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Educational Resources
Help Center
Help Center

100 Career Icons to Encourage Professional Growth [Free Download]

Written by: Tessa Reid

Dec 02, 2022

career icons blog image

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” 

We all heard this question as children. When we were little, we might’ve answered astronaut or rockstar. But as we grew older, our responses likely matured too. 

Ask a teenager or young adult this question and they might answer doctor or teacher. Lawyer or engineer. Of course, there are countless career paths, but these are some of the most classic choices. 

So to help visualize them, we’ve put together a set of brand new, 100% free career icons. If you’re a teacher or professor yourself, add these icons to career presentations, worksheets, quizzes and more to encourage professional growth. Grab a copy to go below!  

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100 career icons [free download + instructions]

career icons collection

From healthcare to business, we covered a range of common careers with this icon pack. By pairing simple lines with distinct accessories, we ensured these icons would be versatile yet easily recognizable. 

Plus, each icon comes in five different skin tones for all your diverse design needs. Download a copy of the collection in PNG, SVG and EPS here: 


Yes, these icons are 100% free and ungated. Download the collection with a click and use them as you see fit. But bonus points if you list us as a source — it’s best practice, after all! 

Career icons pack office meme

If you’re a Venngage user, you’ll find these icons available right in our visual editor. Just open up the icon menu and search for “career” to see the full collection. Note, you’ll be able to edit the skin tone once you add an icon to your canvas.

Not a Venngager yet? Sign up for free and get access to thousands of professionally designed templates you can customize — no design experience necessary.

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What does this career icon pack include?

We kept it simple with this collection and covered common careers across three broad fields: healthcare, business and education. 

Of course, there are many more professions out there. So if you don’t see an icon to suit your needs, leave us a comment below and we’ll add your request to the queue. Or, you can always explore more icons in the Venngage platform. (Over 40,000 to be exact!)

Okay, back to the pack… 

Healthcare career icons

healthcare career icons

Encourage your students to see themselves as a healthcare professional. (We could certainly use more of them!) 

Through a combination of accessories and clothing styles, these icons indicate a doctor, nurse, dentist, veterinarian, psychologist, paramedic and laboratory technician. Remember, you can find five different skin tones in the free downloadable pack and in the Venngage editor.

Add these icons to a presentation on careers in the healthcare field, an infographic on a health topic, a brochure on a health service or any other visual in need of a healthy theme. 

Business career icons 

business career icons

Certain roles crop up in many a business. For instance, most companies will have a marketing manager, an HR manager and a team of executives — to name a few. 

That’s why, our free collection covers common roles in the business realm, including an engineer, software developer, lawyer, accountant, public relations specialist, marketing manager, art director, human resources manager, sales manager and executive. 

Use these icons for an informational career poster or apply them to your business communications as needed.

Education career icons

education career icons

Foster future educators with icons representing a teacher, professor and librarian. 

Pro-tip: make this small but mighty segment of icons go a long way by pairing them with other icons to represent specific fields of study. For example, you could add a black board with a math equation behind the teacher to indicate a mathematician. 

In design speak, we call this creating icon stories. And with Venngage’s vast library of icons, there are endless stories you can tell. 

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Visualize exciting careers with this free icon pack

Whether you’re an educator, a student or a business professional, these icons will serve your communications well. Use them to create visually engaging lessons, jazz up projects, beautify business communications and more. 

The future awaits.


Explore more icon collections:

About Tessa Reid

Tessa Reid is the Content Marketing Manager at Venngage. She wrote her first novel at the age of eight and never looked back. Now, she’s applying her background in psychology, publishing and design to tell stories on everything from infographics to data and pop culture.