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15+ Fun Father’s Day Card Templates to Show Your Dad He’s #1

Written by: Sara McGuire

Jun 01, 2020

father's day card template

Where would we be without our dads?

Show your dad you appreciate him with a thoughtful, custom Father’s Day card.

Here are some fun Father’s Day templates, along with some design tips to convince your dad that he fathered the next Picasso. And don’t worry if you didn’t inherit any design skills–we’ve got you covered.

How to make a Father’s Day card:

  1. Pick a Father’s Day card template that will appeal to your dad’s–cough–unique sense of humor.
  2. Click on the card you like, sign up for free. You’ll enter our simple online card maker tool.
  3. Wondering what to write in your Father’s Day card? The template already has a message in it but you can edit or add to it.
  4. Change the colorsfonts and icons as much (or as little) as you want.
  5. Email your card, share it on social media or download (paid feature) and print it.

Now, bring on the dad jokes!

New! Work from home Father’s Day card ideas

Need a cool Father’s Day gift but have to skip the shops this year? Stay safe and customize one of these heartfelt or funny Father’s Day card ideas.

Work From Home Father's Day Card

Whether dad’s been working from home or is an amazing stay at home dad, thank him with a sweet card. It’s an easy option if you’re looking for Father’s Day gifts for kids.

Humor Drinking Game Father's Day Card

And it you need a Father’s Day craft idea for kids, these fun cards are a great (digital) DIY project.


Let’s get to the Father’s Day card design ideas so you can customize your pick to perfection.

1. Use a bold, contrasting color scheme 

A Father’s Day card is meant to spark joy and appreciation. What better way than to use a bright, eye-catching color scheme? According to color psychology, bright colors are associated with positive feelings.

For example, this card template uses bold, color-filled icons and font that contrast with the dark blue background:

father's day card template

Cards with bold color schemes look good from up close and far away.

father's day card template

2. Incorporate funny images and Father’s Day puns to make your dad laugh

If your dad is anything like mine, then he likes a good joke. Funny animals are usually a safe bet–after all, who doesn’t like a cute critter?

Venngage offers a library of stock photos, along with space to upload your own images. You can also find high quality stock photos at Unsplash or Pexels. Plus, we’ve included our own Father’s Day pun to help you along.

What dad won’t shed a little tear at this pug’s face:

father's day card template 2

Combine your images with some color-coordinated text and you’re set.

father's day card template

3. Create custom illustrations using icons

Did you know you can create your own illustrations by combining icons? Think of icons like stickers for grownups. You can adjust their size, colors and placements to fit your card design.

father's day card template

Simply search for icons in Venngage and arrange them together to create a scene (we like to call them icon stories).

free icons

4. Mix different fonts for a quirky effect

Fonts can make or break your card design. According to font psychology, different fonts have certain personalities and moods associated with them. So when it comes to picking fonts for your card, think about the feeling you want the design to convey.

For example, this Father’s Day card template mixes different fonts to give the design a playful, child-like feel:

father's day card template

father's day card template

It’s a cute Father’s Day craft for kids; you can get your digitally-savvy kids to change or add illustrations like they’re stickers:

5. Incorporate visual Father’s Day puns into your card design

Puns are number one in the essential dad joke book. A Father’s Day card is the perfect opportunity to whip a pun out of your back pocket.

If you don’t keep puns in your back pocket, we’ve got one ready for you. I doughnut know what dad wouldn’t love this sweet Father’s Day card:

father's day card template

father's day card template

It’s the perfect Father’s Day pun, donut you think? Plus, if you’re looking for Father’s Day gifts from kids, they’ll love this quirky template.

6. Use complementary color schemes in your card design

Remember our good old friend, the color wheel? Colors that sit opposite each other on the color wheel are called complementary colors. Complementary colors works well together in a color scheme.

color wheel

If you’re having trouble coming up with a color scheme for your Father’s day card, start with picking complementary colors. For example, this Father’s day card template uses blue and orange for a vibrant design:

father's day card template

Looking for a Father’s Day gift from kids? This sweet card is easy to change for little ones.

7. Pick an accent color to make your card design pop

If you’re using a neutral or minimalist color scheme, pick one or two accent colors. Your accent colors should contrast with the rest of the color scheme and draw the eye to specific parts of the card.

For example, look at how the red hearts breathe life int an otherwise minimalist card design:

father's day card template

An accent color will draw eyes from across the room.

father's day card template

8. Create a simple pattern using icons

You can create a simple pattern by repeating icons in the background of your card. Make the color of the icons a light shade, so the background pattern doesn’t distract from the main text and visuals.

father's day card template

Here’s a card background design hack you can do with Venngage: using the color picker tool, adjust the opacity of your icons. This will help them blend into the background.

father's day card template

It’s a simple but cool Father’s Day gift–add your name and a custom message, if you like.

9. Use a “handwritten” font to give your Father’s Day card design a personal feel

Certain fonts are designed to look like they’re written by hand: Pacifico, Unkempt and Playball, to name a few. Handwritten fonts look can give your card design a personal touch.

For example, take this Father’s Day card template. The brown paper background image, combined with the sketchy handwritten font, give the card a DIY feel:

father's day card template

10. Create a nostalgic Father’s Day card

You might not remember being tiny, but your dad remembers when you were. This Father’s Day card will help remind your dad about the days when your entire hand fit in the palm of his hand.

father's day card template

father's day card template

11. Leave space in your card to write a heartfelt message 

Father’s Day is an opportunity to tell your dad just how much you appreciate him. If you want to take the time to write a heartfelt message for your dad, make sure you leave enough space on your card.

Divide your card into half, one half for visuals and one half for your visuals. This will create a balanced design, like in this Father’s Day card template:

father's day card template

A simple design can still looking striking if you use a bright, contrasting color scheme.

father's day card templates

12. Use title art to give your Father’s day card template a classy feel

You can embellish titles on your cards by adding shapes and designs–we call this “title art”.

Pick your title art based on the theme and style you’re trying to achieve. For example, a ribbon-shaped background combined with some old-fashioned font gives this Father’s Day card template a classic feel:

father's day card template

Venngage has a bunch of different types of title art. Try out different ones to see if something stands out to you:

title art

13. Create a social media card for your dad

Does your dad like to share all your big milestones on social media? Well then, odds are he’ll want to share this card you made him too. Why not give him a hand by making a card with the right dimensions for social media?

In general, a 1080 x 1080 card is a safe bet for most social media platforms. Like this Father’s Day card template:

father's day card template

14. Use a color filter to help text stand out from the background of your card

To achieve a color filter effect, use the same card design hack I mentioned in tip number 8. Put a colored shape in front of your background image, then adjust the opacity of the shape using the color picker tool.

This will give you a border effect, where the background id still visible through the color filter:

father's day card template

15. Include images of things your dad likes in his Father’s Day card

Does your dad love golf? Beer? Boats? All of those things? None of those things?

Edit your Father’s Day card template to incorporate images of things that interest him. When picking icons and images, try to keep the visual style consistent–this will prevent your card from looking cluttered.

For example, this card template uses icons with the same colorful, cartoon style:

father's day card template

16. Share the love on Instagram

Show your appreciation to all the dads out there with as Father’s Day Instagram post. This cute template can be customized to show dads of all shapes and sizes:

cute father's day card template

More holiday design guides and templates:

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About Sara McGuire

Sara McGuire is the former Content Marketing Manager at Venngage. She believes that growth by content doesn't require a big budget if you're scrappy. Her writing has been published on Marketing Profs, HubSpot, and Content Marketing Institute. Follow her on Twitter @sara_mcguire