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How to Improve Your Email Blast Design Using Infographics

Written by: Cristian Oana

Sep 23, 2021

email blast design

Emails will always have a place in today’s digital marketing landscape. In 2019 alone, there were over 300 billion emails sent, and that figure has most likely risen today. It’s no wonder that around 90 percent of marketers still use emails in their marketing repertoire.

Email marketing won’t cost you too much, is easy to do, and will give you good returns. Besides email campaigns and email newsletters, companies also rely on email blasts as one of their email marketing strategy.

Let’s take a look at what exactly is an email blast and how you can optimize it with infographics, using Venngage’s Email Maker.

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What is an email blast?

As the name suggests, an email blast is when you send out a single email to a number of recipients all at once. It’s one of the early and most used forms of marketing automation.

Thanks to its simplicity, many companies have opted for email blasts in their email marketing campaign. You might have received an email blast before—it can be a product promotion email, a discount announcement, and more.

Here’s an example of an email blast template in the form of a thank-you email sent to members and donors of a nonprofit organization:

email blast design

As you can see, the message in the email is pretty simple and suitable for a large audience. It also includes lots of visuals—in this case, photos of cats and dogs that show exactly who the email is from by just a look.

Due to the simple message, if your email blast design is not impressive, there is a big chance that people won’t even bother reading all of it. Imagine sending thousands of emails only to have five people understand what you have written. Bummer, right?

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What makes a good email blast?

In order to create a good email blast, make sure you pay attention to these three elements:

Target audience

Who are you sending the email to? Even though an email blast is, by nature, to be sent to a large number of recipients, it’s still best to categorize them properly to make sure the message is relevant enough.

This email blast template, for example, is created to be sent to Tango current users only as it provides information about the app’s design updates:

email blast design

With the right target audience and the right email content, there’s a higher chance you will increase the open and click-through rate for your email blasts.

Using an email marketing tool, you can segment your email recipients by behavior, interest, engagement and more.

Email design

Having the right audience is not enough to guarantee a good email marketing campaign. You need to make sure your email design is top-notch, too.

One simple tip when it comes to great email design is to have a clear, eye-catching email header that can capture the recipient’s attention immediately, making them curious and interested in reading more.

This email blast template, for example, uses an email banner that shares the message right away “How to get more high-quality leads”, making it easy for recipients to know what the email content is about.

email blast design

You also want to have the right Call to Action (CTA) in your email blast layout. Make sure it stands out from the email content to increase the chances of your customers clicking on it. Notice that the CTA button “Click Here to Sign Up” from the email template above has a bright red color that makes it pop.

One more thing you want to pay attention to is to make sure your email blast is responsive and readable on both desktop and mobile phones. Most people use smart phones to consume content these days, and you don’t want your emails to break the minute someone starts reading it on their mobile device.

For more tips on how to create an aesthetically pleasing email that actually converts, read our blog post on The Ultimate Email Design Guide for 2021.

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Testing, testing, testing

Just checking the open rates or click-through rates is not enough—you need to perform A/B test as well to see exactly what elements you can change in the email to improve the results.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to email blast layout so make sure you A/B test y our email blasts as you go.

If you’ve tested almost every element—subject line, CTA button size, image position, etc.—and still feel like there’s room for improvement, maybe it’s time to start using infographics in your email design.

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How infographics help improve your email blast design

Did you know that the average human processes visual content 60,000 times faster? It is not really that surprising if you really think about it. When our brains were still young and developing, what were the books that easily helped us learn? The answer is lots and lots of picture-based books.

That is why infographics are one of the best ways to make people understand loads of complex information. By giving a visual reference, our brains retain the information better.

Infographics also normally have a great way to properly space and organize information. This greatly helps make it easier on viewers’ eyes, which in turn helps them digest all the information better.

If you find it difficult to start integrating infographics into your email blasts, don’t worry. We have a library of hundreds of infographics you can use in your emails, or even email newsletter templates ready to be used immediately.

email blast design

Let’s take a look at some of the email blast design templates and examples you can customize for your email marketing campaign.

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Email blast design templates with infographics

You wanna know which templates are best for your email blasts? Let’s find out!

Timeline email template

email blast design

This is an example of a timeline template you can share with your large audience through email if you have a nonprofit organization that raises funds for cancer research.

But you can easily customize this template to deliver any messages that require a timeline, say if you’re developing a video game for a funding platform and you want to convince people to invest. You can edit the timeline to show when you started, how the process is going and when you’re envisioning the project to be finished.

The icon used here is representative of blood donation, but you can easily replace it with any icons that reflect your product or service by double-clicking it:

venngage replace icon

For simpler email announcements that involve time and date but don’t necessarily need a timeline, like an opening day announcement, you can customize this template:

email blast design

For more timeline infographics and timeline templates, check out these blog posts:

Informational email template

email blast design

Sometimes, organizations or companies email us things that require information. Take a look at the infographic newsletter template above: it can easily be sent by a company selling indoor plants to convince their future customers to invest in them.

An informational infographic like this one can help organize all the information you need into sections that are easy to read and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Who wouldn’t want to keep reading something that’s both informative and pretty like the infographic above?

Here’s another example of an informational email blast you can customize for both internal and external audiences:

email blast design

List email template

email blast design

If your email blast layout requires you to do a list, then it would be a great idea to use a list infographic template. This type of template is so effective when you need to relay certain tasks, guidelines, and sections of items or products.

This particular email blast template is the perfect fit for someone from HR as it lists different tips employees can apply to work from home more efficiently.

You can easily customize this template and add your branding to it by uploading your brand colors and logos to My Brand Kit:


And add your branding elements to the design in one click:


Number & statistical email template

email blast design

Numbers and statistics are always going to be some of the most useful things to have in a business. When you do a product analysis, you always have to back it up with numbers. The same goes with sales reports, inventories, product pitches, etc.

This is simply because of the fact that numbers don’t lie. And when we are talking about time and money, you really want the whole truth.

That is why if you are looking for email blast design inspirations, never forget to include lots of numbers in it!

Unfortunately, truth-telling numbers and stats are also boring. Let’s be honest. We all would rather be wicked away somewhere else than sit through hour-long minutes about your company’s monthly sales review.

So when your email requires you to put in a lot of statistical info, use a statistical infographic template to do this. The simple infographic above can easily be downloaded as a PNG and pasted into your written content.

If you want examples of how an actual email may look with numbers and statistics, here’s one for you:

email blast design

Once you’re done editing this template, you can download it as an HTML file that can be imported into Mailchimp or Outlook to be sent to your recipients:

HTML export all steps

Comparison email template

email blast design

Oftentimes, we need to put out ads or informational emails that require comparison. In the advertising game, nearly all competing brands will try to compare themselves with one another. You know, how this Telcom company saves you more minutes or how this car insurance company gives you better deals in the long run.

Use comparison infographics on your email blast design. This type of infographics is so good at highlighting two categories and making sure you understand which values they are comparing. This way, it will be easier for them to see why your product or service is the better choice!

You can also edit the email blast template below for comparison purposes:

email blast design

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In summary: Integrate infographics into your email blasts for a better email marketing campaign

When you are making your email blast design templates, always try to jazz it up with infographics. Send those babies out, and be pleasantly surprised once the analytics come in. It should give you nice, positive results!

Start creating email blasts for your email marketing campaign using Venngage’s Email Maker. No design experience required.