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Educational Resources
Help Center
Help Center

The Keys to an Excellent HR Training and Development Program

Written by: Cristian Oana

Feb 17, 2022

hr training and development

Training and development is an integral part of human resource management. For most organizations, it is important to have a proper HR training and development program in place to increase employee retention and engagement. HR software options can simplify the process of managing and delivering these programs.

Let’s take a closer look at different ways to create a human resources training and development program for your organization, and how Venngage for HR solutions can assist with that.


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Why is HR training essential for any business?

HR training and development is important to companies because they are the key to developing a strong, efficient workforce. HR professionals and their well-crafted training and development programs are crucial in helping companies maintain a competitive edge and maximize productivity.

An effective training program not only contributes to employee development, but is also essential to employers. Any leader within a company can benefit from a leadership skill training guide like this one:

hr training and development

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How to create a human resources training and development program

The ingredients of an excellent HR learning and development program factor in six important measures to maximize the workforce’s productivity, capacity and reliability as they become the business’s evolutionary foundation to the next stage. Here they are.

Align your HR learning and development content against the competition

Competitor analysis is the study of competitors to help determine which company is leading in the industry. It helps identify where your company stands in relation to others in order for you to better plan your training needs.

Top companies train their employees to meet and successfully navigate even the most challenging situations. Identifying the key performance indicators (KPI) of the competitor’s employee training program is one of the HR department’s primary objectives. 

By reverse-engineering their competitor’s customer journey, HR departments can create the best training modules that can beat their top competition.

Once you’ve gathered all the data you need for your competitor analysis report, add them to this template:

hr training and development

It’s designed for marketing, but you can certainly use it to report on your HR findings. If you need a presentation template to go along with the report, here’s one for you:

hr training and development

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Use surveys to make excellent human resource training content

Employee surveys allow you to gain feedback from your employees about their current experience and what they would like to see in the future. By doing this, you can plan relevant training for your employees. Alternatively, HR departments refer to employee surveys as performance research.

Performance research surveys are used to gather data about the organization’s capacity. A survey of this nature usually has a variety of questions about how an organization is performing and what the employees think of the company’s performance. This will help show how the performance can be better based on their perspective.

Using all the data HR researchers gather from these surveys, the department can successfully launch campaigns with full confidence about its relevance and efficacy for employees.

Once all the data and responses have been collected, you can present your survey results using a one pager template, like this one:

hr training and development

Feel free to replace the template’s color scheme with your own brand colors by using My Brand Kit:

hr training and development

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Make sure your HR learning program’s core aligns with the business’s operational goals

Learning programs are not just about teaching. They can also help increase innovation within an organization, which is one of the reasons why they are so valuable. When learning programs align with business goals, they can drive company growth and innovation.

Operational goals are the objectives that the organization is seeking to achieve through its business processes. It has a measurable output that makes it valuable for HR departments because they can use this information to create productivity and capability-enhancing training programs.

Remember your goals through this Vibrant Sustainable Goals Non-Profit Infographic Template.

hr training and development

Keep everybody on the same page with attractive images filled with text that reminds them of what matters in the program. If you’re looking to replace the existing icons or illustrations, just double click them and choose the new ones:

hr training and development

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Define the deliverables of HR training for employees

Deliverables are any work products created by a teacher or a student which are the result of a lesson. Before they start making their actionable learning courses, trainers must establish the clearest picture of deliverables for the employees.

When writing training programs, trainers must understand why each of their lessons is an important aspect of learning. Ask the following questions to develop an effective training program objective:

  • What is the purpose of the training?
  • What is the desired outcome?
  • How will employees be assessed when they complete it?

Here’s what an outline of your training program can look like, populated with actionable learning objectives: 

hr training and development

Let’s say you’ve developed a program for phishing training. It can look like this:

hr training and development

Here are some deliverable examples for this course: 

  • After the course, employees will be able to explain the characteristics of a phishing email
  • After the course, employees who have fallen for a scam will successfully take the four actions required to deal with that situation.

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Introduce a “forever learning” mentality

Having a mindset that encourages us to keep on learning every single day has many benefits. It helps us feel accomplished and improved in our skills, and we can become the best version of ourselves. 

Employees who consistently see their accomplishments through HR training and development programs reflected in their work will feel much more satisfied than stagnant and non-improving employees. Plus, when employees feel like their progress is acknowledged and they’re given the opportunity to improve, they feel more empowered and engaged with their work. 

Give everyone a compatible schedule through this E-Learning Daily Schedule Template.

hr training and development


Report on training results regularly

Without the ability to track the metrics, it would be impossible to know how effective training was. Quantitative data from trainers can become actionable insights that help companies make informed decisions about how to improve their training.

There are many paid and free HR training program measuring tools available today. These tools are designed to inspire, motivate, inspire and encourage teams to do their best. A quick search engine query or referral from allied businesses can give you the best options.

Once you’ve got your results, present them to your management by using this report:

hr training and development

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FAQs about human resources training programs

Who is qualified to handle HR training and development jobs?

Trainers with proper certification and experience in the field are qualified to handle HR training and development programs. If business superiors deem anyone as a qualified trainer, they’re qualified to handle HR training work in the company.

Are there HR training and development courses?

HR trainers undergo specialized programs themselves to earn HR training and development certification. These programs focus on their teaching skills, projection, attention management and other important skills relevant to HR employee training.

Can you tell me the HR training and development specialist job description?

HR training and development specialist trainers work with senior management to help develop, implement or enhance marketing campaigns to meet specific company or individual marketing needs. They typically work with a variety of professionals in a variety of departments such as sales, marketing, human resources and more to help support campaigns and provide insight into how their campaigns can be successful.

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Now, go on and create the best HR training programs!

With these tips and templates, we greatly believe you now have what it takes to create an HR training and development program that enhances productivity and generates long-term value. Get started with one of the templates and Venngage’s powerful editor today.

Surely, you’ll need great graphics to present your HR plan. However, you’ve experienced it before; it takes so much time to create excellent graphics-oriented training modules. Here at Venngage, you’ll find thousands of ready-made templates that you can use and fully customize free of charge. Signing up is free, so register and use our templates today!