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How Arun at BaptistCare Drastically Improved Technology Adoption for Care Staff

Written by: Jeilan Devanesan

Apr 12, 2021

BaptistCare Case Study Blog Header

BaptistCare NSW/ACT is an exceptional care organisation that looks after the aged and vulnerable. They provide residential services, retirement living, home services, community support and independent housing.

BaptistCare operates 75 facilities and programs across New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory providing care and support for over 17,242 people. The not-for-profit is powered by a team of 3622 employees and volunteers.

Arun Raman works at BaptistCare as a Change and Learning consultant in the business technology solutions team. He ensures that BaptistCare employees understand the technology they use, and as changes are introduced, they are able to adopt these changes quickly and easily.

BaptistCare have been serving older Australian’s and people living with disadvantage for over 75 years, and their ability to adapt is essential to providing quality care.

For Arun to succeed in implementing organisational change, he has to use the most effective methods of communicating change and training staff.

Here’s how he does just that with Venngage.

BaptistCare Case Study Featured Infographic

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To learn more about Arun’s journey in-depth, continue reading!



Help healthcare professionals provide their best care by ensuring they can adopt new technology easily.

As a change manager for projects, Arun needs to accomplish several things. He needs to propose meaningful changes that a non-techcentric audience sees value in. He needs to get buy-in from key decision makers to implement changes. He also needs to help employees understand the reason for these changes and adopt them effortlessly.

Arun remarks on the importance of his work.

Quote 1 BaptistCare Case Study

“Our employees need exceptional technological support. They provide valuable care to people in need and people living with disadvantage. They go above and beyond to care for these individuals. So it’s crucial that they also are supported from one change to another, so they can do their work effectively.” – Arun Raman

He elaborates, “All these things require drawing attention from a group of people who are very busy providing care to our customers. ”

BaptistCare employees do highly valuable work and are very busy. Part of Arun’s challenge is introducing change in a way that fits with the already-demanding schedules for BaptistCare teams.



Design infographics and diagrams using Venngage to guide the adoption of new technology in a healthcare setting.

Quote 2 BaptistCare Case Study

“I have tried Microsoft Word, Visio, and PowerPoint. Those designs weren’t very appealing. I’ve tried LMS platforms like Articulate and Captivate, but that’s time consuming for the staff to sit through. I’ve even tried using InDesign for what I need but that learning curve is much steeper.” – Arun Raman

In his thorough search, many applications didn’t work for Arun. Simple tools lacked any kind of visual flair. Robust LMS applications were time-consuming for the staff. Complex design tools took too long for him to learn adeptly.

That’s when he came across Venngage and the potential of infographics.

Arun’s first infographic design with Venngage was for a meeting about an upgrade to an existing platform. He was fairly new in his role at BaptistCare, and needed to explain the concepts, the benefits, and the overall process involved in the proposed change to a room full of executives.

He chose to go with an infographic design in order to make an impactful presentation.

An executive at the time, a key decision-maker in the meeting, was impressed by the presentation. The infographic caught everyone’s attention, summarised pages of information, got important points across clearly, and helped get the decision Arun was hoping for.

From that point onward, Venngage became Arun’s go-to visual communication platform. Here are just a few impressive infographic examples that Arun has designed himself in the past.

Business Intelligence Explainer Infographic

Using Data Efficiently BaptistCare infographic

Complete Software Architecture Infographic




Increased engagement from healthcare staff and time saved across the organisation.

Quote 3 BaptistCare Case Study

“I can’t imagine not using Venngage. It’s like asking how would you type up a document without a word processor? Venngage is unique in that it’s more capable than similar applications, but very easy to use compared to more sophisticated solutions. It’s in its own category.” – Arun Raman

Taking a highly visual approach to his communication, Arun saw a substantial improvement in the care staff’s ability to review messages, take required actions, and adopt changes quickly. Arun also found using visuals helped to significantly cut back on the time spent in meetings.

Arun saw email open rates climb by 60% as visuals were introduced in their messaging.

Uptake (action taken) rates jumped to 70% when infographics were sent via BaptistCare’s internal MMS.

The impact of using infographics, diagrams and engaging graphics to communicate has been tremendous for Arun. He has had a very real impact on how effectively BaptistCare continually adapts to technological change.

Quote 4 BaptistCare Case Study

“In my opinion, infographics are underutilised in workplace training materials and we could be using them much more to explain complex information in a very simple way, especially in the technology space.” – Arun Raman

Drive organisational success with effective communication and training with infographics. Start designing with Venngage today.


About Jeilan Devanesan

Jeilan Devanesan is the Senior SEO Content Marketer at Venngage. Over the years, he has written extensively on the value of infographics and visuals in everyday communications, education, marketing and growth. He has contributed his expertise to the Venngage blog and tech publications like Content Marketing Institute, Classy.org, Outbrain, GetResponse and many others. He has also been featured in a number of expert roundup pieces on marketing and SEO. With a keen understanding of trends in the design space, content marketing and SEO, Jeilan pairs data and empathy to create content that continues to inform and educate Venngage's audience of professionals.