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25+ Food Flyer Templates to Hype Up Your Restaurant, Bar or Products

Written by: Krystle Wong

Mar 30, 2023

25+ Food Flyer Templates to Hype Up Your Restaurant, Bar or Products

Do you have a killer new menu item you want to shout about, or is there an upcoming promotion or a themed night at your restaurant? In that case, one of your best options for an effective restaurant marketing strategy would be, you guessed it — a food flyer.

Flyers are one of the trailblazer marketing materials that have stood the test of time and when done right, can:

  • Create awareness for your restaurant and brand
  • Increase footfall for your business and boost restaurant sales
  • Attract new customers 
  • Stay top of mind with regulars 
  • Promote your product or service

From restaurant operations to staff management and more, designing a food flyer should be the last thing you worry about. 

But lucky for you, I’ve got it all covered — from food flyer design ideas to tips and templates. So be sure to read till the end if you want to learn all about creating a food flyer that works for your restaurant. 

Designing a flyer only takes a few clicks with Venngage’s Online Flyer Maker, try it out for free today!

Click to jump ahead:

  • What is the standard size for food flyers?
  • What makes an eye-catching food flyer design?
  • Important elements to include in a food flyer
  • How to create an effective food flyer?
  • Food flyer ideas and templates to boost your restaurant sales

What is the standard size for food flyers?

Like any type of flyer, the standard size of a food flyer is 8.5 x 11 inches. This is the same size as a sheet of printer paper, posters and Word documents. 

However, depending on their purpose and the design that you’re opting for, flyers can come in different shapes and sizes. 

Here are some of the popular sizes and dimensions for flyers:

  • U.S. Letter: 8.5 x 11 inches (2550 x 3300 px)
  • Half Sheet: 5.5 x 8.5 inches (1650 x 2550 px)
  • Large Format: 11 x 17 inches (3300 x 5100 px)

Need more inspiration on what your food flyer should look like? This blog has 50+ flyer examples, templates, and design tips to help get you started.

What makes an eye-catching food flyer design?

A great food flyer design should be compelling enough to make people stop and take an interest in reading it. After all, the main purpose of your food flyer is to create awareness and attract more customers to your restaurant. 

If you’ve read our previous guide on flyer designs, you would’ve already learned the fundamentals of creating a flyer that stands out amongst the crowd. 

With food flyers, here are some of the elements that you should be including to draw attention:

Choose a captivating flyer background image

An eye-grabbing flyer background image is your key to catching audiences’ attention before they even read the copy. 
No idea how to choose the background image for your flyer? Check out this article that has a collection of flyer background images that might inspire you. 

Pool Party Flyer

Stand out with bold colors

Use bright, bold colors that make your flyer pop. This will help your flyer stand out from other flyers or advertisements.

Canada Day Food Festival Event Flyer Template

Use a clear font

Pick a font that is easy to read and make sure that your font size is readable even from a distance. You should also limit the number of fonts or font sizes that you have in your design to keep it neat.

Father's Day Pizza Flyer Template

Use high-quality images

Food flyers should feature high-quality, appetizing images of the dishes or products you want to promote. Make sure the images are in focus, well-lit, and accurately represent your food.

Elegant Restaurant Flyer

Make it visually appealing

Customize your flyers with elements like icons, borders, or background textures to make your flyer more visually appealing. But make sure to not go overboard with creativity, or else you might end up confusing — or losing — your target audience.

Donut Shop Menu Template

Keep it simple

At the end of the day, the key to an effective food flyer is to keep it simple and avoid cluttering it with too much information or design elements. 

Photo Father's Day Happy Hour Flyer Template

Create a flyer for free with Venngage’s professionally-designed flyer templates to stand out.

Important elements to include in a food flyer

Now, you’re probably asking — what goes into creating an effective flyer to promote your restaurant, event or even your menu? 

While there is no one-size-fits-all recipe, here are some of the ingredients you’ll need to create that lip-smacking food flyer: 

  1. An appetizing headline: Come up with a catchy headline that grabs the reader’s attention and makes them want to read more. You can also make use of font types and font sizes to stand out. 
  1. Craveable food pictures: Use yummy, high-quality pictures of the food you’re serving to get people drooling.
  1. Your restaurant’s branding: Make sure your flyer screams YOU by adding your restaurant’s colors, logo, and fonts to reinforce your brand.
  1. The meat and potatoes of your flyer: I don’t mean actual meat and potatoes here, but the gist of the message you want to send across. Get the word out there about your new menu item or give the promos or discounts you’re running a huge shout-out!
  1. Top it with a call-to-action (CTA): Complete your food flyer with a clear and compelling call-to-action such as “call now”, “visit our website”, or “stop by our store”. You should also include your contact information to make it easy for customers to reach you.

Ready to get those juicy leads? Here are more ideas on the different kinds of flyers that would work for your business

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How to create an effective food flyer with Venngage?

Before getting into the design tips and ideas, let me run you through what you need to create an effective food flyer — and how that can be done easily with the help of using Venngage. 

  1. Identify the objective of your flyer. Before you start designing, think about why you’re designing your flyer. Is it to promote a new menu item, advertise a food event, or offer a discount on a particular day of the week?
  2. Sign up for a free Venngage account. 
  3. Choose a food flyer template. Browse Venngage’s gallery of editable designs and choose a template that fits your goal, audience, and message. 
  4. Customize your template. Swap in your desired copy, images, icons and colors to make it your own. For graphic content, select from our library of free and premium images or upload your photos from a file. Be sure to check out our diverse library of icons too. 
  5. Proofread your flyer. Once you’re done designing your food flyer, be sure to check things over to make sure there are no mistakes. Keep your copy short and sweet and use fonts that are easy to read. 
  6. Share, download and print. Happy with how things are looking? You’re welcome to share the link publicly for free or upgrade to a paid plan to download and print your custom poster template. (Note: Download your flyer in PNG HD for print distribution for the best possible quality. You can also add bleed marks to your design by selecting the option under Settings).

With a Business Plan specifically, you’ll get access to premium templates and features — like real-time Team Collaboration, and automated branding with My Brand Kit

Food flyer ideas and templates to boost your restaurant sales

1. Promotional flyer

Promotions like “buy one get one free” or “second item at 50% off” are great for getting your customers to spend with you, even if they never intend to in the first place.

Discount Pizza Restaurant Flyer Template

Adding contact information to your food flyer can prompt customers to make reservations. That way, you’ll be able to reduce wait time and prevent things from turning chaotic during rush hours. 

Promotional Weekend Restaurant Flyer Template

Here’s a fun idea – use the flyer as a coupon for your customers to bring in and redeem when they come to dine in at your restaurant. 

Not only does it give people an extra reason to come and visit, but it also helps spread the word about your business to more potential customers. 

Bar Restaurant Flyer
Restaurant Bar Promotional Business Flyer Template

2. Event flyer

Yes, social media can be great for creating hype. But if you’re targeting your local community, flyers are an effective and low-cost alternative to promote your events. 

Visual hierarchy makes it easier for your audience to spot the important event details of your event. Use bold text or increase your font size to highlight key details and keep in mind to start with the most important information at the top of your design. 

Food Formal Dining Event Flyer Template
Chef Table Demo Night Event Poster Template

Don’t be afraid to experiment with vibrant colors but keep in mind to choose a color scheme that matches the theme or style of your event. This pride event flyer is a great example of how you can grab eyes with bold colors:

Pink Drag Brunch Event Flyer Template

A simple and uncluttered design can never go wrong. Eventually, the only important element in your event flyer is the “where” and “when” of your event.

Weekend Bake Sale Event Flyer Template

Too many ideas, too little time? Pick a design from these 20 customizable event templates to start designing THE flyer for your event. 

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3. Product flyer

A product flyer is an excellent tool to promote your product and increase sales, especially if your restaurant sells products like merchandise or ready-to-cook meals. 

Flaunt your USPs (unique selling points) and highlight how your products are the solution to their needs to win customers. Instead of just listing the features of your product, focus on the benefits that it provides to your customers. 

Vintage Risotto Flyer Template
Informational Flyer

Educating your customers about your product is super important as it helps them make an informed decision and eventually purchase your product. For example, if you’re selling ready-to-cook meals, highlight the benefits of cooking at home and market your product as a solution. 

Editorial Flyer Template

With the rise of digital marketing, product flyers can now be shared online through social media, email campaigns, or your company’s website. But whether you’re distributing your flyer physically or online, make sure to use high-quality pictures that reflect the quality of your product.

Beer Type Product Flyer Template
Product Feature Flyer

4. Menu flyer

When creating a menu flyer, it is important to consider your target audience and their preferences. For example, if your restaurant focuses on the farm-to-table concept, be sure to highlight that on your menu flyer to attract customers who are actively trying to eat healthily. 

Modern Green Fresh Foods Menu Template
Fresh Food Menu

Don’t forget to highlight any limited-time menu or promotions that would get customers to come to your restaurant. 

BBQ Menu Template
Brunch Menu Template

Here’s a bonus tip – use a semi-transparent background image to make your text, in this case, your menu stand out. 

Simple Pizza Menu Template
Green Christmas Banquet Menu Template

Not the idea you have in mind? Check out this article for a rundown of cool flyer design ideas and discover tools that’ll help you attract a larger audience. 

5. Seasonal flyer

From Christmas to Valentine’s and even Father’s Day, holidays and festive seasons are some of the most profitable times for restaurants. But how can you maximize holiday sales with the help of seasonal flyers?

Your seasonal flyer is a great way to keep your restaurant top-of-mind during festivities while building customer loyalty. When it comes to a seasonal flyer, the theme of your design can be a game changer. 

For example, a winter-themed flyer could feature cozy images of snow, fireplaces, and holiday desserts while a Valentine-themed flyer could use some pastel colors to sweeten things up!

Chalk Christmas Background Flyer Template
Baking Valentine's Day Event Flyer Template

There’s no better way to catch the eye of new customers than with an exciting offer so make sure you highlight your seasonal promos and get the word out there!

Here are some seasonal promo flyer ideas that you can look at for inspiration:

Light Father's Day Pizza Flyer Template
Photo Father's Day Grill Sale Template


Always remember this — you don’t have to be a professional designer to design the food flyer that would work for your restaurant or product. With Venngage, it’s almost a no-brainer for you to create a professionally-designed flyer in just minutes. 

No more panicking over choosing the right fonts and colors for your flyer, get started for free with Venngage’s library of easy-to-edit flyer templates! 

About Krystle Wong

Everyday writer and a weekend baker, Krystle is a content marketer and brand strategist with experience in media, tech and SaaS.