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Product Feature Flyer Template

Beer Flyer Template

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By Venngage Inc.
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Type of Beer is an excellent product feature flyer template with a versatile format. It works for any product and communicates product features easily and effectively. Let's first focus on your product. Do you have an excellent high-quality photo of your product? Upload it into the tool and drag it over. This will help your audience connect with what you're promoting. It will be easier for readers to imagine than a graphic or stock photo of something similar. Now you want to highlight the features. With a lot of marketing content, you're forced to be brief in order to keep readers engaged. But with this style of formatting, you can really dive in. Describe everything that's awesome about your product, whether its a food, a drink, technology, clothing or something else. Use this product feature template as a template for all your products. You can then add a color-coded scale to describe where it falls in terms of flavours, features, purpose, effectiveness and more. Visually communicating general features helps people zero in on what they're looking for specifically. This design can be downloaded as