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Educational Resources
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Help Center

7 List Infographic Templates You Can Create for Free

Written by: Ronita Mohan

Mar 10, 2021


Need a simple infographic template that’s easy to customize, even for beginners? That’s where a list infographic comes in.

By distilling content into bite-sized sections and bullet points, a list infographic makes information easier to process and attractive to audiences.

NEW! Smart List Infographics

Infographics are easy to make, especially if you start with a Smart list template. With this new update, you can add and duplicate nodes easily.

Smart nodes allow you to replicate every aspect of the section, including icons, text, colors, and size. You can adjust them after you’ve created the node.

Adding Nodes

Not a designer? No problem. Our free easy-to-edit Smart list infographic templates and online Infographic Maker make it simple.

Click to jump ahead:

1. Simple list infographic template

Simple List Infographic Template

This list infographic template is straightforward and perfect for beginners. It can be used to summarize points in a presentation, a course or a webinar.

When designing infographics, remember that long lists can confuse your readers. Keep your infographic short and to the point. This infographic only includes three points so it is faster to read. It also makes the visual more memorable.

Grouping points together also makes the graphic easier to skim. Keep similar points together and list them according to a hierarchy. This can either be by priority of tasks or reading order.

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2. Step-by-step list infographic template

The 4 Vs Of Big Data List Infographic Template

Creating sections in your Smart list infographic template makes it easier to read in a blog or a newsletter. The eye is drawn to the blocks and the arrows act as visual cues to lead the reader to the next step.

Numbers are also used as visual cues in this template. You can choose to keep both or leave one out as long as the design is easy to follow.

The colors in this infographic list also help to demarcate the steps from each other. When using colors, remember to keep accessible design rules in mind. This way, your visuals can be experienced by more people.

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3. Tips infographic lists

K-12 Schools Tips List Infographic

Quick tips list infographics templates are a popular category. These infographics can be used to summarize blog posts. They can also be shared on social media or used as posters. The clean design makes the infographic easy to skim through.

The tips in this template are numbered and have icons accompanying them. Your icons should be the same size. Remember to keep equal spaces between icons. This will make your infographic look more appealing and organized.

The template icons can be changed according to the topic of the infographic. Venngage has over 10,000 free icons and ilustrations that you can use in infographics, of which 400+ of these are diverse icons.

4. Bullet points infographic template

Guide For Remote Learning Infographic Template

When your content has multiple points related to the same subject, use a bullet points infographic. You can use this infographic to summarize a webinar or online course.

You can share the infographic with your audience after the training session is over. A bullet points infographic can also be used as a job aids that employees can refer to in a pinch.

Each section has a header and includes bullet points beneath. These can be changed according to the subject matter in the Venngage editor. Colors and icon groups can be used to highlight different themes under the umbrella of your main topic.

5. Iconic bullet points infographic design

Iconic Resume Parts List Infographic Template

Your content may not need multiple points to cover. In that case, a simple iconic bullet points infographic will do the job. These Smart list infographics also make for good job aids and checklists.

Bullet points are functional but can also look boring. One way to jazz up your infographic is to use icons in place of the bullet points. Adding icons in your list infographic creates a visual impact and makes it skimmable.

Use icons that correspond to the topic it is addressing so that you can find the information you are looking for at a glance.

6. Minimalist list infographic design

Emotional Intelligence Quotes List Template

A minimalist list infographic template is useful for sharing content with more text, such as a list of quotes or testimonials.

This type of graphic is attractive in its simplicity. The neat borders create clear sections. A handful of colors help the image stand out amongst the colorful content online.

The other advantage of this infographic is how easy it is to edit. The text can be overwritten in the editor. The colors can be changed using Venngage’s My Brand Kit tool, which can be accessed with Venngage for Business (paid plan).

7. Horizontal list infographic template

4 Design Tips for Pitch Decks List Infographic Template

Sometimes the orientation of your infographic is all you need to convey your message. Most of the infographics in this list have been vertical. But that style won’t be conducive to all channels.

The horizontal list infographic template is ideal for sharing on social media and in pitch decks. Horizontal images are particularly useful if you are designing infographics for PowerPoint.

This template is highly customizable. The icons can be replaced with ones that reflect the message of your graphic. The length of the text is up to you. You can change the color palette according to your brand guidelines.

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List infographic FAQ

1. What makes a good infographic?

Infographics combine text and visuals. They also include icons, illustrations, and charts and graphs. There are nine common types of infographics. Each graphic has its own purpose.

A good list infographic is easy to follow. It should have a good structure and a hierarchy of information is essential. The graphic should also tell a cohesive story.

2. How do I create a list infographic?

Before you create a list infographic, decide what the goal of your content is. Then you can collect the data for your infographic and design charts if needed.

Choose a layout for your infographic. This could be sections, a grid, single or multiple columns, vertical or horizontal. You can then add style to the graphic with background colors or images. Illustrations, icons and graphs add to the visual appeal.

3. Why do I need to create a list infographic?

Infographics make dry or technical information exciting and memorable. List infographics use icons, numbers and images to make a text list engaging and attractive.

A list infographic is also a great tool for describing steps in a process. It can share a list of items or examples. This type of infographic can be used to transform varied types of content.

4. Where can I use list infographics?

List infographics have many uses. That’s what makes them so invaluable as a content tool.

You can use list infographics to share tips. They can also summarize information from blog posts, webinars, courses and training sessions.

These infographics can be used as a newsletter, a poster or a brochure. You can also share infographic lists as social media posts.

Need to make a list infographic? Start creating now with our professional templates and simple online editor.

About Ronita Mohan

Ronita Mohan is a SEO Content Writer at Venngage, the online infographic maker and design platform. Ronita regularly writes about marketing, design, and small businesses. Pronouns: e/er/eir