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5 Strategies For Viral & Evergreen Content Marketing Infographic

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Infographic Description

Creating unique social media infographics doesn’t require a professional designer! With a few simple steps, you can design a creative infographic and become an expert in minutes. Test out some of these designer tips featured in this marketing infographic from Venngage!


This is the perfect infographic example to get inspiration from. For starters, it has a dramatic color palette that’s bright and will draw readers in. Use bold colors in your infographic to immediately catch attention.


You can also emphasize specific titles or headings by making them bold. This list infographic features a modern font for all of the text, but you can use multiple fonts as long as the body text is readable.


Another cool element to this template is that the designer added shapes and boxes for the text. The use of text boxes and shapes helps the content from getting lost in the background.


Put the finishing touches on your social media infographic by adding images! You’ll notice this example uses graphic images to offset the text while also making it visually appealing. Utilize these design techniques in your future social media infographics!

Infographic Features

Color Palette



816 × 3100px



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