5 Lead Generation Ideas Marketing Infographic Ideas - Venngage Infographic Examples
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5 Lead Generation Ideas Marketing Infographic Ideas

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Infographic Description

Get the most out of your social media infographics when you utilize design techniques like in this infographic example! This list infographic from Venngage has everything you need to get started designing like an expert.


It’s the perfect minimal design that’s effective and will draw attention. You’ll notice that the list is done with images and bold headings in text boxes. Whether you’re creating a business or a marketing infographic, you can use this tips infographic for inspiration.


Rather than leaving the template with just text and color, it’s always a great idea to add graphic images or icons. Each item on the list is represented by a colorful image that’s the perfect size.


The designer also made sure that they used bold headings for important text like the titles and items on the list. Do this in any social media infographic to emphasize vital information!


You can use text boxes to offset the headings from the body text. If you want a simple design, minimal fonts are a great choice as long as the content is easy to read.


Test out these techniques for quality social media infographics!

Infographic Features

Color Palette



700 × 1698px



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