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How to Design a Venn Diagram in Google Docs?

By Ivonna Cabrera, Apr 25, 2022

venn diagram google docs

Venn diagrams are used to visually organize and compare information.

In a Venn diagram, similarities and differences between concepts are singled out in order to portray how they are connected.

Commonly used in problem-solving, comparative analysis, and understanding basic concepts, learning how to create a Venn diagram can help you simplify and bring clarity to complex ideas.

This post will focus on teaching you how to make a Venn diagram in Google Docs.

We will also examine the many ways you can create better, more visually appealing Venn diagrams using Venngage’s Venn Diagram Maker.


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4 steps to create a Venn diagram in Google Docs

Building a Venn diagram natively in Google Docs is fairly easy and can be summarized into four steps:

Step #1: Add a drawing in your Google Doc using Google Drawings

From the Insert tab in your new Google Document, choose ‘Drawing’ to add a drawing on the page. A pop-up window will then open, containing a blank canvas and all the tools you will need to draw your diagram.

venn diagram google docs

Step #2: Create your Venn diagram circles

Now, select the Shape tool, choose Shapes, and pick the Oval shape to draw two overlapping circles. Make sure the circles have enough space inside them to put all the necessary information. The circles should not be filled and should have a distinct outline. With the circles joint together, there should now be three sections in your diagram:

venn diagram google docs

Add more circles if you will be comparing more than two things.

Step #3: Label the sections of your Venn diagram

Next, at the top of each circle, put the names of the concepts or topics in question. They should be outside the circles for clarity and distinction. Use the Text Box tool to add labels.

In the middle section where the two circles overlap, write all the characteristics that the concepts have in common. Then, on the opposite sections of the circles, input all the features that are unique to each concept. Your Venn diagram should now look like this:

venn diagram google docs

Dig deeper and think of advantages and disadvantages, benefits and limitations, and other factors to help you come up with a logical conclusion about the concepts.

Step #4: Format the diagram

Finally, add design elements like colors and fonts to finish your diagram. This will help you distinguish each section and concept better. Use the Fill Color tool and play around with the transparency to create a distinct color for each section. Once you’re done, click Save and Close. Your Venn diagram will now be on your Google Doc:

venn diagram google docs

How to make a Venn diagram in Google Slides

As part of the Google Workspace or formerly Google Apps, creating a Venn diagram in Google Slides involves basically the same steps.

On a new Google Presentation file, delete the text boxes so you will be left with just a blank slide. Then from the Insert tab, choose Shapes and select the Oval shape to create the circles:

venn diagram google docs

Now, insert text boxes and fill in each section of the diagram. Edit the shape and font colors to complete your Venn diagram.

venn diagram google docs

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Disadvantages of using Google Docs to create a Venn diagram

Although Google Docs is free and easy to use, it’s not exactly a design tool which means there are only limited things you can do to enhance the design of your Venn diagram.

Moreover, you have to manually build your Venn diagram using basic shapes because Google Docs doesn’t offer Venn diagram templates to speed up the creation process.

Lastly, with Google Docs, you can only save your work as a PDF, text, or Word document, which is not ideal if you need to present your Venn diagram to teammates or audiences.

Since it takes more time and effort to make a Venn diagram in Google Docs, it is not a recommended tool for creating Venn diagrams.

Why Venngage is a better tool for creating Venn diagrams

Unlike Google Docs, Venngage’s Venn Diagram Maker is an online graphic design software that is specifically made for creating Venn diagrams.

venn diagram google docs

With Venngage, you can customize professional Venn diagrams for free through our vast collection of Venn diagram templates, letting you create your own in a matter of minutes.

Here’s one example of a Venn diagram template that you can make the most of here at Venngage:

venn diagram google docs

Not only is it complete with icons and a color scheme, but you can also use the diagram itself to analyze different marketing concepts.

Another advantage of Venngage’s Venn Diagram Maker is its user-friendly editor with a drag-and-drop feature that lets you easily add and edit elements in the template.

Here’s another example of a Venn diagram template that you can customize using Venngage’s smart editor:

venn diagram google docs

You can change the colors, shapes, labels, and even choose new fonts, icons, and backgrounds from our library.

Venngage also has a business feature called My Brand Kit that enables you to add your company’s logo, color palette, and fonts to all your designs with a single click.

For example, you can make this Venn diagram template reflect your brand design by uploading your brand logo, fonts, and color palette using Venngage’s branding feature:

venn diagram google docs

Not only are Venngage templates free to use and professionally designed, but they are also tailored for various use cases and industries to fit your exact needs and requirements.

venn diagram google docs

A business account also includes the real-time collaboration feature, so you can invite members of your team to work simultaneously on a project.

Venngage allows you to share your Venn diagram online as well as download it as a PNG or PDF file. That way, your Venn diagram will always be presentation-ready.

Taking all these things into consideration, Venngage’s Venn Diagram Maker is a better tool than Google Docs.

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FAQs about Venn diagrams

How do you make a Venn diagram using Venngage?

Making Venn diagrams with Venngage is as simple as these steps:

  1. Sign up to create an account and start designing your diagram for free
  2. Select a Venn diagram template from Venngage’s templates library
  3. Replace the labels on each section with information about the topics or concepts you want to organize and compare
  4. Customize the colors, fonts, icons, and other elements to make your own design
  5. Download or share your newly created Venn diagram

As an added bonus, paid accounts can use Venngage’s real-time collaboration feature which allows teammates or colleagues to make changes to your Venn diagram.

Can you draw diagrams on Google Docs?

Aside from Google Drawings, Google Docs currently only has templated charts that you can edit through Google Sheets. There are no diagrams or diagram templates on Google Docs. Creating a diagram on Google Docs will require you to start from scratch and draw a diagram bit by bit using basic shapes and lines, which is time and effort-consuming.

How do you make overlapping circles in Google Docs?

There are two ways to make overlapping circles in Google Docs:

The first way is to use the Oval shape and create two circles then drag them toward each other until their lines intersect and a section is formed in the middle. Initially, the circles should not be filled so you will see if the sections are equal.

The second way is to create only a single circle then copy and paste it onto the canvas. This ensures that you have two perfectly identical circles which you can then merge to create overlapping circles.

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In conclusion: designing a Venn diagram is better with Venngage

Venngage’s Venn Diagram Maker is easy to use, more efficient, and fully featured so it will be the ideal tool to help you create an impressive Venn diagram. Use Venngage’s Venn Diagram Maker to make your next Venn diagram.

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