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30+ Unique Valentine’s Day Card Ideas & Templates

Written by: Bronwyn Kienapple

Feb 07, 2023

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

You want to surprise your honey with a heart-warming Valentine’s Day card but, you’re not feeling quite crafty enough to whip one up from scratch.

No fear! We’ve got you covered. Browse our 30+ Valentine’s Day card ideas and select the one that’s perfect for your special someone, best friend or family member.

Add your name, a message or photo. Then, share it on social media, email it or print it out—and you’re done!

Do you want to make it even easier? Try out Venngage’s AI-powered Valentine’s Day Card Maker now.

Find your perfect Valentine’s Day card (jump ahead):

Cute Valentine’s Day Cards

Think sweet and simple with these adorable Valentine’s Day card ideas that will make your Valentine smile.

They’re perfectly appropriate for school, your bestie, your coworker or even that special someone.

Cute Bee Valentine’s Day Card

Sugar isn’t sweeter than this cheerful Valentine’s Day greeting.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

I Love You Berry Much Card

This cute and colorful printable Valentine’s Day card is perfect for a child, friend or sister. Bold, saturated colors will give your card a bright and cheery feel. Pick colors for your card design that reflect the tone you want your card to have.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Bunny Valentine’s Day Card

Adorable doesn’t quite describe this lovely card. Email it to your mom and make her melt.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Modern Valentine’s Day Card

Your quirky coworker will appreciate this short and sweet modern Valentine’s Day card. It would also work great for a new relationship.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Valentine’s Day Card Design Pro Tip

Drag and drop a new text box into the card to quickly personalize it.

Click “Text” in the left-hand navigation bar and drag your text box of choice onto your card. Fill in your Valentine’s name (or a personal message) and you’re ready to go!

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

The example above shows how to drag a text box onto the card template and personalize it by writing “Happy Valentine’s Day, Sara!”

Valentine’s Day Cards for Work

Take the opportunity to wish your clients or customers a Happy Valentine’s Day (and do a little promotion!) with one of our easily customizable Instagram templates.

HR professionals, take note: you can also edit these templates and send them via email or internal messaging services like Slack to wish your employees a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Thank your customers with this Valentine card idea; you can use our My Brand Kit feature to add your brand colors with one click:

valentine card ideas

Focus in on your sale with this sweet Instagram holiday offer:

valentine card ideas

Promote your contest on Instagram with this sweet seasonal template:

valentine card ideas

Learn more about planning a social media holiday calendar for your business with our ultimate guide. And check out our other social media graphics for even more templates.

Valentine’s Cards for Boyfriends

Don’t sweat about finding the perfect Valentine’s day card for your boyfriend. We’ve got plenty of sweet templates for you to choose from. You can even spice up your card with photos of the two of you, a romantic message or your favorite inside joke.

And if the two of you are getting serious, we also have 19 budget-friendly DIY wedding invitation templates you can use for your special day.

Happy Hearts Valentine’s Day Card

Keep it sweet and simple with this Valentine’s ecard you can post right on his Facebook wall. Just remember to change “Michael” in the card to your name (unless your name is Michael, then…you’re welcome)!

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Romantic Valentine’s Day Card

Show him how much he means to you with this simple but romantic Valentine’s Day ecard.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Be My Valentine Card

Tell him he’s the only one you want with this modern Valentine’s Day card template.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Valentine’s Day photo card

Create the ultimate personalized Happy Valentine’s Day card with this template that lets you swap in photos of you and your honey.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

As the below example shows, you can upload a photo of you and your Valentine and then drag it onto the canvas.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Delete one of the existing pictures in the template and replace it with your picture. You can resize your photo by grabbing the corner of its bounding box. Repeat with the rest of the photos.

Personalized Valentine’s Day card

Keep it personal with this Valentine’s Day card template that lets you add in your boyfriend’s name. Or anyone’s name! This is a versatile option you can easily use for friends, your niece, coworkers or your sworn enemy.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Valentine’s Day Card Design Pro Tip

Upload photos of you and your sweetie and add them to your card. First, click “Use This Template” to select your card.

Once you’re in the editor, click “Image Uploads” in the left-hand navigation bar. You can now add a photo from your hard drive.

Now, drag the photo to where you want it. You can resize it by grabbing the corner of the image’s bounding box.

Valentine Love Cards

Feeling the love this Valentine’s Day? These heartfelt Valentine’s Day card ideas will sweep your sweetheart off their feet.

Happy Pink Heart Valentine’s Day Card

Pretty in pink, this printable Valentine’s Day card is perfect for your girlfriend, wife or partner. Your mom or sister might just love it, too.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Romantic Hearts Valentine’s Day Card

He or she means more to you than the world. Show them with this printable Valentine.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Spouse Valentine’s Day Card

Post this cute eCard to your husband or wife’s Facebook wall to remind them you’ll always be by their side.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Romantic Photo Valentine’s Day Card

She’s always been the only one for you. Show her with this swoon-worthy Happy Valentine’s Day card.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Floral heart Valentine’s Day card

This girly Valentine’s greeting is just right for the woman in your life—whether that’s your bestie, your office wife or your sweetheart.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Valentine’s Day Cards for School

Tired of the typical box of paper Valentines you buy at the store? Try these customizable options you can print out or email to the class.

Llama Valentine’s Day Card

This fun little card is just right for a kindergarten class or other group of little ones.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Cute Hearts Valentine’s Day Card

Sprinkle a little joy on your little one’s class with this adorable printable Valentine for kids.
Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Simple Valentine’s Day Card

Skip the paper and email this sweet Valentine greeting to the class. It’s a no-sweat solution that still says you or your little one cares. Don’t forget to change “Alissa” to the right name!

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Valentine’s Day Card Design Pro Tip

Add “stickers” to your card! Venngage lets you drag and drop icons onto the canvas.

Click on “Icons” in the left-hand navigation bar and then search for the sticker you want. Try searching for “heart,” “love” or “celebrate.”

Funny Valentine’s Day Card

Not everyone’s into lovey-dovey, sentimental Valentine’s Day cards. Send something a little more light-hearted with these funny Valentine’s Day card ideas that will have your friend or significant other chuckling.

Funny Valentine’s Day Card

It’s inevitable that once we’re in a relationship we stop calling the other person by their given name.

Instead, we start using any number of ridiculous cringe-worthy pet names.

If you’re guilty of this, the below Valentine’s Day greeting is for you.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Add your Valentine’s pet name on the blank line. Or drag a checkmark icon into the card to tick off your nicknames(s) of choice.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Humor Valentine’s Day Card

Send this dark Valentine’s Day card to that friend who dislikes all things hearts and flowers.

It shows you care, while still appealing to their twisted sense of humor. Just consider it the anti-Valentine’s Day Valentine’s card.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

“Muffin Without You” Valentine’s Day Card

Go for a cute play on words with this sugary-sweet card. Simple, but delicious. Just like a muffin. A chocolate chip banana muffin…yum.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Funny Star Wars Valentine’s Day Card

Rule the galaxy with your Valentine with this funny (but still sweet) greeting that will appeal to Star Wars fans.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Creative Valentine’s Day Card

Anti-Valentine’s Day? It happens. Commiserate with your fellow anti-Valentine’s allies with this sarcastic Valentine’s card.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

If you’re actually pro-Valentine’s Day, feel free to edit the text.

You could actually replace the text in the card above with, “I love you, Sara. Happy Valentine’s Day” instead! Why not?

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Funny Dark Valentine’s Day Card

Here’s another variation on the anti-Valentine’s Day card. Girlfriend hates Valentine’s Day? Best friend getting over an ugly breakup? This is the card for them.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Again, feel free to edit the card above and add a romantic quote or personalized message instead.

Valentine’s Day Card Design Pro Tip

If any of our templates are a little too plain for you, think about creating a decorative border. Choose an icon from the “Icons” section of the left-hand navigation bar in the editor.

Then, click “Copy” in the navigation bar above the canvas to copy the icon. Keep clicking to add multiple icons. Drag them into place to create a border.

Valentine’s Card Quotes

A quote about love is a simple but effective way to express your feelings for someone. Especially if you’re not a writer yourself!

Need inspiration? Good Housekeeping has a list of the 50 best love quotes of all time. You’re sure to find one perfect to show your honey you care.

Then, replace the text in the Valentine’s Day card template below with your chosen quote.

Simple Valentine’s Day card template

Let the words do the talking with this pretty little printable Valentine’s Day card. Make typography the focus of your card design by picking decorative fonts.

Plus, there’s plenty of room at the bottom to add stickers, a personal message or a photo of your and your sweetie.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

valentine's day card ideas

Valentine’s Day Card Design Pro Tip

Did you know that you can change any of the fonts in our card templates?

Select your card and once you’ve entered the editor, highlight the text you want to change with your cursor.

Then, click on the drop-down font menu above the canvas. Select the font you like. This will automatically change the highlighted text.

valentine's day card ideas

Script fonts (think loopy, fancy fonts) are more romantic. Try adding “Love, Your Name” at the end of the card and changing it to a script font so it looks like you signed the card yourself.

Unique Valentine’s Day Cards

Your Valentine isn’t one of a kind, so don’t get him or her another store-bought greeting card with hearts all over it.

Our Valentine’s Day card ideas below will help you think outside the box and send your number one a truly unique greeting.

If you’re feeling a little ambitious, you should check out our movie poster design templates. Recreate a classic movie poster featuring you and your Valentine or design your own.

Cute Otter Valentine’s Day Card

This cute and quirky Valentine’s Day card template is ready to post to your significant otter, uh, other’s, Facebook wall.

valentine's day card ideas

Click “Use This Template” above and then hit “Share” once you’re in the editor. Pick your social media channel of choice and you’re done!

Fans of quirky designs should also check out our 30 Valentine’s Day charts. Because sometimes a (beautifully-designed) graphic says it all.

“Pizza My Heart” Valentine’s Day Card

Who doesn’t love pizza? Definitely not you. And definitely not your Valentine. Express your mutual love of pizza with this unique Valentine’s Day card template.

valentine's day card ideas

You might even want to buy him or her some actual pizza on Valentine’s Day. But we’ll leave that up to you.

How to Customize Your Valentine’s Day Card Template:

  1. Pick a template your Valentine would like. Click the green button under your favorite card to get started. You’ll enter our online card maker tool.
  2. Add a personal message, if you like. Click on the words you want to change, highlight the text and start typing.
  3. Add a photo of you and your Valentine. Click “Image Upload.”
  4. Click “Share” to post your card to your Valentine’s Facebook wall or to email it to them.
  5. To print your card, click “Download” to save the image to your hard drive (Premium and Business plans only). See below for instructions.

How to Print Your Card

Many of the Valentine’s Day card templates in this article are designed to be ecards. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Before you print your card, you need to prepare your card first. Keep reading to learn about the three steps you need to take to turn your card template into a printed masterpiece.

Also, please keep in mind that downloading your card as an image is only available for Premium and Business plan members.

1. Design Your Page to Be Folded in Half

Make sure your card template has a landscape orientation (this means the card is wider than it is tall).

If your card is taller than it is wide, you need to change it.

First, change your page orientation to landscape. Click “Settings” in the upper-right hand corner of the editor and click the right paper icon.

Then, resize any text or images that fall outside your new canvas.

valentine's day card ideas

Make sure that the page is evenly split in two since you’ll be folding the page down the middle. You may want to put something on the back of the card or leave it blank.

valentine's day card ideas

2. Use a Readable Font

A printed card is meant to be displayed. So make sure to use fonts you can read from a few feet away.

Use at least 10 point font and make sure the font color contrasts with the background so you can see it properly.

3. Export in High-Quality

Download your card as a “HD PNG” or “PDF” to make sure that when you print it, it isn’t blurry.

pusheen thank you

Image Source

You made it to the end! Thank you. Which card template do you like the most? Comment below and tell us!

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Valentine's Day Card Ideas

About Bronwyn Kienapple

Bronwyn Kienapple is the Content Marketing Lead at Venngage. Her writing on design and business communications has been published in Foundr, 99 Designs, DIY Marketers and more. She was also an ESL teacher for 5 years, taught business English and designed her own courses and teaching materials.