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25+ Marketing Plan Templates for Campaign Strategy

Written by: Jennifer Gaskin

Jun 28, 2023

Marketing Plan Templates

A marketing plan is a roadmap for promoting your business and achieving marketing goals. It outlines your target audience, strategies, tactics, budget and how you’ll measure success.

Every clever marketing campaign in history started with a humble plan. But they didn’t all start out with a well-designed and engaging plan. Make your marketing plan engaging and exciting for team members with the help of Venngage’s marketing plan maker.

Venngage is the go-to design platform for marketing pros. Create infographics, pitch desk, campaign reports and more with just a few clicks. Venngage can even help get your plans off the ground with dozens of beautiful and engaging marketing plan templates that can bring life to your next campaign.

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Why do you need a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is essential because it provides a clear angle for businesses to effectively promote their products or services, reach their target audience, and achieve their marketing goals. Organizations of all sizes need marketing plans for the same reason they need any other type of plan: Failing to plan means planning to fail. Today’s multi-channel marketing environment is not one that lends itself to flying by the seat of your pants.

Beyond organizing the marketing campaigns you want to launch, a good marketing plan involves researching your competitors and understanding your target audience. Both of these elements are fundamental to properly positioning your organization in the industry.

25 Marketing plan templates & examples for crafting a winning campaign

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Free marketing plan example

There’s no single way to make a great marketing plan, and excellent examples come from every imaginable industry. Here’s an example of a marketing plan you can build if you for your next campaign:

marketing plan template

Consider this nonprofit marketing plan template so you can be sure you’re regularly producing engaging content that’s effective at creating interest and advocacy for your cause.

Even though it’s a nonprofit marketing plan, you can definitely customize this template for your own business.

Let’s take a look at some more marketing plan templates you can use for your strategy, media planning, content planning and more.

Marketing strategy plan template

The heart of any good strategy is understanding what sets you apart. That’s true in many aspects of business, particularly in marketing, where the wrong messaging or positioning could make your organization seem irrelevant or uneducated.

In marketing, it is crucial to avoid conveying incorrect or misguided messages or positioning strategies, as they can lead to your organization appearing irrelevant or misinformed.

Marketing Plan Template

Use this content marketing strategy plan template to center market research and content planning, or update it to cover areas like target buyers and key performance indicators.

Maybe you’re not working on this plan by yourself. Once you upgrade to a Venngage Business account, you can enjoy exclusive Business features like real-time collaboration with your team members:

marketing plan template

Everyone from your team will then be on the same page regarding the marketing strategy plan you have for the year.

Marketing strategy template

Before crafting a solid plan, it is important to have a clear understanding of the organization’s strategy. Developing successful strategies will provide the foundation for effective planning, enabling a better understanding of the industry and the organization’s position within it.

Marketing Plan Template

This marketing strategy template focuses on the organization’s current social media presence, which will allow team members to craft clever tactics for getting the company where it needs to be.

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Free marketing plan template

Create simple marketing plans for all your campaigns with free templates from Venngage. Upgrading to a business or premium account gives you access to outstanding features, but you can get started for free.

Marketing Plan Template

This simple free marketing plan template is a good starting place for organizations that don’t have tons of robust data and ones that don’t need to explain the state of their industry.

Simple marketing plan template

Some marketing plans can lean toward the simplistic. These types of presentations are helpful for distinct segments of broader campaigns, and they can be useful for organizing thoughts early in the planning stages.

Marketing Plan Template

This simple marketing plan template covers all the basics, including goals and timing.

You can see that the designer of this template adds some icons to make the design more visually appealing. You can keep the icons or easily switch them out to fit your content in just several clicks:

Venngage Editor - Replace Icons

One-page marketing plan template

While most comprehensive marketing plans consist of several pages, that’s not always required. One-page marketing plans can give your team all the salient information they need to do their jobs and ensure the success of the organization.

marketing plan template

This one-page marketing plan template uses the mind map format to organize marketing planning. Many outreach methods are covered, and color coding helps keep everything clear for the reader.

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Marketing plan PowerPoint template

It’s not the newest kid on the block, but PowerPoint remains one of the most popular and useful pieces of office software.

Let’s take a look at this marketing budget proposal template:

Marketing Plan Template

You can customize this budget proposal template for your presentation to management and stakeholders for a new marketing campaign.

As a Venngage for Business user, you can present the slides directly on our editor by clicking “Present”, or you can export the presentation as a .pptx file that you can use on PowerPoint or Google Slides easily:

Venngage Editor - Download in PowerPoint

Content marketing plan template

When planning for content marketing, it is crucial to decide which channels your organization should target and determine the keywords that align with your organization’s objectives. Having a solid content marketing plan template can make it easier for organizations to replicate successful campaigns over time.

marketing plan template

You can easily add new pages or shift their order however you want.

If you don’t like the current colors or fonts used on this content marketing plan, you can change it to your brand colors or fonts in just a few clicks with My Brand Kit.

Simply add your website and Venngage will pull the brand logos and colors automatically for you:

marketing plan template

After that, you’ll have all your branding elements ready to be added to all of your designs:

Venngage My Brand Kit

Marketing campaign template

When crafting plans for a marketing campaign, it’s necessary to take a step back so your team can understand how the various planks of the campaign work together.

Marketing Plan Template

This marketing campaign template provides a comprehensive look at an organization’s entire content marketing ecosystem. It could be updated for any other channel, though, including social media, SEO and others.

Social media marketing plan template

Social media marketing plans can be quite detailed or they can be broad. There’s no right answer, except that you should be doing social media marketing.

Marketing Plan Template

Organize your social media marketing campaign with this friendly, engaging presentation. Add details or keep things high-level if that’s right for the audience for your plans.

Social media planning template

Social media remains one of the most mission-critical channels for marketers. If your organization has no social media plans, you will miss out on the unbeatable impact of social media.

Click to see the full template you can use for your social media marketing strategy:

Marketing Plan Template

Make sure your social media strategy is on-point with this infographic that covers where to post, when to post and how to post on a variety of the most popular platforms.

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Social media plan examples

It’s important to have a presence on the social media channels that your target audience prefers to connect with, but remember that each platform has its own unique characteristics.

Here are some examples of social media plans to demonstrate the distinctiveness required for crafting Facebook and Instagram strategies and posts, even though they belong to the same company now.

Marketing Plan Template

Make your Facebook posts more engaging by adding images. It’s been well-established that posts including images have far higher engagement rates than text-only posts.

marketing plan template

Use this template to build an Instagram post carousel, which happens to be the most engaging type of post on Instagram, according to researchers.

Budget marketing template

Depending on the audience for your marketing plan presentation, including the campaign or department budget can be useful.

marketing plan template

If your goal is to show return on investment, it’s wise to hold the actual investment amount until the end of the presentation and then revisit the overall strategy compared to the money the organization will spend.

Brand strategy template

Ensuring the correct positioning of your organization in the market is critical, as it prevents unnecessary competition with other companies for the wrong audience. Consider incorporating your organization’s brand strategy and analyzing past results as you craft your marketing plans.

Marketing Plan Template

This brand strategy presentation is ideal for companies looking to improve on previous campaigns as they strengthen their awareness in the industry.

You can see that this one is in the form of a presentation which you can easily export as a .pptx file to use on PowerPoint.

For some of our recommended marketing templates that are in proposal format (like the one right below), you can download them as a PDF or Interactive PDF (to keep the clicks clickable) and easily send them to management or stakeholders.

Digital marketing plan template

Digital marketing plan templates can cover all the outreach your company is doing, or they can focus on a single, big effort or campaign.

Marketing Plan Template

This digital marketing plan template would be ideal for marketers and organizations that are taking one big swing with their digital marketing efforts. In this case, it’s a viral video, but this type of template would be useful for any other large-scale campaign.

Media plan template

Most organizations’ social media accounts provide a treasure trove of data, and you should use that information to guide your planning. Try templates that give you a chance to capitalize on the rich data you’re generating.

Marketing Plan Template Social Media Proposal

The modern, urban design of this social media plan template is ideal for companies that marketing across a variety of social media platforms.

Media plan example

Regardless of the venue, it’s important to do thorough planning when it comes to your media outreach efforts. And in most cases, your media plan presentations should reference every channel you’ll use to get eyes on your content.

Marketing Plan Template

This media plan example presentation covers SEO and link building, but it’s easy to customize for the platforms your organization uses in its marketing campaigns.

Campaign plan template

To ensure effective coordination and informed tactical decisions, it is important for marketers to keep all the moving pieces of their campaigns organized and provide their teams with the necessary information. When it comes to campaign plan presentations, it is advisable to create comprehensive and detailed presentations rather than brief ones.

Marketing Plan Template

This campaign plan template includes goals, competition research, target personas and the overall content plan. But it goes a step further by including an editorial calendar that covers the full year, as well as exploring the content workflow.

Promotional plan template

Sales and other promotional events are significant drivers of traffic for companies operating in sales or subscription-based models. However, clear communication is crucial for companies to avoid missing out on important revenue.

marketing plan template

Use this promotional plan template to organize the strategy and execution of your company’s efforts to increase sales, boost engagement or sell more products.

Product launch plan template

Bringing a new product to market is an exciting and often scary prospect. If even a small task goes off the rails, you could miss your window for capitalizing on a trend or beating a competitor to market.

marketing plan template

Keep your product launch on track with this product launch plan template. Customize your timeframe, going as far back in time as needed.

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Nonprofit marketing plan templates

Nonprofit organizations have unique needs that make their marketing efforts especially challenging. But given their structure and the fact that they rely on donations, marketing plans are particularly critical for nonprofits.

marketing plan template

Consider investing in high-quality photography of the people your nonprofit helps. Nonprofit marketing plans can be incredibly impactful if the reader can get a glimpse of the lives being changed.

marketing plan template

This nonprofit marketing plan template also makes the most use of photos but adds an editorial calendar and promotional workflow for a more detailed, content-focused campaign.

SEO marketing plan template

With search engine algorithms constantly changing, it becomes challenging to keep track of SEO optimization without consistent and effective planning. If your organization heavily relies on search traffic, consider creating an SEO marketing plan template to guide your SEO efforts.

marketing plan template

SEO marketing plan templates should include technical information like performance indicators as well as tactics that will be used to improve the organization’s SEO.


Mind map marketing plan template

Mind maps are a popular type of visual design that can help people grasp a complex topic quickly. By having all topics emanate from a central area (the mind), readers can see connections between areas they might not have noticed otherwise.

You may notice that we’ve introduced a one-page marketing plan template in mind map form above, and here’s another example:

marketing plan template

This simple mind map marketing plan template covers four channels, but it could be easily changed to expand to other areas of your company’s marketing strategy.

How to write a marketing plan

To write a marketing plan, begin by clearly defining your objectives and target audience. That should be able to help you to conduct thorough market research and analyze your competitors.

Marketing plans can be brief, covering a single campaign, or they can be long-term, detailing your marketing efforts for an entire year.

Here’s a look at the steps involved in creating a marketing plan:

  1. Write a simple executive summary
  2. Set metric-driven marketing goals
  3. Outline your user personas
  4. Research all of your competitors
  5. Set accurate key baselines & metrics
  6. Create an actionable marketing strategy
  7. Set tracking or reporting guidelines
  8. Make it look professional with a marketing plan template

For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to create a marketing plan, read our blog: What is a Marketing Plan and How to Make One?

FAQs about marketing plan templates

What are the 7 elements of a marketing plan?

Most successful marketing plans will cover the seven Ps:

  • Product: What good or service are you marketing?
  • Price: How much does it cost, and how does it compare to others in the industry?
  • Promotion: What channels will you use to reach consumers?
  • Place: Where is your product or service sold?
  • Packaging: How does your product or service appear from the outside?
  • Positioning: What is the perception consumers have of your product or service?
  • People: Who in your organization will do each task related to the plan?

Marketing plans are not set-it-and-forget-it pursuits.

You must constantly evaluate and adjust what you’re doing based on how campaigns are performing but also on industry changes. Tracking results and adjusting your plans will help you get the most out of your marketing efforts, says business speaker and author Brian Tracy.

Marketing plan design tips

Adding visuals to your marketing plan or using one of the many marketing plan templates on this page is a good way to keep your audience engaged. Here are a few more tips for creating your marketing plan:

Understand your audience: It’s often helpful to create a theoretical persona to describe your target market. Give them a name, a job and even a picture.

Marketing Plan Template

Keep it simple: Brevity is the soul of wit, and when you’re trying to grab attention, using high-level metrics and simple goals is a good way to make information sticky.

Marketing Plan Template

Visualize data: Good marketing plans rely on real-world data, but just listing numbers doesn’t take full advantage of the power of visual communications. Use charts, tables and other data visualization to bring numbers to life.

Captivate & convince stakeholders with the help of marketing plans

Marketing plan templates come in every shape, size, color and design style you can imagine. Use one of the templates here or let your imagination run wild.

You can sign up for a free Venngage account and try out one of our free marketing plan templates, or upgrade to Business to enjoy all Business exclusive features like real-time collaboration, one-click branding, PowerPoint file export and more.

About Jennifer Gaskin

A veteran of newsrooms and agencies, Jennifer Gaskin is a writer, editor and designer who is the only living person not to have strong feelings on the Oxford comma. She's an award-winning practitioner of journalism and information design who spent the better part of a decade as the creative director of a digital marketing shop. As a writer, Jennifer contributes to a variety of publications while working with clients as well as taking on her own projects.