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10 St Patrick’s Day Post Ideas for 2022

Written by: Letícia Fonseca

Mar 14, 2022

st patrick's day post

Every March 17th, people across the world celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Originally a religious celebration, it has also become about parades, pubs, and parties over time. With it being a festive day, it’s a great opportunity to not just enjoy but also make your business known. 

For that, here is our list of 10 St. Patrick’s Day post ideas for the holiday dedicated to all things wee bit Irish, and some Venngage templates you can fully customize for those posts.


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Social media post ideas on St. Patrick’s Day

For businesses, St. Patrick’s Day is a good occasion to promote your product and bring more customers in. You can do this through social media posts, flyers, posters, and infographics. If done right, you can reach tens of thousands of people, which can become hundreds of customers.

Here are the things you can do to promote your business on St. Patrick’s Day:

Funny St. Patrick’s Day quotes

st patrick's day post

Whether you’re trying to be funny (but make sure it’s on brand!) or simply attract attention, funny quotes are always a good idea. 

To help inspire your social media strategy for St. Patrick’s Day, you can search for and use hilarious quotes related to St. Patrick, Ireland, the Irish, their legendary ability to hold their liquor, St. Patrick’s Day symbols like leprechauns, shamrocks, and other things.

St Patrick’s Day captions on social media posts

st patrick's day post

People tend to share posts that have unique and relatable captions, so it’s important to give them something worth sharing.

You can use a general “Happy St Patrick’s Day!” caption, something catchy, quirky, and funny, like “You know it’s St Patrick’s Day when the Beatles are on the jukebox”, or something inspiring like “May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go. Happy St Patrick’s Day!”

St Patrick’s Day slogans

st patrick's day post

If you aren’t in the office on St Patrick’s day, or simply don’t have time to craft a post, then using slogans is your best bet. They’re easy to create and the result is guaranteed. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • “All the joy”
  • “Just my luck”
  • “Beer happy”
  • “May you have Irish luck!”
  • “May all your wishes come true today! #StPatricksDay”
  • “May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. Happy St Patrick’s Day!”
  • “The luck of the Irish is with you on St Patrick’s Day.”
  • “A day without green is like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!”

St Patrick’s Day Instagram captions on posts

st patrick's day post

If you use Instagram, then simply choose your favorite St Patrick’s Day picture and add a caption. It doesn’t have to be long or poetic, even one word is enough sometimes. 

Some people opt for funny captions on cute St. Patrick posts, while others go with a more formal tone. It’s up to you to decide which one will work best for your brand.

If you need some more inspiration for Instagram posts, check out these articles:

Shamrock captions, images, and posts

st patrick's day post

Shamrocks are a symbol of faith and Ireland as a whole, so using them as social media posts is always a good idea. This is true especially because four-leaf clovers are seen as lucky charms.

On a more Saint Patrick-related note, he wore a shamrock on his cloak because it was said to be a symbol of the trinity and it also represented the Holy Trinity. It’s also said that he used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to explain it using three leaves, each one growing out of the other.

Shamrock images make good posts because they go well with any caption. The same goes for shamrock captions, such as “You’re my lucky charm”, “Lucky you”, “I’m rooting for you”, and so on.

If you aren’t using hashtags already, we suggest that you do it this time around because many people will be sharing posts about the holiday and they might look for them via hashtags.

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Trivia about St. Patrick, Ireland, and other related things

st patrick's day post

If you want to go the extra mile with your audience, then consider adding trivia on your St. Patrick’s Day captions, images, and posts. Make sure all the trivia you add is well researched as anything you post is a reflection of your business and your brand as a whole. 

Recipe tips

st patrick's day post

If you’re running a cooking blog or website, then you can always share your own recipe for Irish dishes. Many people will be online looking for fun recipes, especially on the 17th of March, so this is an opportunity to promote yourself and your brand in a positive way.

To make sure there’s a higher chance of your recipe ranking well on search engines like Google or Bing, make sure you optimize it for SEO. Here are some tips:

All things green

st patrick's day post

Since Saint Patrick is both the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland and green is the color associated with him, it’s only natural that it’s the most popular color on his day. Bonus points if you post a picture of yourself wearing a green shirt while drinking green beer.

If the branding of your business has the color green on it, then lucky you because this day is going to be a great marketing opportunity. You can apply your brand colors to your posts easily using My Brand Kit:

st patrick's day post

Leprechaun photos and captions

st patrick's day post

If you aren’t familiar with leprechauns, then now is the time to learn. Quite the tricksters that give those they encounter a wee bit o trouble, leprechauns are tiny little dwarves wearing a green hat and overalls. Often seen with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the only way to catch them is to get that pot.

You can post pictures of yourself in green, pretending to be a leprechaun. On the other hand, you can use templates with leprechaun symbols, such as their iconic hat. Whichever you go with, don’t forget to include a caption with it. 

St. Patrick’s Day event promotions

st patrick's day post

Take advantage of this occasion by launching an event or promo for your business, and then advertise about it on social media. Some cities have parades in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, so if you have the luck of the Irish and are in one of them, then you can post about it too and further promote what you have in store for the day.

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FAQs about St. Patrick’s Day

What is St Patrick’s day about?

Even though many people are unaware, St Patrick’s Day is not just about green beer or Irish stereotypes. Instead, it commemorates everything that the founder of Ireland did for its people. 

According to legend, Patrick was born into a wealthy family in Roman Britain. Later, he was kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery. He spent over 6 years in Ireland, working as a shepherd and then as a missionary. It was during this time that he developed his strong connection to the Emerald Isle and its people.

Upon returning home and learning about Christianity, Patrick became an ordained bishop. He eventually returned to Ireland and built churches, ordained priests & deacons, and converted thousands of pagans. He also encouraged them to preach and spread their faith. 

He was, however, not able to do the same throughout all of Ireland. Other areas had already been conquered by pagan groups such as the Picts and Scots. Finally, he spent his last days in Connacht where he passed away on March 17th, 444 AD.

What do the colors on St Patrick’s Day mean?

Green is one of the colors of the Irish flag and the most dominant color during St. Patrick’s Day, and for good reason. In many countries across the world, green is an indicator to stay away from a certain area. In Ireland, however, it represents hope and rebirth.

The other two colors of the Irish flag are not as prominent during this special day, but they’re not any less significant. White represents peace and purity, while orange signifies Irish resistance.

How is St. Patrick’s Day celebrated today?

As mentioned earlier, St Patrick’s Day is now a beloved holiday that brings together people from all walks of life. It is celebrated in many ways, such as parades and festivals, but green and Irish flags are always present.

It is also worth mentioning that green foods and drinks, such as potatoes & cabbage, seem to increase in sales on this day. It is believed that the color reminds people of shamrocks, which represent luck and faith, and everything that St Patrick did for Ireland.

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Promote your business on St. Patrick’s Day! 

St. Patrick’s Day can be solemn and spiritual or loud and festive. What matters is that you celebrate it the way you want to, and that you promote your business while doing so. 

Enjoy celebrating this joyous occasion with these beautiful and witty St. Patrick’s Day templates and post ideas. Happy St. Patty’s Day!

About Letícia Fonseca

Letícia is a Content Marketing Specialist, and she is responsible for the International strategy at Venngage.