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10 Instagram Layout Templates [+Examples and Tips]

Written by: Joan Ang

Jan 31, 2022

instagram layout template

Instagram has become the most popular visual social media platform. How can you create a great first impression with your Instagram feed? By using the Instagram grid layout to your advantage.

In this post, we’ll show you how to create a beautiful Instagram grid layout. We’ll also share some Instagram layout template examples that are better to use than a single image.

Don’t have the time to create images? Venngage has customizable Instagram templates so you don’t have to start with a blank canvas.


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What is an Instagram layout?

An Instagram grid layout refers to the arrangement of consecutive or alternate posts that share a complete picture. You can also create an Instagram grid with six or nine posts.

Different Instagram layouts help brands get more traction on their feed. It also diversifies the way companies communicate with their audiences. 

A creative Instagram grid layout goes beyond adding images, text, shapes, colors, and other design elements. Your post should be well organized across a diagonal grid layout so that your audience can easily grasp your message.

Here’s an example of a visual that would work well in an Instagram grid layout.

instagram layout template

This visual could easily appear in the middle of an Instagram grid layout, with two similar images flanking either side.

Create Instagram grid layouts that fit your brand aesthetic with Venngage’s My Brand Kit. The feature imports your brand logo, color palette, and fonts from your website so you can apply it to every Instagram image with just one click.

instagram layout template

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Why do you need to layout Instagram posts? 

Marketers still believe that a high-quality photo and a well-written caption are enough to get more visitors to the company’s Instagram account.

But you have to consider how the Instagram grid layout looks to visitors if you want to get the most out of this social media platform.

Here are two reasons why you need to properly organize your content calendar according to the Instagram grid layout to generate qualified leads online.

An organized Instagram grid layout helps you stand out

For businesses, the competition online is getting tougher. You need to make sure that all your marketing collateral is on point. This includes the posts you create for the Instagram grid layout.

You need to think beyond individual posts. Plan out the design and messages in advance in a content calendar. Make a note of the color scheme you’ll be adopting for that section of the Instagram grid.

Build a unique style, either by adding white borders, creating a puzzle grid with images and text-based posts, or using the same filter on all images. Maintain that consistent look across your Instagram grid.

Always add your brand logo to strengthen brand recognition and recall, like in this example for an event invite.

instagram layout template

Remember that Instagram for business takes a different approach compared to a personal account. Your business account feed shouldn’t be like everyone else’s. It is meant to supplement your digital marketing strategy.

A well-designed Instagram grid layout style attracts the right audience 

Instagram grid layouts aren’t just about aesthetics, though that plays a big part in drawing an audience. You need to understand how your market behaves because a design that works for one set of demographics may not work for yours.

When you use the right Instagram grid layout, you capture users’ attention. But you also prove your professionalism.

Let us give you a couple of examples to prove our point.

This Instagram post is a testimonial from an organization’s target market. The visual uses a classic font and a simple design, with a thick blue border.

instagram layout template

You can add a white border to it or change the color scheme to suit your brand.

Now, take a look at another example of a testimonial post. 

instagram layout template

A younger audience will appreciate this vibrant design on an Instagram grid. Plus, using an actual photo of the customer adds credibility to your Instagram feed and your brand. Note how the font is also more modern in keeping with the target demographic.

Both these templates can be reused to create a uniform Instagram grid layout or used in a puzzle grid to appeal to the intended market.

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What makes a good Instagram layout?

A memorable Instagram grid layout depends on your audience and goals. Before you create a design and schedule posts, identify your audience and the goals of your Instagram strategy. 

Also, take the time to examine your competitors’ pages and see which posts are working well for them.

While a good layout is subjective, following the three tips below will help you perfect your Instagram grid layout.

Use high-quality images

No one wants to see pixelated images. This can give users a poor impression of your brand.

Since most companies don’t have the budget to hire professional models or photographers or a creative director to organize all this, you have to get creative.

Take some expert advice from photographers online on how to shoot amazing photos with a smartphone. Use apps to add a particular filter across all your photos. And be sure to organize your photos to have an easier time tracking them.

Or you can use templates that use stock photos but look unique enough not to be confused with other accounts, like this example.

instagram layout template

Venngage’s library includes over 4 million stock photos that will make your Instagram grid layout come alive. Choose a template and double-click the photo to replace it with an image that fits your message.

instagram layout template

Keep it minimal

It can be tempting to throw a lot of design elements into an Instagram image. But you don’t want your Instagram grid layout to look chaotic. That could send users away.

When designing visuals, use only the elements that convey your central message. Whether those elements are photos, icons, or quotes, choose one element.

Another trick is to use one font and adjust the size to highlight different parts of your message. Look at how this template uses font sizes to draw the eye.

instagram layout template

Aim for a consistent look

It is incredibly important to be consistent when you post on Instagram. One incorrect photo and your Instagram grid layout will look messy.

For example, every new design should be consistent with how your previous posts look. It should follow the overall theme and the color palette. This will improve the look of your Instagram layout and appeal to users. 

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What are the types of Instagram post layouts?

There are various types of Instagram grid layouts that a marketing team can aim to recreate. Here are the top three types.

Checkerboard feed 

This type of layout alternates two colors or post types. A good strategy is posting photos followed by quotes, usually separated by a white border. Ensure that your quotes have the same background.

Row-by-row layout 

Instead of alternating posts, you can publish three consecutive posts followed by three quotations.

Anyone visiting your feed will see three posts with the same format in the same row, followed by a different set of similar pictures.

Images like the one below can be duplicated to create three similar images with different icons and text.

instagram layout template

The row-by-row design is a great way to make your Instagram grid layout visually appealing and tell your brand story.

Vertical or horizontal photos 

Several brands and individuals use several photos to make up one large image. These photos usually appear either horizontally or vertically.

When a user visits your feed, they can see the complete image, separated only by the narrow white borders on Instagram.

A template like the one below can make up a part of a larger image with more icons and statistics.

instagram layout template

Puzzle grid layout

For big marketing campaigns, use gamification on social media. Divide a large image into six or nine images and create a puzzle grid.

This can be a difficult layout to pull off. Individual posts that appear on a user’s feed may not make sense. But with strong enough photography and captivating captions, the puzzle can entice users to visit your account.

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What are the best Instagram layouts from Venngage? 

If you do not have the time to create your Instagram visuals from scratch, you can use Venngage’s customizable templates. Here are three popular templates that you can edit for your brand.

Healthcare workers Instagram post 

Looking for a fun design that shows your appreciation for health care workers? This template can attract attention and work well in a grid.

instagram layout template

The bright colors can make anyone stop scrolling. This type of template can work well in a puzzle layout or for a row-by-row design.

Modern nonprofit quote Instagram post 

The example below is a creative template for testimonials in a checkerboard layout.

instagram layout template

You can add a small photo of your customers to give the testimonial credibility and make a bigger impact.

Nonprofit announcement Instagram post template 

When you’re running a marketing campaign, adding a hashtag to your Instagram photos is a good strategy, like in this creative image.

instagram layout template

Using templates like this can help you save time when creating Instagram posts. You can change the color palette across different posts to complement your Instagram grid layout.

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What are the common mistakes in creating Instagram layouts? 

Perfecting your Instagram feed can take time and practice. There are a few mistakes new marketers need to avoid on this social media platform.

One of the biggest mistakes is not planning your Instagram posts. When you’re trying to curate your Instagram grid layout, poor planning can throw your entire design out of whack.

Adopt a theme and maintain consistency. Remember that seasonal content for Thanksgiving, Halloween, or the holiday season may affect your aesthetic.

You also want to avoid using too many design elements. There is very limited real estate on Instagram posts. Leave room for white space. 

Lastly, you do not have to add a lot of text to your Instagram photos. If you want to say more, that should go to your caption.

Create powerful Instagram layout designs with Venngage

Curating an Instagram grid layout can take time and patience. More than anything else, you need to spend time planning. See how others are using their grid layout before making any decision.

With Venngage, you can choose templates to build out an Instagram grid layout that will appeal to your target demographic. Use the drag-and-drop editor to customize the templates for your brand and create an Instagram feed that will help you execute a successful marketing campaign.