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60+ WFH Pets and People Icons to Purrfect Your Designs [Free Download]

By Tessa Reid, Oct 13, 2022

60+ WFH Pets and People Icons to Purrfect Your Designs [Free Download]

Does your dog keep you company when you WFH? Is your cat a constant fixture on company calls? Perhaps you have a more unconventional pet, like a colorful cockatiel or fluffy bunny, that makes appearances on Zoom… 

Whatever the case may be, one thing’s “fur” sure: pets have become a big part of WFH culture. 

But beyond repurposing pictures shared in #Pets Slack channels, how can you incorporate these unofficial coworkers into your designs? With our brand new, 100% free WFH pets and people icon pack, of course!  

Check out the collection below and hit the free download link, no sign-up required. Then, keep reading for a profusion of pet puns. (You’ve been warned.)

Click to jump ahead:

60+ WFH pets and people icons [free download + instructions]

63 WFH pets and people icons

Designed with diversity in mind, you can mix and match all the pets and people in this icon pack to create your own custom WFH scene. Or, for a quick fix, pick from one of the pre-assembled icon scenes to “purr-fect” your design. 

So go ahead, download all 63 icons in PNG, SVG or EPS format here:


As I’ve mentioned, these icons are 100% free. Download them and use them as you see fit. But of course, we always appreciate being listed as a source. Plus, by linking to this page, you can help “re-fur” others to these fun free icons, too.

Be a paws-itive influence, re-fur others!

If you’re a Venngage user, all of these icons are available in our visual editor. Simply click on the icon menu item in the left sidebar and search “wfh” to see the full selection. Then, create your own “purr-fessional” designs in a flash. 

Not a Venngager yet? Sign up for free and get access to thousands of professionally designed templates you can customize — no design experience necessary. 

So, what can you do with these icons? The “paw-ssibilities” (and hey, I gave fair warning, the puns) are endless. Keep reading for a roundup of reasons to use these icons. Or, watch this quick video for a shortcut:

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The pets, the people, the pawssiblities!

No two pets or people are the same. So with this icon pack, we did our best to cover a range of animal breeds and pet parent combos.

If we missed your pet, person or preferred WFH setup, my “a-paw-logies” in advance. Please feel free to leave a comment on this blog, and we’ll add your request to the design queue! 

In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at the many icons in this pack…

The Headset Hero

Non-binary person on laptop with headset and dog - pets and people icon collection

For all the video call veterans — from human resources to customer success — this simple scene with a headset and a pet in attendance may feel “purr-ty” familiar. Choose from one of the pre-assembled scenes or swap in your person and pet (or pets!) of choice.

Additional pets and people icons:

Pets and people icon collection - Headset hero selection

The Design Dazzler

Asian woman drawing with a stylus at her desk with a cockatiel on her shoulder - pets and people icon collection

If you’re a designer, illustrator or other stylus wielding professional, this classic scene with coffee and cockatiel is a good pick. Well, maybe the cockatiel isn’t so classic! But again, you can make this scene your own. From birds to fish and bunny rabbits, the “pet-ential” combos abound.

Additional pets and people icons:

Pets and people icon collection - Design dazzler selection

The Wheelchair Whiz

Man in wheelchair at desk with dog at his feet - pets and people icon collection

Use a wheelchair? We have you covered. Whether your deskmate is a doggo or you have a “dif-fur-ent” animal friend, you can create a scene that resonates with your WFH setup using the following flexible icon options. 

Additional pets and people icons:

Pets and people icon collection - Wheelchair whiz selection

The Stability Baller

Man on stability ball at desk with cat sitting next to laptop - pets and people icon collection

I see you strengthening your core while putting your best face forward at work… and I offer you this icon! Perhaps your cat lounges on your desk, just like this. Or, maybe your pupper curls up by your feet, like a darling. “Fur-tunately”, we have icons for these furry friends and more.

Additional pets and people icons:

Pets and people icon collection - Stability baller selection

The Standup Superstar

Man at standing desk on a computer with corgi on a stool - pets and people icon collection

If you’re a standup guy (or gal, or person), you may find this icon “paws-itively” perfect. And I don’t know about you, but my pets love to claim my chair whenever possible. With this configuration, they can perch to their heart’s desire. 

Additional pets and people icons:

Pets and people icon collection - Standup superstar selection

The Sofa Sensation 

Woman working on a laptop from her sofa with a tabby cat next to her — pets and people icon collection

More of a couch surfer? Like to switch things up halfway through your day? This sofa scene is just the thing. Whether you have a tabby cat, black lab, bunny rabbit or other precious pet, visualize your “paw-esome” partnership with these options. 

Additional pets and people icons:

Pets and people icon collection - Sofa sensation selection

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Your ticket to pawesome designs

Through quarantine and WFH transitions, our pets have kept us company… at times driving us up the wall… at times keeping us off it… so it’s high time these workplace relationships got their own icon collection. 

I hope you download and enjoy all 63 icons. Add them to your infographics, presentations, posters or any suitable communications for that matter.

Go mutts! 

Explore more icon collections:

About Tessa Reid

Tessa Reid is the Content Marketing Manager at Venngage. She wrote her first novel at the age of eight and never looked back. Now, she’s applying her background in psychology, publishing and design to tell stories on everything from infographics to data and pop culture.