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15 Medical Poster Templates for Patient Education

By Daleska Pedriquez, Nov 17, 2021

15 Medical Poster Templates for Patient Education Blog Header

Effective communication is the key to better understanding people, particularly in the healthcare industry.

This is necessary to make patients aware of the medical options available to them, such as in this consultation poster.


Medical professionals and personnel have to be able to keep patients informed about their health and help them take measures to prevent or manage diseases.

These visual presentations are more likely to drive action and change behavior. in this post, we’ll share a few examples of medical poster templates that can be used for patient education.

Haven’t made a poster before? Improve healthcare communications by using Venngage templates for posters and business cards and ensure the safety of patients both in the hospital and at home.


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Mental health awareness poster templates

Mental health is an essential part of an individual’s overall health and well-being.

The general perception about mental health has significantly improved over the years, but mental illness stigma still remains.

We share poster design ideas and tips that will make it easier to break the stigma and reach patients.

End stigma mental health poster template

Stigma has adversely affected people seeking professional help for their mental health issues. It’s also led to a decline in resources used to treat mental illness.

This creative poster template shows how medical practitioners can end the stigma.

End Stigma Mental Health Poster Template

Keep the poster production timeline in mind when creating a campaign like this so that your rollout reaches the audience that most needs help.

Dark mental health poster template

Black and Orange Mental Health Poster Template

Use a poster like the one above to share research findings on mental health and advocate to end the stigma around it, while giving patients adequate resources to search for the help they need.

When you want to promote a healthy lifestyle, use images of healthy food and people doing various activities, so patients can see themselves in the poster.

Look for the perfect photo to use among Venngage’s gallery of free stock photos or upload your own to add a more personalized touch.

replace free stock photos v2

Cartoon mental health event poster template

This is a simple event poster that is both calming and neutral. It catches the eye and makes people feel comfortable about signing up for the event.

Cartoon Mental Health Event Poster Template

You can improve the reach of your poster by posting it on your clinic walls or sharing it online. Other websites where your patients may search for help could also be a good place to distribute the poster.

Need help designing your poster? With Venngage for Business, you can access priority support any time of the day from our customer success team.


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Design tips:

Colors can be used in many different ways, like providing therapy.

Color therapy is an alternative medicine that uses colors as an aid for treating diseases and is even recognized as a treatment for mental illness.

Before designing your poster relevant to mental health, learn which colors are appropriate and suited to your concept.

Explore Venngage’s wide selection of ready-to-use color palettes or create your own.

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Global health issues [pandemic] poster templates

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the world.

The challenge for healthcare workers hasn’t just been mitigating transmission and treating patients, but also influencing preventive efforts on a global scale.

Without an effective poster or infographics, people wouldn’t be well-informed about the virus and how to protect themselves against it.

COVID-19 healthcare study poster template

A poster like the one below could be shared to engage practitioners and patients in conversation about the pandemic.

COVID-19 Healthcare Study Poster Template

Add more details to it such as research from a peer-reviewed journal or medical experts to make the poster and study session more impactful.

You can change the icon to reflect a variety of medical professionals. Double-click the icon you want to change and choose from our icon library.


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Reopening guide poster template

The World Health Organization regularly uses posters and other graphics to spread awareness about COVID-19.

This simple poster uses icons and arrows to explain physical distancing and hygiene protocols.

Employer Reopening Guide Tabloid Poster Template

This type of poster can be used in numerous places, including elevators, medical sites, and other websites that are sharing social distancing information.

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Pandemic safety pet clinic poster template

This colorful template shows people exactly how to bring their pets to a vet during the pandemic.

Pandemic Safety Pet Clinic Poster Template

Note the use of colors and icons to draw the eye and make the information easy to understand at a glance. Review the process before you create the poster so the details are correct.

Venngage’s library includes over 40,000 icons, including diverse people icons, that you can add to your poster.


Design tips:

When designing a poster presentation, it is important to be informative without losing your creativity.

Find the perfect balance between being serious in imparting knowledge and being visually engaging by using icons and other illustrations.

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Healthy lifestyle poster templates

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is synonymous with having a rejuvenated body and mind, and improved well-being.

It is the key to boosting an individual’s energy that ultimately leads to a better performance in their everyday life.

Cooking lesson poster

When you live a healthy lifestyle, you feel better and more comfortable. This helps people live a happy and healthy life to its full extent.

But there’s also a lot of anxiety around food and cooking. That’s why this simple and elegant poster to promote a cooking lesson will help people feel more engaged.

Cooking Lesson Poster

Orange nutritional value flyer template

In the field of health, healthcare practitioners and professionals have a huge influence on people trying to adopt different eating habits.

Doctors, nurses, dieticians, and nutritionists can get their point across better with a bright flyer, like the one below.

Orange Nutritional Value Flyer Template

Vegan lifestyle event poster template

Medical practitioners can recommend key lifestyle changes and provide essential ongoing support to patients.

Word of mouth and educational materials such as posters, flyers, and other infographics are great tools to bridge the gap between medical professionals and patients.

Vegan Lifestyle Event Poster Template

Design tips:

Nobody has the time and energy to read dull and boring posters. To spice up your design, include graphic elements such as photos, charts, and diagrams in your infographics and posters.

Make sure to include only those that reinforce the idea you want to convey so you keep your readers’ attention focused on the real point.

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Dental hygiene poster templates

A beautiful smile and a healthy mouth are undeniably two of the greatest assets that a person can have.

Our teeth play a huge part in our everyday activities such as chewing, digesting food, and talking.

The need to establish a good oral care routine is very important.

Dental education poster template

However, visits to the dentist can be challenging. The best way to circumvent this anxiety is to create a poster that shares the health benefits of a good dental routine.

Dental Education Poster Template

To amplify awareness and knowledge about proper oral hygiene, posters could be utilized as educational material.

Dental medical pamphlet

Educational posters have significantly improved the level of literacy of people about health-related matters, including dental health.

Dentists can use this research to advertise their services and attract a larger clientele using a poster like the one below.

Dental Medical Pamphlet Template

Research has shown that healthcare personnel’s communication skills help patients better follow through with the medical recommendations provided.

Oral hygiene dental tips poster template

Relying solely on your body’s natural defenses, and daily brushing and flossing of teeth aren’t enough to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

This poster helps break down the various ways patients can keep their teeth healthy so they don’t need to visit the dentist too often.

Oral Hygiene Dental Tips Poster Template

Design tips:

Every element that is incorporated in a template’s design, even the font used for the brief text in your output, has an impact on the impression that a poster makes.

Just like the templates above, you can play with the font styles and size to create a more impactful and engaging poster. Apply bold headings so as to break the content up into smaller sections.

The Venngage editor has a plethora of font styles to choose from to make the poster uniquely your own.

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Meditation and yoga event poster templates

Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Relax and feel the fresh air as you immerse in mental clarity and calmness with the help of yoga and meditation.

Most of us have heard these words. But how do yoga practitioners share the importance of yoga with patients? A well-designed poster can help.

Yoga class poster

Yoga, an ancient practice that brings mind and body together, is said to have numerous benefits for both an individual’s mental and physical health.

This class poster explains how yoga can improve skills and health. And it does so without cluttering up the visual.

Yoga Class Poster

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Meditation corporate facts poster template

Yoga and meditation help decrease stress and relieve anxiety. They can also improve heart health, reduce chronic pain, and improve flexibility, balance, and breathing.

This poster shares research around corporate wellness and can be used to stress the need for more meditation in an employee’s life.

Wellness Infographic

Colorful infographic poster template

As many novel diseases come to challenge the human race, threats brought about by poor habits impact people’s health.

Healthcare workers and HR teams can promote yoga and meditation as a way to reduce stress using this type of infographic poster.

Simple Infographic

Design tips:

Invoke the same calming feeling one gets from doing yoga with a template that’s relaxing to the eyes.

Use an appropriate color scheme and photo set that relates to the yoga event.

Add smaller photo insets to the poster template to accentuate the full-size photo for the background.

Create a medical poster that educates patients about their health practices

Ensuring the safety of patients and equipping them with knowledge on proper healthcare are the top reasons for creating effective healthcare communication structures.

Healthcare facilities and organizations should have a medical poster for each of their primary areas of concern. This will guide patients and the general public toward a healthier life.

With Venngage’s professionally designed poster templates and infographics, medical professionals can create compelling and effective visual aids for all their communication needs.

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