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15+ Church Flyers to Inspire Attendance & Worship [100% Customizable]

Written by: Chase Clements

Feb 08, 2023

church flyers

If you’re planning some events for your local church, like Sunday services or Bible studies, church flyers are a great way to promote those. With a good church event flyer, you can connect with your local community and generate awareness for all the gatherings your church offers.

The best way to draw your audience’s attendance with flyers is through expert flyer design. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a graphic design wiz to create stunning flyers. Let’s check out some church flyer templates for a variety of events that you can start customizing right away with one click. 


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Modern church flyer designs

Church service flyer designs don’t have to come off as old-fashioned or overly formal. Vibrant and friendly colors paired with modern fonts make for flyers that feel more contemporary. This church event flyer template uses warm and inviting colors to draw in the reader: 

Bright Sunday Services Church Event Flyer Template

You can easily customize this template to swap in background colors and icons of your choice on the Venngage platform. Venngage also has 2k+ diverse icons with editable skin tones to help you represent your diverse audience.

Want to use a different background color? How about… red? Within the Venngage editor, click on “Background,” and select a new background color for your design:

church flyers

Now you have a design that looks like this template:

Red Sunday Services Church Event Flyer Template

The next template offers a flyer for a specific kind of service, Holy Communion, but you can modify it to suit your needs:

Modern Blue Church Flyer Template

This template uses a close-up image to draw the reader in while showing exactly what the service is about. The blue color overlay takes the focus away from the stock image while still allowing it to contribute to the flyer content. It’s easy to change the background too — you can choose from the millions of flyer background images on the Venngage platform or import your own. 

This flyer also uses shapes to call attention to the date and time. Adding background shapes with a different color than your font ensures your text is visible.

Remember the blue overlay that helps tie the photo into the color palette? You can add color filters by selecting “Edit Image” and using the right-side toolbar:

church flyers

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Church Bible study flyers

Bible studies are all about bringing people together in fellowship, and flyers can help you expand your group. You can use an inspiring message to connect with your audience. In this template, a simple background image puts all the focus on the text:

Church Community Bible Study Event Flyer Template

For a word-heavy design, it’s important to establish a hierarchy of words, showing the reader what’s most important. This template uses font sizes and types to underscore the key information and uses lines to create order on the page.

The next template follows a similar style, but with a brighter background image:

Light Church Community Bible Study Event Flyer Template

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Church open house flyers

Church open houses are when a church opens its doors for public tours, featuring information about the church and its services. Open house events are a great way to connect with the community, and flyers can help you spread the word about the event. Take this flyer template as an example:

Simple Church Open House Event Flyer Template

The template uses a photo as its centerpiece to engage the audience, as well as a print pattern to add depth to the background. You can find more pattern and gradient options to experiment by clicking “Background” on the left toolbar:

church flyers

The next template promotes a Sunday school open house using a minimalist design:

Church Sunday School Open House Event Flyer Template

The template puts a compelling photo at the center and uses a line to differentiate between the image and the top section. You can take advantage of lines and borders in your design, which helps your images pop. Find them in the “Icons” section on the left toolbar:

church flyers

This Sunday School open house template also uses an image as its focal point:

Catholic Sunday School Open House Event Flyer Template

Notice how the template takes prominent colors from the photo and uses them as background colors, giving the flyer a sense of unity. You can employ this technique by using the eye dropper tool to pull prominent colors from your photo and add them to your swatch colors. Then you can easily apply your swatch colors when customizing your background, shape, and font colors. 

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Church holiday event flyers

Holidays are a popular time to host events that welcome the community. Festive flyers like this one are a great way to generate awareness about your event: 

Monochrome Christmas Event Flyer Template

This template uses a monochromatic color scheme for an understated but charming design. To customize this template, you could modify the background image by selecting ‘Edit Image’ and adding a warm filter and a red color filter to give it more holiday cheer:

church flyers

This template for a Christmas bake sale uses an eye-catching image combined with a unique chalk font:

Chalk Christmas Background Flyer Template

This template for an Easter egg hunt features an animated image and a playful font designed to appeal to kids:

Adorable Easter Bunny Egg Hunt Flyer Template

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Church marriage sermon flyers

Church marriage sermons discuss love and relationships through a spiritual lens and are aimed at couples. This church event flyer appeals to its core audience by featuring a photo of a couple:

Marriage Love and Faith Sermon Church Event Flyer Template

The flyer also uses the same color red as both the background color and title color. Using the swatch colors feature, you can keep track of your project colors so you can easily match your fonts with your backgrounds. 

Using inspiring images to draw the audience in is a tried-and-true technique for flyers, like this template does with a close-up image as its centerpiece:

Marriage Religious Sermon Church Event Flyer Template

When using photos, make sure to find the highest quality image possible to ensure the photo looks great when shared or printed out. This template also uses a muted color palette, then uses a bright yellow accent to call attention to the title.

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Church conference and seminar flyers

Church conferences and seminars are large-scale events, and flyers can use images to reflect their scope. This template features a powerful photo of a previous event at its center:

Worship Conference Event Flyer Template

It also uses a background shape to call attention to the event description. 

The next template uses a series of photos of speakers and venues to show the scope of the conference:

Photo Church Conference Flyer Template

You can take advantage of color gradients to draw the reader’s eye from left to right, as this template does. 

The next two templates use monochromatic color schemes that keep the focus on the content:

Navy Church Seminar Flyer Template
Red Conference Church Flyer Template

They also use shaped images and borders to call attention to the various speakers. You can turn any image into a shape by selecting from the drop-down menu of shapes on the top toolbar:

church flyers

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FAQs about church flyers

How to make church flyers

Crafting an inspiring church flyer is simple when you have a great template to work with. You can choose one of these templates or select one from Venngage’s library. After signing up for a free Venngage account, start customizing the copy, icons, images, and colors, and add your own photos or choose from our selection of 3+ million stock images. You can share the flyer link publicly for free, or upgrade to a paid plan to download the flyer to PNG or PDF to share digitally or print out.


What is the size of a church flyer?

The standard size for flyers is 8.5 x 11 inches, the same size as a sheet of printer paper. However, flyer size can run larger or smaller depending on your display needs, ranging from 5.5 x 8.5 to 11 x 17 inches. 

How to make church flyers in Photoshop

Because Photoshop does not have flyer templates, you will have to build your design from scratch. You can make your church flyer in Photoshop in six steps:

  • Create a new document with a size of 8.5 x 11 inches, or the dimensions of your choosing.
  • Create a new layer and choose a color to make the background for your flyer.
  • Add in shapes using the various shape tools, like the Ellipse Tool for circles or ovals.
  • Import your own photos or choose from the stock images.
  • Add in text using the Type Tool, selecting font, size, and color.
  • Then arrange your individual components to create a cohesive design. 

Creating a flyer from scratch in Photoshop can be challenging if you don’t have design experience. Selecting from a professionally designed template like the ones in this article, then customizing it on the Venngage platform saves you the heavy lifting. And since Venngage offers plenty of church flyer options for multiple event types, it’s the best option for creating your flyer. 

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Design a church flyer that inspires and connects fellow church goers

Flyers are a tried-and-true form of outreach perfect for building awareness about church gatherings. I hope these church flyer ideas and design tips have given you the inspiration you need to create inspiring flyers, whether you’re promoting a Bible study, conference, or open house. 

You can easily get started on creating your custom flyer by choosing from one of the templates in this article or searching the library for one that fits your needs.