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How To Use a Facebook Post Template to Improve Engagement

Written by: Cristian Oana

Jan 12, 2022

How to Use a Facebook Post Template to Improve Engagement

Facebook as a social media platform has been changing on a yearly basis. The site is still one of the most popular places for users to connect with their favorite brands, drive website traffic, and showcase video content.

This is why companies keep their Facebook business page active and adjust to all the changes that Facebook rolls out.

With so many businesses posting on their Facebook pages regularly, it’s important to optimize every Facebook post to stand out from the crowd.

In this post, we’ll share how to use Venngage’s Facebook templates to boost your graphic design for marketing and make your Facebook page the place to be for audiences.


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What are Facebook Page templates?

Facebook page templates are designed to help businesses work efficiently within the platform. This is to ensure that the page has the structure and features that best fit your business type.

Each Facebook template includes default tabs and CTA buttons tailored for different kinds of industries so that a post looks more relevant to your page and brand.

According to the latest visual content marketing statistics, 45% of marketers have been using visuals on social media, including for Giving Tuesday campaigns.

Once you create your page, you can post impactful visuals like the below example to attract more visitors.

Photo Nonprofit Quote Facebook Post

Depending on the type of business you have, you may choose a shopping template, a services template, or the restaurant and cafes template. Alternatively, a business can pick a standard template and customize it to their needs.

Note that when you first create your Facebook page, the platform will set you up with the standard template by default.

You will have to adjust the page template after that or pick a new Facebook template for your Facebook business page. Then you can start posting text and visual posts like this example.

Neon Event Attendee Quotes Facebook Post


Help your page shine by creating Facebook posts that are branded. With a Venngage for business account, you can access the My Brand Kit function to add your branding to designs with a single click.


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Why should you use Facebook Page templates?

Despite the ups and downs the platform has faced recently, Facebook continues to be an impactful way to reach your preferred page audience.

When people visit your Facebook business page, that generates additional engagement between your brand and your customers. You have to make sure that their visit counts. Facebook Page templates are a great way to do just that.

Nonprofit Statistic Facebook Post

The reason is that when businesses utilize Facebook Page templates, they cut down on their work. They don’t need to design their Facebook page from scratch. The page template will take care of that.

That time is better spent facilitating interactions and engagement between businesses and users. Post the basic company information about your business into the Facebook business page template and your page is good to go.

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What are Facebook post templates?

A Facebook post template is a visual that is designed according to recommended Facebook sizes. This type of business template includes images, text, and icons that can easily be swapped out for your needs.

With a Facebook post template, like the one below, businesses can create a sense of consistency on their Facebook page without having to design a visual from scratch every time.

This means you have more time to pick the right templates for your business and create effective posts like this example.

Engaging Design Tip Facebook Post

A great Facebook page has a consistent visual design that is immediately recognizable as belonging to a brand. You also want to keep the latest graphic design trends in mind for posts.

This extends to Facebook ads, the Facebook profile picture, and cover photo, so your preferred audience knows how to find your business on the platform.

Design visuals with ease in the Venngage drag-and-drop editor. Add design elements or swap out existing elements from the template. Double-click the icon or image you want to change and select from the sidebar.



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What does engagement mean on Facebook?

Engagement on Facebook is any action that a user takes on your business page or on your Facebook posts. An event post like the one below could generate likes, which will give the business an idea of how many attendees they might get.

Nonprofit Thank You Heart Facebook Post

Common types of engagement on the platform include reactions on posts such as likes, love, anger, or surprise, as well as comments and shares.

Other ways that users can engage with posts include saving Facebook posts to read later, viewing a video, or clicking on a link.

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What are the recommended Facebook post sizes?

How many times have you uploaded a high-quality photo as your Facebook cover photo only for it to end up getting cropped on a mobile phone? What about when a business page’s profile picture appears pixelated or grainy?

Changes in quality and size will depend on the device you are using – desktops and laptops have higher resolutions than mobile devices. A visual like the one below will look different according to the device it’s being viewed on.

Nonprofit Live Announcement Facebook Post

That is why it is important to optimize your images according to Facebook’s recommended dimensions. You can avoid images getting cropped or becoming pixelated and your Facebook post on your business page will look impressive and professional.

Here is a cheat sheet of recommended image sizes and aspect ratios to keep in mind:

Image Type Size Aspect Ratio
Facebook Profile Picture400 x 400 px1:1
Facebook Event Cover Photo1920 x 1005 px1.91:1
Facebook Group Cover Photo1920 x 1005 px1.91:1
Facebook Business Page Cover1200 x 674 px16:9
Facebook Profile Cover Photo1125 x 633 px2.7:1
Facebook Photo Post1200 x 630 px1.91:1
Facebook Video Post1280 x 720 px16:9
Facebook Linked Image1200 x 630 px1.91:1
Facebook Stories1080 x 1920 px9:16
Facebook “Our Story” Cover1200 x 445 px2.7:1
Facebook Ad (Carousel)1080 x 1080 px1:1
Facebook Ad (Single Image)1200 x 628 px1.91:1
Facebook Catalog Image1080 x 1080 px1:1

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How can you use Venngage Facebook post templates?

Once your Facebook page is set up, you need to start creating posts to engage your audience. Instead of creating simple text-based posts that users will scroll past, use Venngage’s Facebook post templates to design engaging content.

1. Create a Venngage account for free

You can sign up for a Venngage account using your email, Google, or Facebook profile and you can start creating posts like this visual.

Single Quote Facebook Post Template

2. Explore Venngage’s Facebook post templates

Venngage features a wide variety of easy-to-customize Facebook post templates. Use the search tool and pre-set categories to find templates that fit your messaging.

3. Add your information to the template

To add information, data, and other elements to your chosen Facebook post templates, use Venngage’s simple drag-and-drop editor.

Holiday Giveaway Facebook Post Template

The menu on the left offers options to add headers, text, icons, images, shapes, and branding elements to make the design your own.

Want to visualize data in your post? Choose charts and graphs from the Venngage editor and import your data from Google Sheets or a CSV file. The chart automatically populates your data to create a stunning visual.


4. Customize the Facebook post template elements

Instead of adding elements to your design, you can change the existing design elements in the template.

Immigrant Nonprofit Thank You Facebook Post

Double-click the text, icons, images, or background to change it. Choose from over 4 million free stock images or over 40,000 colorful icons. We also have a variety of fonts and color schemes available.

5. Download your finished product or share it online

When you’ve added your information and visuals into the Facebook post template, you can share it online. Or upgrade to a Venngage business plan to download your design as a PNG, PNG HD, PDF or Interactive PDF.

Gradient Nonprofit Statistic Facebook Post

You can also download the design in HTML to share with your subscriber base via a variety of email clients.

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How can I customize my Facebook layout?

A Facebook business page typically has a standard layout. But with hundreds of businesses trying to sell their products, your page template needs to stand out.

If you can engage users with posts like the one below, they will visit your page. A solid layout will keep them on your page longer.

Most companies adopt the business template or service layouts. You could also look at the other layouts available for inspiration.

To customize your Facebook layout, follow these steps:

Step 1. Sign in to your Facebook account. Click the Account menu at the top right corner of the home page and select ‘Use Facebook as Page’. On the pop-up window, click the ‘Switch’ button for the Facebook page you want to format.

Step 2. Click ‘Edit Page’ near the upper right corner of the screen. By default, the next page loads the ‘Manager Permissions’ section.

Step 3. Edit the settings according to your needs. You can change what the wall tab shows and if comments are automatically expanded with the stories or not. In addition, you can set the posting ability for users and what kind of content a person can post to your page. Click ‘Save Changes’ to update your settings.

Step 4. Fill out your business details in the ‘Basic Information’ section. Don’t forget to add a brief bio in the ‘About’ section. This information will appear in a small box below the profile picture on your Facebook page.

Use a Facebook post template to make your Facebook business page stand out

Your Facebook business page doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s. We’ve shared tips and tricks to customize the standard page template to make it your own.

We’ve also shared the ways you can engage your audience with attractive Facebook post templates.

You don’t need design experience to create an impactful Facebook post. With Venngage’s template options, your Facebook presence will shine and you can grow your user base.