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9 Best Infographic Makers for Businesses in 2021

Written by: Cristian Oana

Nov 12, 2021

9 Best Infographic Makers for Businesses in 2021 Blog Header

Infographics allow businesses to share to customers complex data in an easy-to-understand manner.

An infographic can make it easy for people to understand your research because they combine the power of text, data, and visuals to comprehensively tell a story.

Instead of creating long text-filled documents, design infographics that convey information and data to different types of audiences.

It can be challenging to create infographics without design experience. We have a list of the best infographic makers and how to use them.

Don’t know where to start? Venngage’s free Infographic Maker and templates make it easy to create eye-catching infographics that are powerful.


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Why are infographics important?

Before we share our of the best infographic makers for businesses, let’s look at the reasons why infographics are important.

Infographics are easy for readers to understand

Infographics take complex sets of data and present them in an easy-to-digest way. Readers can skim through the most important points and then go back for more information if needed.

Diversity infographic - best infographic maker

Infographics make excellent use of negative spaces

Spaces between paragraphs help improve readability, which leads to a better reading experience. Doing so boosts the audience’s ability to retain more information.

Infographics do not just leave white spaces because they use colored backgrounds and designs that enhance the reading experience.

How To Send Employee Resignation Announcements - best infographic maker

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Infographics break down complex subjects

Infographics are a powerful way to display complex data in a bite-sized format. They use well-planned data layouts, visuals, colors, and illustrations to convey information.

9 best infographic makers

Now, we know why many businesses have started creating engaging infographics. What are the best infographic makers for businesses this year?


Venngage is an online infographic maker with thousands of templates that users can customize for a variety of purposes.

The templates are organized into categories, such as informational, timelines, like the below, statistical, process infographics, and infographics for nonprofits.


The simple online solution helps users create infographics in minutes without any prior design experience.

Venngage’s marketing infographic templates are useful straight out of the box. But you can also fully customize them and all their design elements for your business needs.

Venngage offers a variety of features that can help you beautiful infographics that convert. The My Brand Kit feature allows users to add their branding to designs with a single click.

venngage my brand kit

Alongside infographics, Venngage also has templates for a variety of marketing needs, including charts and graphs, interactive maps, reports, banners, and presentations.

Improve your infographic design with Venngage’s extensive library of 40,000+ icons, including diverse icons, and over 3 million free stock photos.

Swap out icons and images by double-clicking the one you want to change. Or upload your own images into the editor.

The Venngage DesignAI feature makes creating presentations simpler than ever. Input your text and information and the editor generates a design for you.

See our DesignAI in action in the video below:

Venngage recently launched Smart Diagrams, a unique feature that makes creating complex diagrams simpler than ever. We’re constantly innovating on templates and features to help our users reach their goals.


Here are a few more of Venngage’s biggest infographic features:

  • A free plan, as well as upgrades to Premium, Business, and Enterprise
  • 1000s of customizable infographic templates
  • New templates and designs added every week
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editor
  • Preview before saving just in case you want to change something
  • Affordable prices that don’t break your budget

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Canva is a popular infographic maker on the internet. It has a simple interface that makes it easy for people to use.

Its templates focus mostly on social media, with a few templates for B2B users.

To edit templates, enter your text and images and the editor picks a suitable template for you.

Below are some more features that the free infographic maker offers:

  • A free plan with social media sharing through cloud-based integration
  • Free and paid or premium stock images
  • Over 1,000 templates
  • Free fonts and clipart

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Infogram makes it easy to create interactive infographics, diagrams, and charts with colorful options for both text and visuals.

The free infographic maker includes different types of lines, shapes, and colors to apply to the designs and a large selection of fonts and symbols.

Infogram offers a decent selection of presentation templates, business, and finance infographic templates that you can easily edit in no time. 

  • A powerful, intuitive interface
  • Hundreds of infographics templates
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free and paid/premium stock images
  • Fully customizable templates

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Animaker is more a video editor than an infographic maker. It allows you to create animated infographics, videos, and presentations for businesses.

It does that the option to create video-animated infographics.

The graphic design tool also helps make data-driven stories more impactful by generating aesthetically appealing visuals in less time than usual. Since the visuals move, they can keep audiences engaged.

The following are the platform’s most important features:

  • No free plan but afforable pricing
  • Thousands of video templates, including video infographics
  • Social-media ready-share videos
  • Choose from explainer, business, video, marketing, corporate and more types of infographics

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Visme is an infographic maker that helps users create and publish infographics and other visual marketing content.

It has a drag and drop interface, advanced features like designing interactive infographics, and integrations with tools.

Here are a few other features available on the infographic maker:

  • A free plan and the ability to create and save project templates for future use
  • Write, schedule and publish your posts to multiple social media channels
  • Import images from outside sources
  • Create custom workflows
  • Project management system

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PiktoChart is another infographic maker for businesses. It provides an intuitive interface to design elements of an infographic without having to use coding skills.

This platform has a large selection of infographic templates for different categories and purposes.

The site also has a few unusual features. You can embed interactive charts on any webpage, and convert an existing image to an infographic template. 

  • A free plan, pro plan, and enterprise plan
  • No coding skills required
  • Large number of infographic templates
  • Make infographics interactive with embedded charts that can be linked to your content on any website

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Snappa is an infographic maker that helps businesses generate high-quality graphics for social media posts.

Create banners, flyers, logos, brochures even at beginner-level with no design skills. It includes one-click templates, which are ready-made templates with all the designs and elements already in place.

The templates are customizable, so you can easily change colors or add text. You can also use the preformatted charts to include statistics in your graphic content.

Some more features of this infographic maker that users will be interested in include:

  • A free plan for starters, as well as pro and team plans
  • Create ads, banners, brochures, posters with pre-designed templates
  • One-click color changing and text insertion features

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Mind The Graph

Mind The Graph may not be the best infographic maker on this list, but it does offer a variety of templates and design options to create beautiful charts, graphs, and infographics.

It also has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for anyone to create an infographic.

A handful of other features on the platform are:

  • A free plan for beginners and paid plans for students and professionals
  • Library of templates to choose from
  • Templates are fully customizable
  • Cloud storage
  • Embeddable infographics for social media and blogs
  • Charts and data visualization tools are customizable
  • Custom charts and graphs may be used for presentations and reports

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Biteable has many templates for businesses who want to create infographics, from topics such as social media, marketing, design, or video.

The site also has features that allow you to create custom layouts and edit the colors of the graphics if needed.

The features are focused on business publications, and include the following:

  • A free plan as well as paid business plansc
  • Social media, marketing, web design or video infographic templates
  • Fully customizable layouts and editable graphics

Choose the best infographic maker for your business and improve engagement and conversions

The above infographic tools make it easier to create infographics that will help your business grow.

Choose a design solution that is simple to use and intuitive so you can create informative, engaging, and convincing infographics that will boost your business marketing campaigns. 

From this list, it is clear that the best infographic maker is Venngage. We offer a great selection of infographics as well as visual assets that you can fully customize and personalize for your brand.