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Create amazing icons with Venngage's Free Icon Maker Online


Creating icons that reflect your brand isn't supposed to be hard. Venngage has a library of over 40,000 icons and illustrations that you can use and change colors to fit your brand in any of your designs.

Better design, better brand recognition: Make icons that reflect your brand

Don't you ever feel frustrated, having a perfectly on-brand design except for—you know it—the icons?

If you ever find it difficult to get the right icons with the right brand colors to guarantee a consistent branding experience—well, now you're in luck.

Because with Venngage's Free Online Icon Maker, you'll drag yourself out of the mire of off-brand, boring icons.

Choose from our 40,000+ icons and illustrations and apply your brand colors to any monocolored icons you want for your design in just one click with Venngage's Icon Maker.

Say goodbye to dull icons that bring no life (or brand recognition) to your designs, and start customizing icons for a consistent branding experience.

How to create an icon with Venngage's Icon Maker:

  1. Sign up for a FREE Venngage account with your email, Facebook or Gmail address
  2. Pick a template from our hundreds of professionally designed templates, or use a blank canvas
  3. Choose from our 40,000+ icons and illustrations
  4. Customize your icons: change their colors, size, shapes to reflect your brand or group icons together to make new ones
  5. Share the new brand icons to your team members for easier future access

Create unforgettable, on-brand icons:

Choose from our icon and illustration library

We offer over 40,000 icons and illustrations to cater for any of your design needs.

Apply skin tones to diverse icons

Change the skin tones of our diverse icons to reflect your diverse audience.

Apply brand colors to icons

Our free icon editor makes it easy for your to apply your brand colors to icons in one click.

Collaborate with your team

Share your brand icons with team members or invite them to collaborate in real time, right on the same design dashboard.

Brand your design with one-click branding

A Venngage Business user can easily upload their brand colors, logos and fonts to My Brand Kit, and later apply these branding elements to their design in one click.

And guess what? This works with icons as well!

Choose the color you want to change your monocolored icons to and try it on your icons to get a feel of what looks good in a design.

Instant icon replace or icon upload

Not satisfied with an icon? Simply double-click the icon and choose from our thousands of fully customizable icons and illustrations.

You can also upload your brand icons to the editor: double-click the icon and a popup will appear, giving you image upload options.

Upload your own icons in JPG, PNG or GIF format in just one click. The icons are saved in your image library so you can access them any time.

Diverse icons for a diverse audience

Your icons should reflect your brand, and your audience.

Tell your audience that you see them by using diverse icons in your design.

Our icon library offers 2,000+ diverse icons and illustrations, and our online icon editor makes it easy to customize the skin tone of the icons in one click.

Create icons while collaborating with your team

Real-time collaboration makes your icon design process faster and more efficient.

It's easy for everyone on your team to jump in, collaborate, work on a design and give each other feedback, all on a single design dashboard.

Our online icon creator makes design and collaboration a seamless experience, for anyone on the team, no matter the design skills.

Save your icons for easier future access

Once you've done creating brand icons, you can save them all on a design dashboard and share it with your team members.

Anyone who wants to use the icons can make a copy of the icon collection template and access the icons from there.

Yes, consistent branding is just that easy.

Icon Maker FAQs

What is the best icon maker?

Venngage is among the best online icon makers as it allows you to see how icons look like on an actual template, helping you make better design decisions. Choose from our thousands of icons and illustrations or upload your own, and you can easily edit their colors, shapes and sizes or group different icons to create new ones.

How can I create my own icons?

Venngage's online icon creator makes it easy for you to create your own icons. Group icons and different design elements together to create new ones. Apply your brand colors to your custom made icons for a consistent branding experience.

How do I change the color of an icon?

While you're in the icon editor, double-click the monocolored icon and choose the color you want to change it to. If you have your brand colors loaded in your design, you can choose them too and see how your icon looks with your brand colors applied.

Customize icons for yourself—try it with one of our templates!