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20 Professional Report Cover Page Examples & Templates

Written by: Michelle Martin

Aug 11, 2023

The combination of reports and business resembles the harmonious pairing of peanut butter and jelly, yet the process of crafting reports is often more intricate than assembling the yummy sandwich.

Fret not! Behold these 20 report cover page templates, seamlessly blending professionalism with style. These templates are guaranteed to bestow a flawless final flourish upon your most recent statistical masterpiece.

The cherry on top? Every single one of them is both cost-free and effortlessly adaptable, allowing you to personalize them to your liking in under a minute.

Looking for even more convenience? The Venngage report maker, along with an array of versatile report templates, stands ready to provide you with exceptional assistance in your endeavor.


Click to jump ahead:

What’s the purpose of a report cover page?

You didn’t spend umpteen hours researching, writing, editing, proofing and perfecting your business report just for nobody to read it, right? Your report cover page, also known as your title page, matters because it’s the first thing people see.

Your report cover page is a first impression.

From it, people make snap judgments like:

  • What is this about?
  • Do I need to read this?
  • Is this going to be worth my time?

Several things subconsciously make up those judgments, including:

  • Your title, and how intriguing it is (or isn’t).
  • The cover page’s design.

Because it’s your first page, seeing a polished and professional report cover page / title page subconsciously makes people assume your report is equally as high quality, too. And that makes them more likely to actually read it and have a positive opinion of it afterwards.

All ready to impress? Let’s take a look at 20 report cover page templates that’ll help you nail those first impressions and create an amazing report!

20 free report cover page templates

Classic report cover page templates

Work for a large company or presenting to a conservative audience? Play it safe with this classic professional report cover page template.

Non Profit Annual Report

For most reports, a simple cover page is all you need. Swap out the tea mug for your own logo, or another illustration that better fits your company from our collection of over 20,000 icons.

Web Analytics Report

This report cover page template also features a large photo, but with a more refined design that’s perfect for corporations, consulting firms and institutions.

Professional Healthcare Annual Report

An academic vibe emanates from this report cover page template, so it’s perfect for technical reports or institutions.

Simple Healthcare Annual Report

I love that this report cover features key insights on the cover to hook your potential reader right away. This would be perfect for a white paper or study, or even to highlight the best data from your sales or annual report.

Blue Tech McKinsey Consulting Report Template

This template also features a large cover photo, but keeps the rest of the report design minimal with only a title and company name. Because of the huge photo space, it’s perfect for showing off physical projects, like real estate developments.

Project Status Report Template

This report cover page template is ideal for any type of report, although it’s particularly suited to making your financial reports shine.

Payroll Report Template

Bold report cover page templates

The bright color and chunky border set this report cover page template / title page apart from the rest. Go big and get your report noticed.

Corporate Annual Report Template

Show off your work or team with this professional, but splashy, report cover template.

Transportation Agency Annual Report Template

Perfect for promoting your brand colors, this bold template is sure to get your reader’s attention.

Simple Annual Report Template

This colorful cover page template packs a punch while being super quick to customize. Change the text to your report title and you’re done. You could leave the colored bars as is, or change them to match your brand colors.

Retro Year End Annual Report Template

An eye-catching report cover with the most minimal approach possible: Only a title. Unlike the others featured here, this one doesn’t include a company name, date, or any other text fields. You can stay with the minimal approach, or add more text fields easily in the Venngage editor.

Annual Finance Report

This report cover template brings boldness not only with bright colors and shapes, but also being in landscape format. Ooh, rebellious.

Color Block Sales Call Report Template

Simple yet elegant, this report cover puts your products or project front and center with a modern flair sure to get attention.

Teal Competitor Analysis Consulting Report Template

Creative report cover page templates

Punch it up a notch with this colorful cover page. It’s perfect for marketing presentations or any report geared toward design-minded folks.

Food Corporate Annual Report Template

This fun cover page template reminds me of an old-school composition notebook. Changing the colors to black and white would emphasize that effect — sure to be a hit with the elder Millennials on your team. 😉

Vibrant Business Marketing Quarterly Report Template

While it may not be suitable for a boardroom of C-suite executives, this report cover’s illustrative style will certainly turn heads.

Reimagine this scene with entirely new elements from our library of over 40,000 icons and illustrations, or simply replace a few individual items to better suit your HR reporting needs.

Illustrative Company Employee Handbook Template

If the above template is too casual for your audience, try this title page. It has a more classic layout while still utilizing creative illustration elements.

Annual Report Cover Template

Customizing this illustrated report cover is quick and easy: Replace the icons inside the silhouette with graphics or text that represents your industry or the subject matter of your report.


Featuring a modern, minimal border and cute, yet still professional, illustrations, this report cover page template is perfect for study results and insightful reports.

Statistical Report Template

How to make a report cover page

  1. Choose a template

Pick any of the report cover page templates featured in this article, or browse our full collection of report templates. I’ve shown you the cover pages here, but every template also comes with a full set of inner pages to make your entire report shine.

I’m using this report cover template for this example.

Click Create on the template you want to use.

Step 1: Choose a template
  1. Add your branding

Clicking Create on a template opens the editor tool where you can easily swap out colors, fonts, images, edit text and more.

To swap a color, click on the element you want to change, then click the color icon in the top bar and choose a new one. You can use the eyedropper to pick another color from your template, or enter a HEX or RGB color code. You can also adjust the opacity.

Need some inspiration? Check out these top color palette generators.

Step 2: Add your branding - change your color

To edit text, click on the text box you want to change. Double-clicking automatically selects the text. Start typing to overwrite it, or select just the section you want to change.

With the text box selected, change the font, color, size or other styles using the formatting bar at the top.

You can also upload your own font file to ensure your report cover perfectly matches the rest of your report, and brand.

Step 2: Add your branding - change or upload your own font
  1. Swap out images

To edit an image, click on it and choose Replace.

Step 3: Swap out images

You can upload your own image, or search and choose from over 3 million royalty-free stock images from Pexels and Pixabay, conveniently accessible right inside the editor.

You may run into what I have with this report cover page template: I changed the photo, but it’s still got the blue overlay on it. Not to worry, here’s how to change that.

Open the left side menu and click Background. You can choose a new background color based on other colors used in your document — an easy way to keep designs on-brand — or, specify your own color. You can even add a gradient background with one click, or add a pattern on top of your background color.

The possibilities are endless for customizing your visual elements.

Once you change the background color, your photo may be too dark or too light to show up properly. To adjust this, click on the photo, then Opacity at the top. Play around with it until it looks just right.

Step 3: Swap out images - change opacity
  1. Optional: Create the rest of your report

Click on any page to edit it and add in your report content. Click the plus icon to add a new blank page, or the double-rectangle icon to duplicate an existing page.

Step 4: Create the rest of your report [Optional]

No time for that level of detail, or already have a completed report and only need a cover? No problem — just export the first page as your new cover and attach it to your existing PDF with Adobe AcrobatPreview for Mac, or with an online tool like MergePDF.

  1. Wow your boss/team/mom

Whoever’s gonna be reading your report will be heckin’ impressed by your top notch style, friend. Nicely done.

Report cover page FAQs

What should be on a report cover page?

There is only one “must-have” thing on your report cover: your report title.

But, most people also include:

  • Your company name
  • Logo
  • Company website URL
  • Date
  • Contact information, like email or phone number (usually only if giving a presentation)
  • An identifier of what type of report it is (e.g. “Annual Report,” “Q4 Earnings Report,” “Progress Update,” etc)

Ultimately, what you include is up to you and the requirements of your report. You can easily add new text fields or images — or edit existing ones — to any of our report cover page templates to suit your needs.

Does my report cover page need to match the rest of my report?

Well… it’d be nice if it did. But no, it’s not required.

For example, your report may be in a spreadsheet format, or listing out balance sheets and financial statements. Most of these types of reports are automatically generated from software. Trying to brand them by copy and pasting that content into a nice looking template probably isn’t worth your time.

Plus, the people reviewing those reports are likely expecting the familiar format they’re used to and may be put off by a big change.

But your report cover page and actual report don’t need to be identical to “match.”

As long as the font in your report isn’t size 36 Comic Sans, attaching a nicely designed cover page will make any report appear more professional and put together. (If your report is in Comic Sans, sorry, nothing can redeem it.)

Make a report cover page in 60 seconds or less

A professional, well-designed report cover page communicates the value of your report right away. It immediately gives your reader the impression of importance and competence, which is probably what you want your boss to think about you.

Plus, a great title page makes it much more likely your report will actually be read.

To recap, here’s how to make your own report cover page in less than 60 seconds:

  • Step 1: Sign up for a free Venngage account.
  • Step 2: Choose a report cover page template.
  • Step 3: Add your branding, colors, fonts, and edit the text.
  • Step 4 (Optional): Create the rest of your report with matching report page templates.
  • Step 5: Save, share, print or export your cover and attach it to your existing report.

It’s really that quick to make a professional report cover page using a Venngage report cover page template. Gather your brand elements and report title and go forth and rock that report!

About Michelle Martin

Michelle is a freelance writer on a mission to bring sass into SaaS content. Formerly an agency brand strategist and copywriter, Michelle traded in the glam life for sweatpants and dog walks in the woods where she yells article drafts at Siri before tripping over a log. She’s known for distilling complicated technical topics into conversational copy that gets results.