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Create Beautiful Cards With Venngage's Card Maker

Get Started

Design custom cards for all occasions using Venngage's easy drag-and-drop card maker.

Create custom cards that people will love receiving

Give people a simple token of appreciation by creating a beautiful custom card. Cards are a classic way to show someone you're thinking of them.

But what if you're sick of overdone cards and don't have the experience or equipment to create cards from scratch? Easy - start with a card template by Venngage.

Send a card to your customers to thank them for their business. Give a card to a friend to remind them you care about them. Send a card to an event invite list to remind that to save the date. Include a card in an email newsletter to celebrate the holidays.

Create a custom card in 5 steps:

  1. Sign up for Venngage - it's free.
  2. Pick a card template for your occasion.
  3. Personalize the message on your card.
  4. Customize your fonts, colors, and icons.
  5. Download your card or share it to social media directly from Venngage!

How to create an amazing custom card:

Pick a card template that fits your occasion

Is it the holidays? Are you celebrating an anniversary? We've got a template for it.

Write a personalized message

Heartfelt? Sassy? Inspiring? It's up to you!

Customize your card design

Embellish your card design with icons, images and decorative fonts.

Create copies of your card

Make personalized copies of your card for different people to make them feel special.

Card templates for all occasions

Do you want to show your team you appreciate them? Do you want to let your family and friends know that you're thinking about them? Or maybe you want to share a holiday greeting with all of your social media followers?

Venngage offers card templates for a wide variety of occasions - from holiday cards to thank you cards to save-the-date cards. All of our templates are fully customizable, so you can personalize your cards as much or as little as you want.

You don't have to be a graphic designer to create beautiful cards. Just start with one of our beginner-friendly card templates and customize your design with our drag-and-drop card maker.

Decorate your card with icons and images

Icons are like the stickers you used to put on homemade cards as a kid (hey, maybe you still do!). Venngage boasts a library of over 40,000 icons with both flat and illustrated styles. Just search for a topic in and drag and drop icons onto your canvas.

Search for a picture in our stock image library, or upload your own photos for a super personalized design. Our image frame tool makes it easy to incorporate your pictures seamlessly into your card design.

Write your message in decorative fonts

A card is the perfect opportunity to bust out some wild and creative fonts. Not that we're condoning the use of, say, Comic Sans " but you get the idea.

Venngage offers a library of different fonts for all kinds of different designs. From elegant handwriting-style fonts to sleek, modern fonts, we've got a font that will fit your design vision.

Customize your card color scheme

Maybe you wanted to create a branded card for your business, or maybe you would just prefer a different shade of green. Whatever you want your color scheme to be, Venngage makes it easy to pick the exact shade you're after. Use our color picker tool to find a color, or paste hex codes directly into the tool.

Download your card or share it online

Venngage allows you to download your card as a high quality PNG or PDF. If you want to share your card on social media, you can share it directly from Venngage in just a couple of clicks.


How do I sign up for Venngage?

You can sign up with your email, Facebook or Gmail account.

Can I make copies of my card?

Yes, you can create copies of any of your designs. When you edit a copy, it will not make any changes to the original card.

Can I share or print out my card?

Yes! Using a free account, you can share your card online or on social media directly from Venngage with a few clicks. To download your card as PNG or PDF, upgrade to our Premium or Business plan.

Want more card templates? Browse all of our templates in our templates library.