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Educational Resources
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Help Center

8 Ways to Use Visuals in Strategic HR Management

Written by: Cristian Oana

Oct 07, 2021

8 Ways to Use Visuals in Strategic HR Management Blog Header

Strategic HR management involves traditional simplified charts and graphs for easy-to-digest executive and investor presentations. However, walls of text tend to dominate these reports.

Text-heavy HR reports for employees become cumbersome. Employees might miss important updates about company operations. All because human resources reports aren’t engaging.

A personal touch is required in strategic human resource management, as outlined in this infographic on HR trends.

The 5 Biggest Strategic HR Management Trends Infographic Template

Human resource management has slowly but steadily evolved for employees, executives, and investors.

The modern human resource department employs unique data visualization strategies in reporting. This includes the use of high-quality visuals, simplified language, and reduced text.

Don’t know how to start creating strategic HR management visuals? Venngage’s employee communication solutions for HR professionals will make managing teams more efficient and engaging.

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Build employee brand awareness through strategic human resource management

Today’s adept HR teams use more visuals in their employee onboarding processes and refresher content strategies.

For example, this microlearning onboarding template is a great way to boost strategic human resource management for new employees.

Departments that use pictures, images, and charts in brand awareness campaigns guarantee better employee engagement.

Microlearning Onboarding Menu Materials Template

Time-saving and easy understanding are two factors that make visually-driven employee brand awareness campaigns effective.

Human eyes can interpret images faster than words and audio. Plus, your employees currently working on their respective tasks can quickly digest visual content and remember it.

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Improve efficacy by visualizing strategic human resources management

People can remember visuals better than text or rote memorization. If you can visualize a scene through pictures or videos, you are more likely to build connections.

These techniques help employees remember more. Therefore, it makes sense for human resources managers to invest in graphic design solutions like Venngage.

With Venngage, you can create high-quality strategic human resource management visuals, like this employee separation process infographic.

4 Kinds Of Employee Separation List Infographic

These visuals effectively represent the brand and convey complex messages. As a result, these departments will see higher employee content engagement and response.

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Adopt HR newsletter takeovers for strategic human resource planning

Employee branding allows brand ambassadors to become the company’s face and embody its values to other departments and customers.

A great strategic human resource management technique is to let employees regularly take over the company newsletter.

A well-vetted employee writing a small section of the company’s newsletter builds empathy and camaraderie across the entire department.

The ‘Thoughts from the CEO’ section in this company newsletter example could be written by a different employee every month.

Business Update Newsletter

Having a team of regular employees make the whole HR newsletter with visuals is a great way to spread company announcements and HR matters with a dose of personalization.

Human resources departments must vet all participating employees about their current newsletter’s objectives to make this strategy effectively work.

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Employee-focused stories create empathy in human capital strategy

Charts and graphs that talk about business performance lack excitement. Employees respond better to emotional and empathetic stories.

Visuals are important for achieving results through strategic management techniques. This is also a great way to boost employee retention.

An email infographic like this makes strategic human resource management more effective. It addresses real issues and how the company is aiming to handle the situation.

6 Tips Back To Work After A Pandemic Infographic Template

Make education a part of your HR and business strategy. Take inspiration for employee-focused visuals from infographics like this about workplace wellness.

Sophisticated Workplace Wellness Infographic Template

A great visually-driven monthly newsletter that focuses on employees should have the following:

  • an excellent layout
  • well-shot photographs
  • excellent visual and color design
  • simplified charts and graphs

A strategic HR plan should concentrate on highlighting organizational success. Use data to support these success stories, not the other way around.

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Measurable performance in human resource management

Strategic human resource management involves using visuals wisely. This is especially true in the case of presenting KPIs to teams.

Numbers can be fascinating for anyone collecting them. Recipients, however, might find them confusing. Visuals can bridge that gap.

This annual report design template uses charts and graphs to share KPIs with employees and investors.

Food Corporate Annual Report Template

By doing this, employees can easily understand their current performance in relation to the business strategy. They can easily use the visual milestones in the report as a reference.

For example, a graph showing better organizational performance and achievements can help employees see where they are in comparison to the goals HR has charted.

Blue Quarterly Performance Review Template

By using easy-to-understand graphs, human resources managers give teams motivation. Visual aids beat reading text-heavy reports with jargon that take time to digest.

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Avoiding jargon is key to contemporary casual communication

Text-based memos and communications look boring and “corporate.” Simplified charts and graphs that employees can easily digest are informative yet have zero narrative capabilities.

However, using casual language and visuals to communicate your business’ competitive advantage is much more empathic and human.

Contemporary casual communication in strategic human resource management can include the use of buzzwords. But the aim is to write in simple language.

This employee handbook effectively uses simple language to share an overview of the company.

Employee Handbook Template

Here’s another example of an employee onboarding handbook that uses casual language. Not only is the layout attractive, but the tone of voice makes the new employee feel comfortable.

Blue Company Employee Handbook

Strategic human resource management involves showcasing the latest company developments. But this should be done by minimizing the use of complex jargon in employee materials.

Visuals are the best way to do this. They are easier and faster for team members to digest than just plain text and a few graphs.

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Using efficient annotations informs without overwhelming

A human resources department that uses proper annotation successfully minimizes text in reports.

Annotations can be tricky. Oftentimes, the human resource department can turn it into a paragraph.

Visuals are often self-explanatory. Thus, the annotation must be short and to the point. Making employee information as easy to understand should be the goal of every HR strategy.

This visual handbook uses both icons and short headers to annotate key messages.

Visual Employee Handbook

Here are a few tips when creating annotations:

  • Use a single sentence with less than 12 words
  • Your sentences should contain nouns and verbs to avoid wordiness
  • You can use the smallest readable text possible or a non-disruptive resource/ legend box

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Emotionally connect with the human resources department by creating a narrative

Narratives always affect your employee’s emotions and motivations. A story always evokes empathy from employees.

HR department announcements can include a life story or event that an employee shares. Another way to grab attention is to make announcements catchy and memorable, like in this company newsletter.

All-Company Announcement Newsletter Template

Employees will read a story from someone familiar with the company and share their experiences. As a result, the HR update receives a better response that everyone will remember.

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Strategic human capital management templates

Here are five great visual aids that can help your strategic human resource management, as well as announcements and other media.

You can start creating these fully customizable Venngage templates for free.

Onboarding checklist for new hire

Strategic human resource management starts from the moment a new hire joins the company. We’ve already shared examples of handbooks for new employees.

Here’s an example of a checklist that the HR team can use to make a new recruit’s first few weeks easier.

New Hire Onboarding HR Checklist Template

The checklist is color-coded so even a new manager would know which step follows which. It can be easily edited to suit different departments, as well.

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Employee career roadmap

A strategic HR planning process should focus on growing an employee’s career within and beyond the company.

This simple icons-based roadmap helps employees chart their progress. Each milestone could be rewarded by the company. Improving employee engagement is crucial to every business strategy.

Simple Iconic Career Roadmap Template

A casual theme might not work well for visualizing every business strategy.

But using the fully customizable features in the Venngage editor will make strategic human resource management more impactful.

Project plan timeline template

This Venngage template is an excellent timeline-style visualization that communicates a team’s progress.

Even without design experience, a strategic HR department can use this template to chart the course of a project.

Project Plan Timeline Infographic

You can fully customize this project timeline template using Venngage’s editor. Change the project icons, headers, and colors to suit your brand and your message.

Plus, it has enough space to include a few annotations that improve employees’ comprehension of their tasks.

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Statistical employee trends infographic

We’ve mentioned that numbers can be overwhelming for people. Why not make it easier using colors and icons?

This statistical infographic shares a large amount of information but the layout is so clean, it’s easy to understand.

Employee Statistical Trends Infographic Template

The large font for the numbers draws the eye and the icons add context. It only uses a few lines, of text, improving readability.

All these elements contribute to creating better strategic human resource management visuals.

You can edit this template by adding your business logo, brand colors, and fonts.

List infographic about coping with stress

This Venngage list infographic is a great HR newsletter to send to employees. It uses icons and brief annotations to explain the topic in detail.

Despite the heavy subject matter, the tone of the visual is light and relatable. This makes it more likely that employees will open and read the email.

Coping With Stress During A Crisis Infographic Template

Using visuals to convey messages in a short and precise manner will make employees more receptive.

With Venngage, you can swap out various elements of the graphic to suit your own needs.

Visuals improve the efficiency of strategic human resource management

The tips above ensure that you’ll always get the best visuals for the best HR management strategy implementation.

Venngage’s visual templates will ensure that businesses have a competitive advantage with their HR strategy.

Easily create efficient reports and documents for your human resources and other departments without design experience.