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10 Customizable Real Estate Postcard Templates for 2021

Written by: Daleska Pedriquez

Oct 27, 2021

10 Customizable Real Estate Postcard Templates for 2021 Blog Header

How do you convince sellers that you can list their home for top dollar? Real estate postcards may not be at the top of your list, but they should be.

A picture of your property can say plenty about its current state, curb appeal, aesthetics, and possible price. Plus, home sellers will be relieved that their realtors are getting the word out about their properties.

Using real estate postcards is the fastest way to construct your marketing campaign and start attracting attention to your real estate business.

We share customizable real estate postcard templates that will give you some great ideas for creating real estate marketing materials.

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Headshot real estate postcards

High-profile real estate agents who have their own brand don’t have to go all-out on their marketing. A headshot of the agent can be more than enough to attract attention to their real estate business.

We share real estate postcard templates that use headshots as their focal point below.

Simple headshot real estate postcard

Leading with a headshot is a great way to build personal connections with clients.

People are looking for someone they can trust to sell their homes. And a postcard that doubles as a real estate business card is perfect for this.

That’s what makes real estate postcard templates like the one below an excellent direct marketing opportunity.

Simple Headshot Real Estate Postcard Template

This postcard template can convince both home sellers and buyers that your real estate agent can deliver results.

With Venngage’s web editor, you can easily edit the text, colors and profile image to suit your brand and create an effective real estate postcard.

Dark headshot real estate postcard template

Here’s one of the most staple real estate postcards you’ll see from agents.

Dark Headshot Real Estate Postcard Template

It features the agent’s portrait and their recent goals or objectives for their customers.

Real estate postcard templates like this one are excellent for real estate agents just starting out in the business.

The postcard displays confidence and relies greatly on your agency’s brand, giving the agent the best chance of successfully gaining leads.

You can easily customize this postcard with the Venngage editor. Add your brand logo, colors and fonts using the My Brand Kit feature, which includes the Autobrand function.


Add your website and the editor will download your brand identity. Then, you can easily customize your real estate postcard design with a single click.


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Just sold postcards

Agents can mail real estate postcards of their successful sales to gain more clients. Just sold postcards that are paired with images can be very effective. Here are a few templates to consider.

Home just sold postcard template

Real estate postcards that proudly proclaim their successes will immediately catch the eye.

‘Another home sold’ postcards are a great way to attract clients. After all, that’s exactly what every home seller wants—agents who sell their homes over the asking price.

Sold Home Real Estate Postcard Template

Plus, if you’ve sold a property with exceptional curb appeal and architecture to high-ticket buyers, you’re doing your job well.

This Venngage template does a great job of highlighting a real estate agent’s success and is a great marketing tactic for attracting new customers.

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Bold real estate sold postcard templates

Home sellers are much more confident with agents who have sold properties at the highest price possible.

This real estate postcard template showcases what you’re good at, which makes it effective if you’ve recently closed a high-value property deal.

This postcard includes just the right amount of information to attract clients.

Bold Real Estate Just Sold Postcard Template

It includes the name of the agent and an image of the property sold. The curb appeal, along with insets of the interiors as well as the price of $300,000, works together to convince a home seller who may still be on the fence.

If an element from this Venngage template feels off to you, you can customize it using our full-featured, web-ready editor. Check it out here.

Soft realty postcard template

If you want a text-driven real estate postcard that shows off the property you’ve just sold and a landing-page style text, this template is right for you.

Soft Realty Postcard Template

Keep in mind that you need a vertical photograph of the property sold for this real estate postcard.

The template showcases the fines details to customers. In addition, it gives buyers easy access to your contact details so they know how to get in touch.

You can always include an image and change the text to suit your specific business needs.

Dark grid real estate postcard

Buyers want to see one thing on real estate postcards: the property they’ve sold.

This postcard design captures the property exceptionally well. The layout is made to highlight both the exterior of the home as well as the interiors.

Dark Grid Real Estate Postcard Template

Note how the postcard includes specifications about the interiors, including the number of bedrooms and other amenities.

Sellers with similar properties will be inclined to work with this agent because they’ve successfully sold homes like theirs at a good price.

This layout also has a clear call-to-action: the contact details of the agent, which are included on the postcard twice, on the front and back.

You can also customize the card to include more details about the home, images or locations.

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Just listed postcards

A great way to attract both buyers and sellers is to create real estate postcards for recently listed properties.

Not only does this help buyers find new properties to purchase, but it convinces sellers that their properties can also find a market.

Here are a few just listed postcard templates to share successful listings.

Orange logo real estate postcard template

Curb appeal and a scenic property view are the biggest draws in real estate postcards, even vacation-oriented ones.

Orange Logo Real Estate Postcard Template

In this real estate postcard, the stock photo highlights the property’s exceptional characteristics that aid its sellability, such as an attractive roof and the way buyers see it from the property.

You can also include the real estate agent’s photo on the postcard. This is a great way to associate the high-priced property sale to the agent’s abilities, encouraging home sellers to consider using their real estate business for the listing.

You can replace the icons, fonts, and agent photos in Venngage’s real estate postcard templates in the editor.

Double-click the item you want to replace and a menu will open up. Search for the image or icon you want and add it to your design.


Dark purple real estate postcard template

You’ve recently sold two high-profile properties and know that it’s a great badge of professionalism that will attract home sellers.

Dark Purple Real Estate Postcard Template

The two-photo layout of this Venngage postcard template is perfect for this purpose. It displays each property’s appealing aesthetics, the price you’ve sold it, and some text that encourages home sellers that you’re an expert in your field.

If the dark colors, fonts or layout don’t work for you, you can always change up these elements in the Venngage editor.

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Modern effective real estate postcards

Depending on the area your business is catering to, you may want a more modern design for your real estate postcards.

Here are a few templates with a contemporary look and feel.

Vibrant residential real estate postcard

Home sellers will get truly impressed seeing how much you’ve sold a premium home similar to theirs.

On the other hand, homebuyers want to see how real estate agents can help them find the perfect home without breaking the bank.

Vibrant Residential Real Estate Postcard Template

The message is succinct and gets to the point. The phrasing grabs attention and shows the real estate agent’s genuine intent in reaching out to a prospective homebuyer.

The background of the image can be customized for the area that the real estate business is located in. Or you can use a stock photo from Venngage’s library.

Modern real estate postcard template

You only have a few seconds to convince home sellers that real estate services are exceptional.

To do this, you will want to showcase three things: the property’s curb appeal, successful sales, and your real estate brand to help home sellers associate the sales with you.

This real estate postcard template achieves all that. The header section introduces the brand and motto.

Yellow Modern Real Estate Postcard Template

The four grid-style layout showcases the business’ recent real estate sales with enough room to show off the curb appeal of each property and the price the homes sold at.

Finally, you can display your real estate profile along with an inquiry section for interested parties.

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FAQs about real estate postcards

What should a real estate postcard include?

Real estate postcards are marketing materials. With that in mind, they should follow general marketing rules for attracting customers.

These are the elements all real estate postcards should include:

  • A catchy headline
  • An image of an attractive property
  • Brand fonts and colors
  • Contact details

What are just listed postcards?

A just listed postcard highlights a property that a real estate agent has successfully listed for sale. This helps to build brand awareness for the real estate business. It also shares the agent’s success story, which improves their chances of generating leads.

Do mailers work for real estate agents?

Direct mail works for businesses with a local reach. Most real estate businesses are focused on a specific geographical area. It’s easier and cost-effective to reach clients using direct mailing options like real estate postcards.

Use real estate postcards to attract new clients

With these helpful templates, you can finally get started on your most essential real estate campaigns this 2021.

You can use them for inspiration, or remove and replace their elements to suit your needs. We know you can generate the most leads with these top-notch postcards.

You’ve probably done the legwork for those amazing house shots. Looking at these postcards, you want to create your own template to gain leads but have zero time to do them.

With Venngage’s real estate postcard templates, you can customize elegant visuals for your business needs and earn more customers. All without any design experience.

About Daleska Pedriquez

Daleska is Venngage’s Marketing Manager. With a background in marketing communications and a deep interest in journalism, she aims to write about exciting topics and make them understandable for everyone.