to appeal to a broad base of potential candidates, or they may want to speak only to those in certain departments.

Either way, job fair flyers give organizations a chance to show what they have to offer.

Job Fair Hiring Flyer

This flyer for a job fair is designed to appeal to many types of professionals who have been on the job hunt for a while with many types of services available.

Job Recruitment Event Poster Template

Organizations in the finance or corporate space would be perfect for this job expo flyer designed to appeal to executive-level candidates because of its background image of a man in a business suit.

Simple Job Fair Business Flyer Template

Colleges and universities are popular sites for job expos and job fairs, and this job fair flyer appeals to those still in school as well as recent graduates.

Corporate Job Fair Business Flyer Template

If your organization’s job fair includes many employers in the corporate space, consider this job flyer template that features modern corporate architecture in the background image.

Graphic Job Fair Business Flyer Template

If your job fair will be a more general employment affair, without one industry or field being dominant, consider a template like this one that’s eye-catching and non-specific.

Bright Job Fair Business Flyer Template

Similarly, this hiring flyer advertises a university job fair designed to appeal to students across a range of majors and industries.

Colorful Job Expo Poster

Consider customizing this hiring flyer if you’re trying to appeal to candidates who want to work in large organizations.

The skyscraper motif of the background image will appeal to candidates considering jobs in major corporations.

What do you put on a job flyer?

Hiring flyers come in many varieties, which we’ll explore in a moment. But in general, they all list some or all of the following information:

  • Company name
  • Open position
  • Contact information

That’s a pretty short list, which means that hiring managers have a wide range of creative freedom when it comes to what else they want to list on their hiring flyer and how they want to arrange the various elements included in the flyer’s design.

Let’s see what some of those differences look like in practice.

As with any visual communication your company does, it’s important to think first of the audience. What types of people do you want to be interested in your job openings?

Tailor your message to them.

If they’ll be most interested in knowing the salary range, include that. But if all jobs with that title in your area have similar salaries, then focus on other aspects like corporate culture or benefits.

School Jobs Help Wanted Poster

This job flyer covers several open positions in a school district, and the words “Help Wanted” make it clear at a glance what the purpose of the job posting flyer is.

Few details are available about the jobs, but because all the titles are straightforward, few details are needed.

Data Company Job Hiring Flyer Template

Other employers may want to expand on each job, and this example shows how you can include a job description in a now hiring flyer.

Company Values Infographic Template

Or you could buck trends and just talk about your company. This is ideal for sharing on social as you’re speaking to people who are fans of your brand.

Yellow Now Hiring Flyer

Job flyers also vary visually, with some relying on photographs and others using icons or illustrations.

This one uses a striking color palette and a simple image to pique interest in their openings without getting specific.

Blue Now Hiring Flyer Template

Flyers using illustrations can also be effective and memorable, like this clever flyer that inspires people by describing the qualities the employer wants instead of listing out a specific job title.

Want to see even more captivating examples of flyers? Check out our favorite flyer examples and flyer ideas, including some tips for making yours stand out. 

How do I make a recruiting flyer?

If you want to go very DIY, simply get out a sheet of paper and a marker.

Write down the title of the open position and some contact information, and you’re all set.

However, if you really want to stand out, using Venngage’s Flyer Maker can give you an edge in a crowded job market.

Create your job flyer using Venngage in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Sign up for a FREE Venngage account

hiring flyer

Step 2: Pick a flyer from our flyer templates library to customize

hiring flyer

Check out all the free flyer templates we offer.

You can also start from scratch with your own ideas by using a blank canvas:

hiring flyer

Step 3: Start customizing your hiring flyer

You can then start adding your message and key information about the job. A Venngage for Business user can also make use of My Brand Kit, which lets you apply your brand colors and logo to any template in one click:


Step 4: Add images, icons and illustrations as you see fit

Customize every aspect of the hiring flyer, including fonts, colors, images, backgrounds, icons and more to pique the interest of potential job candidates.

replace icon

Step 5: Share a public link for free or upgrade to download

Once your design is finished, you can choose to publish your hiring flyer or share it for free using a public link. A paid user has the option to download the flyer in PNG, PNG HD or PDF so you can share the flyer across different hiring platforms.

hiring flyer

A Business user can also download the flyer in Interactive PDF, which allows all your links to be clickable. You also have the option to export your job flyer as a PPTX file (to be used in a PowerPoint presentation) or an HTML file (to be used as an email template).

You can create so much more than just hiring flyers using Venngage’s Flyer Maker! Check out the flyer templates and examples you can customize using Venngage in this post: 50+ Captivating Flyer Examples, Templates and Design Tips

In summary: Creating a unique hiring flyer can help your organization attract top-tier talent

Venngage’s Flyer Maker simplifies the process of creating a memorable, eye-catching flyer that will draw attention to your organization’s open positions. Customize every aspect of the flyer and then generate a web-ready or print-ready file and wait for the resumes to pour in.

About Jennifer Gaskin

A veteran of newsrooms and agencies, Jennifer Gaskin is a writer, editor and designer who is the only living person not to have strong feelings on the Oxford comma. She's an award-winning practitioner of journalism and information design who spent the better part of a decade as the creative director of a digital marketing shop. As a writer, Jennifer contributes to a variety of publications while working with clients as well as taking on her own projects.