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Win A Shopping Spree With Our Spring Giveaway

By Nadya Khoja, May 09, 2016

Remember the days when Oprah used to host a giveaway of all her favourite things? It used to be a huge hit and everyone loved her. In fact, the episodes during which she gave gifts to the audience were my favourite ones, because it gave me an opportunity to live vicariously through the lives of the people who received them.

Lately, myself and the Venngage team have been thinking it would be nice if everyone loved us as much as they loved Oprah. So we decided why not have our own giveaway and give back to the members who make it possible for us to operate! You are the reason we get up in the morning, after all.

Here’s what we will be giving away this time:

1x $200 Gift Card of YOUR CHOICE

3x Lifetime Premium Memberships to Venngage

5x Exclusive Venngage T-Shirts

Finally, as some of you may have heard, there was recently a very tragic fire in Fort McMurray, Alberta. The homes and lives of many people have been damaged in the massive fire. In an effort to help out, we’ve decided that for every single person who participates in this giveaway, we will donate $1 to the fire relief fund. By clicking a button, you can contribute to helping a person in need, so why not participate?

That means, if 100 of you participate, we will donate $100. If 10,000 of you participate, well…I guess we will have to donate $10,000 dollars…

Hmm…that’s a lot of money…

The more tasks you complete below, the more ballots you get, and there better your chances are of winning the grand prize! The contest opens Tuesday May 10th at 12:00AM, Easter Standard Time and ends June 10th at 11:59PM, Eastern Standard Time. So get ready to get those ballots and win free stuff!

Venngage Spring Giveaway: Special Fort McMurray Edition

About Nadya Khoja

Nadya heads marketing at Venngage and has been featured in Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, The Next Web, Forbes, Marketing Profs, Social Media Examiner and more. She also has a web-series called Drunk Entrepreneurs where she interviews different entrepreneurs who are finding success.

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