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Educational Resources
Help Center
Help Center

4 New Manager Training Program Templates

Written by: Cristian Oana

Oct 21, 2021

New Manager Training Program Templates

Managing a company is hard work. A new manager is important for every company because they bring new ideas and new ways of improving productivity.

Companies expect certain management skills, particularly leadership skills, the ability to motivate, and team-building skills.

Want to create impactful training plans? Venngage has easy-to-edit training plan templates that will help you improve the professional development of new managers.


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Why are new manager training programs required?

They can often improve on areas that were previously unproductive for the company, such as customer service, employee training, and employee relations.

Unfortunately, new managers who have worked from the ground up may not have the experience necessary for the position.

For this reason, new manager training programs are necessary so they can learn how to be the type of manager the business needs.

It’s best to use visuals in training, such as this mind map on company goals.

Quad Company Goal Setting Mind Map Template

We’re giving you four great manager training programs, but before that, we know you want to learn the basics of holding a first-time manager training.

4 new manager training program templates and tips

With these objectives in mind, let’s jump right into our list of ideal first-time manager training plans and the Venngage templates that you can use to craft them.

This new employee onboarding checklist will make it easier to track the efficiency of new manager training programs.

New Employee Orientation Process and Checklist Template

Easily edit the text in a template with the Venngage editor. Highlight the text you want to change and rewrite over it.

Change the font to suit your style from the numerous options in the menu. You can also change the text color and size with the click of a button.


New manager training courses must be personal

Personalized manager training courses that are specifically designed for the individual are much more effective than non-personalized ones.

When courses are tailored to provide specific skills, knowledge, and strategies, they address the learner’s needs directly.

The management skills and knowledge you learn through a personalized training course can help you improve team performance, project management, and meet the specific challenges the manager faces on a case-by-case basis.

Include new manager classes and training sessions as part of the employee handbook that is presented to every newcomer.

Employee Handbook Template

In short, personalized new manager training courses equip learners with essential skills and knowledge about their strengths.

A manager training program will also help the new manager overcome their weaknesses, and identify opportunities for growth and learning.

A skills training matrix like the below can be personalized for managers of different departments.

Marketing Skills Training Matrix Roadmap Template

Training matrixes are useful for trainers to assess and monitor their learner’s progress. Trainers can assess how much their learners have improved and how far they still need to go.

It is also helpful for the trainer to see which lessons did not work to avoid doing the same thing again.

This training matrix from Venngage might tie itself to marketing skills first, but you can use the template for other skill development programs.

Or, you can give an overview of the skills the program will provide trainees and measure their performance accordingly.

Once you create your materials, you can share them online. And with a Venngage business account, you can download and print training visuals to share with new managers.


On-demand classes for new managers can give the best results.

On-demand learning has been a popular option as an employee training module in the last half-decade.

It offers new managers the freedom of learning when and where they wish. They can learn in shorter bursts or longer at their own pace.

New managers can also receive feedback from their trainers, have access to documents and training resources such as self-examinations at any time, and even interact with other trainees to enrich their learning experience.

This microlearning menu is a great way to onboard new managers using short, sharp lessons.

Microlearning Onboarding Menu Materials Template

Why use microlearning? It’s a great way to teach new managers and employees a variety of skills and tips.

The benefits of microlearning are numerous, including greater personal development, more flexibility, and lower rates of stress while learning.

Using this handbook template to provide on-demand training to managers at the exact time that they need it should work.

You can fully customize this in the Venngage editor by adding your branding. The My Brand Kit feature makes it easy to add your logos, colors, and fonts to all designs with a single click.


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First-time supervisor training programs should use the Training-Application-Assessment-Training cycle

The training-application-assessment-training method is a training method in which a person learns a skill and is allowed to apply that skill in a controlled environment.

Then, they’re assessed before and after training, allowing their trainers to adjust their lessons and identify their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

This training method allows trainers to measure their learner’s performance quickly. On the other hand, it allows learners to apply their new lesson while it’s still fresh.

It has a controlled environment that allows them to fail and turn their errors into valuable learning experiences.

A performance review quadrant will be beneficial for assessing the effectiveness of training programs. This Venngage template is simple to use and edit.

Employee Performance Review Quadrant Infographic Template

You can tweak this Venngage review template to equip new managers with the tools to address their weaknesses and improve on their strengths.

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New manager training programs should cover ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills training.

There are various job skills that are considered to be either ‘soft skills’ or ‘hard skills’.

Soft skills are the qualities that are more subjective to the individual. These are the personal attributes that make you unique.

They are often intangible, and can’t be measured or quantified. Examples of soft skills are creativity, courage, empathy, problem-solving, and others.

For example, soft skills such as empathy could be fostered through employee counseling sessions, as outlined in this program guide.

5 Steps Employee Counseling Infographic Template

Hard skills can be taught to someone else so they can use them in their field. These skills are easily measurable and can be used in a variety of careers.

Most hard skills pertain to technical knowledge that you can learn in universities, new manager training programs, seminars, and other sources.

These management skills categories are crucial for creating well-balanced, capable and dependable new managers for your business.

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Basics of new manager training

As a first-time manager, you need a basic understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a manager and an understanding of how to delegate tasks and work with other departments.

Managers are different from executives because the former work much more directly with their team members.

Here’s a leadership infographic that visualizes the difference between management skills and leadership skills.

Management and Leadership Skills Infographic Template

A leader is someone who creates an emotional connection with others, and a good one has excellent skills and extensive experience.

The best way to develop leadership skills is by going through every challenge with your team.

Managers should foster leadership within their teams by leading by example and providing clear goals, objectives, and feedback.

Generally, managers oversee team members’ daily activities, measure their performance, and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

For example, managers might use a flow chart like the one pager below to follow the necessary steps for earning revenue.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Flowchart Template

In other words, a manager is in charge of the team’s overall direction, creating goals for each member, and overseeing operations as well as team building.

Employees can take the path to management and leadership by following a career roadmap, like this example.

Simple Iconic Career Roadmap Template

Therefore, new manager training should include these general objectives to improve learning and development:

  • Be aware of the company’s values and mission statement
  • Create an HR plan that you and your team can implement right away
  • Be open to learning new skills
  • Have a list of people to talk to, including employees, managers, and customers
  • Establish trust with employees

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FAQs about new manager training

Find out more about training programs for new managers as we answer some of the most common questions from trainers.

Why is new manager training important?

Training managers are important to the long-term success of a company. It not only improves their skills but also establishes better work relationships with employees.

This creates a cohesive team that is more likely to meet its goals and produce quality work.

How important is new supervisor training on performance evaluations?

As companies continue to adopt new technologies, it becomes even more important for supervisors to adjust their performance evaluations and manage employee performance.

Performance evaluations are an important part of the management process.

They help supervisors and co-workers understand how they are performing and what they can do to improve.

Companies should set clear goals and expectations, and measure performance to create a positive work environment.

Your new managers will get a headstart after using these tips and templates

We believe that you can easily create the best new manager training program possible with these tips and templates.

Keep in mind that new managers can shape themselves through learning, by embracing their failures and earning more victories.

You’ve got all the materials and data together. Now, all you need is a good visual layout to present your training module. It takes time to create a beautiful and compelling presentation.

With Venngage’s training templates, can create better visuals and documents to onboard new managers and build a better employee environment.