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40+ Modern Technology Icons for Future-Forward Designs [Free Download]

Written by: Tessa Reid

Nov 03, 2022

40+ Modern Technology Icons for Future-Forward Designs

Cars that drive themselves. Smart home systems that respond to questions. Virtual reality headsets that transport you to foreign lands… 

In the not-so-distant past, these concepts were mere science fiction. But technology moves at a breakneck pace, and today, it’s possible to do everything from powering your house with solar panels to analyzing your sleep with a watch. 

So we thought, icon collections should get with the times, too! For all your future-forward design needs, grab a copy of our brand new, 100% free modern technology icons below. Then, keep scrolling for a closer look at this sleek collection. 

Click to jump ahead: 

40+ modern technology icons [free download + instructions]

modern technology icons

From gadgets and devices to transportation and robots, this modern icon collection has all your technology needs covered. With a clean, realistic design and an eye-catching color palette, any of these icons will give your business communications a sleek, contemporary edge.

Download all 48 modern technology icons in PNG, SVG and EPS here: 


These icons are free as can be. Download, use and publish them wherever you like. Of course, if you’re publishing digitally, we always appreciate being listed as a source. Plus, a quick link back to this page can help others take advantage of this free icon collection, too. 

The more shares the merrier!

For all the Venngage users out there, you can find these icons pre-loaded into our visual editor. Simply search for “modern” in the icon widget to pull up the collection and add a future-forward touch to any of your professional designs.

Not a Venngager yet? Sign up for free and get access to thousands of professionally designed templates you can customize — no design experience necessary.  

Okay, let’s have a closer look at the technology icons in this pack… 

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What does this modern technology icon pack include?

As a tech company, we have a keen interest in the industry, and we create a lot of infographics around the latest trends (AI anyone?). But we noticed, we didn’t always have the perfect icon to accompany our communications.

When we polled our community, they agreed. Thus, the idea for a modern technology icon collection was born. After speaking with these business professionals, we narrowed down the categories for this collection to address their most common design needs. 

We also decided to include icons for everyday devices, like laptops and tablets. That way, you’ll have cohesive options when pairing more cutting edge tech icons, like VR headsets and autonomous cars, with more common ones. 

Gadget, device and accessory icons

Modern technology icons: gadgets, devices and accessories

Designed to be brand-neutral, this category includes everything from smartwatches to gaming gear. Use these icons in a product presentation, competitive analysis or any other other content discussing the modern technology landscape. 

Pro-tip: want to visualize a specific brand, like Apple or Google? We have icons for these big names in the visual editor too. Simply add an icon of the logo you need to your design, adjust the size and superimpose it on one of our modern tech icons to brand them. 

Transportation and robot icons

Modern technology: transportation and robot icons

With bullet trains now going over 250 mph, we knew we needed to create some icons to catch up! From autonomous vehicles and air taxis to electric bikes and scooters, this category will keep your designs moving forward. 

Along the same lines as autonomous vehicles, we included a few options for robots (because we all know Elon Musk will keep trying). Add these icons to an annual report, business proposal or any communications in need of a future-forward feel. 

Power and internet icons

Modern technology icons: power and internet icons

The metaverse is expanding, so again, our visuals to represent it needed to follow suit. In this category, you’ll find icons to capture concepts, like cloud data, blockchain and cryptocurrency, as well as methods of powering these advances, like solar panels and satellites.

Use these icons in your next roadmap, project plan or any materials that speak to adopting new technologies.

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Move your business forward with modern designs

As they say, all companies are technology companies nowadays.

So, whether you’re an executive, a product manager, an HR leader or any kind of business professional, I hope you enjoy these technology icons. Use them to modernize your business communications and get ahead of the game.


Explore more icon collections:

About Tessa Reid

Tessa Reid is the Content Marketing Manager at Venngage. She wrote her first novel at the age of eight and never looked back. Now, she’s applying her background in psychology, publishing and design to tell stories on everything from infographics to data and pop culture.