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15+ Best Instagram Post Templates for Businesses in 2021

Written by: Cristian Oana

Oct 28, 2021

15+ Best Instagram Post Templates for Businesses in 2021 Blog Header

Instagram is a free photo-sharing application and social network platform that has captured the imagination of influencers and businesses.

Filters, hashtags, Stories, and Shoppable posts are part of the cultural lexicon now, and it’s all because of the popularity of Instagram.

Instagram posts are a beneficial tool not only for individuals but also for businesses.

To help boost sales and create a cohesive brand experience, businesses should use compelling Instagram post templates.

You can improve your graphic design for marketing and social media with Venngage’s easy-to-edit Instagram templates. You don’t need any design experience to adapt these visuals for your brand.

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How Instagram helps businesses

Instagram has become a powerful medium in marketing. It is used to deliver high-quality visual content to promote businesses, like the Instagram post template.

Photo Nonprofit Quote Instagram Post Template

The platform has been part of many successful marketing strategies. It’s also useful for increasing brand awareness and engagement within and outside the platform.

Regardless of size and niche, brands have huge sales potential with Instagram given that 83% of its active users use the platform to discover new products.

Because users are more likely to engage with the brand they love on Instagram, you have to produce content that is appropriate to your prospective clients.

This includes Instagram posts that recognize the contributions of customers in the nonprofit and B2B space, like in this visually-appealing Instagram template.

Thank You Community Instagram Post

Upload your own images to the Venngage editor to customize the Instagram templates in our library. Double click the image you want to change and choose to upload a new image or use a stock photo.


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Benefits of using Instagram for business

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks worldwide, with more than one billion active users in a month.

If that isn’t reason enough to use the digital platform, here are a few more benefits to using Instagram for business.

Instagram posts increase brand visibility

Instagram’s steady rise in the social media world has earned them over one billion active users, over half of whom use the platform on a daily basis.

Imagine the reach your business could have if you expand your marketing strategies, such as adapting an Instagram post template like the one below.

Healthcare Workers Thank You Instagram Post

Instagram allows its users to share posts on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

With businesses flooding Instagram, you can also separate yourself from the herd through hashtags.

These hashtags, when properly used, will make your brand even more recognizable and appealing to the public.

For example, for a virtual event, you can use numerous hashtags around your brand, the event, the topic, the industry, and the speakers.

Neon Event Attendee Quotes Instagram Post

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Instagram allows effective engagement with customers

A great business doesn’t just work to build an empire but also a rapport with its customers and clients to boost retention and brand awareness, such as this ‘Thank you’ Instagram template.

Nonprofit Thank You Heart Instagram Post Template

Through the comment section of Instagram, users can leave their opinions about products and services.

They can also like and share your posts which will earn you more visibility across the platform.

Instagram Stories also help users see the ‘human side’ of a business.

Behind-the-scenes photos or video clips showing product shoots, production processes, live Q&A sessions relevant to your company or your product or service.

Here’s how Hubspot uses brand tone to create personal connections through Instagram Stories.

Hubspot Instagram Stories


This allows people to get to know your business better and in a more personal way.

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Instagram allows you to better understand your customer base

There will always be room to get to know your target market even better. Your marketing strategies should be as fluid and as flexible as possible to fit the needs of your audience.

Stay ahead by using Instagram Insights. This feature provides you with relevant information about your followers and the performance of your content.

Buffer shared insights into their Instagram posts. This is what the insights look like for an Instagram business account.



You can use these insights to improve your marketing plans and to build the right Instagram template for your brand.

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Why businesses should use Instagram post templates

To build a digital community, you have to maintain your presence on Instagram. Expand your reach through the platform, and build connections with potential and current customers.

The key to any social media marketing plan is consistency. You can’t just post content on your Instagram feed or Stories whenever you want.

You have to create Instagram templates that are consistent with your branding. Use your brand colors, your official brand tone, and fonts, throughout your visual content.

Retail Consumer Buying Statistic Instagram Post Template

To maintain consistency in your social presence, it is best to use Instagram post templates. This way, you can better provide visual and cognitive continuity for your Instagram account.

Other than providing consistency and uniformity to your marketing strategies, an Instagram post template, like the below, also helps reduce time spent on creating Instagram posts from scratch.

Illustrative Nonprofit Statistic Instagram Post Template

But bear in mind that your messages should be consistent throughout your social media. Use templates across all channels so followers can discover you on different social media platforms.

Easily add your branding to the Venngage editor with a Venngage business account. Use the My Brand Kit feature to add your brand logo, fonts, and colors.

All you have to do is add your website when prompted and My Brand Kit automatically extracts your logos and colors.


Once your brand identity has been added to the editor, you can use the Autobrand function to brand all your designs with a single click.


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Editable Instagram post templates

Instagram is an overtly visual platform. People spend time and effort curating their feed so it reflects their personalities.

The same goes for businesses that use Instagram. Amplify your social media marketing by using Instagram post templates.

Humanize your brand with quote templates

We’ve all seen quotes on Instagram posts before. An Instagram account isn’t just meant for beautiful photos? Instagram posts containing quotes are a great way to enhance the diversity of your content.

This helps humanize your brand for users. Posts like these are the breathers you never knew you needed on Instagram feed. You can draw inspiration from the following Instagram templates.

Here’s an announcement Instagram template that uses a short quote or tagline. You don’t need to say much to get your point across.

Nonprofit Announcement Instagram Post Template

Here’s another nonprofit Instagram post template that focuses on a quote. The handwritten font adds a level of personalization to the quote.

Nonprofit Quote Instagram Post

This Instagram layout template for a quote on human rights is short and succinct. There’s plenty of room left for a hashtag and the account handle.

You can also easily swap the background image in the Venngage for your own images or a stock photo.

Quote Human Rights Instagram Post

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Increase your credibility through testimonial post templates

Posting testimonials through striking Instagram post templates is a creative way to share social proof and credibility.

Share a quote and a photo of your customer on your feed or in your Instagram Story.

To diversify your content further, you can create a separate Story Highlight album to feature customer testimonials and media reviews.

These Instagram post templates are a great way to share favorable reviews from your most loyal customers.

This modern nonprofit quote Instagram template shares a testimonial from a user, along with an image. This improves the post’s relatability with your audience.

Modern Nonprofit Quote Instagram Post

You can swap out the statistics in this Instagram layout template for a customer testimonial. The icons can be replaced with a picture of your customer or with more relevant icons.

Gradient Nonprofit Statistic Instagram Post Template

This ‘Thank you’ Instagram template has more room for a visual like an icon or a photo. It works well for a short quote or testimonial.

Immigrant Nonprofit Thank You Instagram Post

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Gain patrons using promotional post templates

The moment you switch to an Instagram business account, you will be able to access a variety of features that will help you promote your brand to millions of users worldwide.

Some marketers may look at Instagram as a driver of website traffic. But an Instagram account can be used as an effective promotional tool to turn followers into loyal customers.

These Instagram post templates will help you drive more sales and engagement.

Promotional Instagram templates like this one attract attention on the day of a live event. Change the colors to suit your brand and share it on your Instagram when you’re going live.

Nonprofit Live Announcement Instagram Post

You can create an Instagram post template to share statistics about your industry. This is a great way of highlighting the gaps that your product or service fills.

Nonprofit Statistic Instagram Post

This Instagram post template also shares a statistic but you can adapt the text for a promotional campaign. It’s a simple layout and that makes it easy to adapt for a variety of posts.

Blue Pie Chart Instagram Post Template

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Sales Instagram post templates

People love flash sales. Limited-time offers and short-term sales are effective ways for businesses to generate revenue on social platforms.

These posts are particularly attractive during the holiday season. Sales posts that generate the most interaction are favored by Instagram’s algorithm.

These templates will help you maximize your efforts to push your campaign to even greater heights.

An Instagram post announcing an upcoming event can be a great way to generate leads. You can swap out the icon for a photo of the speaker to make it more relatable.

Nonprofit Webinar Instagram Post

This simple Mother’s Day Instagram post template goes straight to the point by putting ‘Sale’ dead center of the post visual. You can change the background to suit your business or use a stock photo.

Red Sale Mother's Day Instagram Post

Simple Valentine’s Day sales Instagram posts like this one can be customized quickly in the Venngage editor. You can change the colors to suit your branding guidelines and make the template your own.

Simple Sale Valentine's Day Instagram Post

Use Instagram post templates to improve brand awareness

Instagram is a rapidly growing social media platform where businesses can use high-quality visuals to increase their sales and boost brand awareness.

But there are more ways to maximize the full impact of marketing efforts, chief among them being the ability to create professional and engaging Instagram post templates.

Venngage helps businesses make attractive and branded Instagram posts in just a few minutes. You can also create other marketing materials without any graphic design experience.