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10 Buyer Persona Templates, Examples & Marketing Tips

Written by: Daleska Pedriquez

Nov 29, 2023

Brands that feel human to their target market succeed in building a rapport with them. This improves the brand reputation with both old and new customers.

With this in mind, I highly recommend creating buyer persona guides before launching a business or a marketing campaign.

This is a great practice for your next social media, content, or web campaigns, as well.

But, before anything else, let’s talk about what a buyer persona is.

Haven’t tried creating buyer personas before? With Venngage for business, you can design and download buyer persona templates that make the process easier, even without design experience.

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What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona is a detailed and semi-fictional representation of a business’s ideal customer, based on market research, real data and insights.

Buyer personas are important because it helps in understanding the target audience’s preferences, behaviors and needs, allowing businesses to tailor their marketing strategies and products/services to effectively connect with and meet the expectations of their customers.

Successful brands have used this detailed approach to demographic information and market segments. Studies have shown that buyer personas have played a huge role in building empathy between customers and brands

A buyer persona is a fictional yet accurate representation of what your ideal customer looks like.

If you’re confused about the difference between buyer personas and target audience, here’s how Rock Content explains it.

RockContent User Persona Infographic

Buyer personas are a tool to help you connect with potential customers. They also equip your marketing and sales team to make better, more informed decisions.

A buyer persona is necessary to better understand your target audience. Knowing who you are targeting is important to ensure your marketing campaigns reach the right people.

What is a user persona?

A user persona on the other hand is a detailed and fictional representation of a typical user of a product, service or system.

Similar to buyer personas, user personas are created based on research, data and insights about the actual users to capture their needs, goals, behaviors and characteristics.

User personas help designers, developers and product teams better understand and empathize with their target audience, guiding the creation of user-centered products and experiences.

These personas often include demographic information, preferences, pain points and scenarios that reflect the diversity and nuances of the user base.

11 Buyer persona templates for businesses

A buyer persona template is a type of visual that makes it easy to list your potential customers.

Most free buyer persona template solutions, like Venngage, offer a variety of formats that are perfect for presentations. 

Here are some of the best helpful templates for specific business needs.

Customer journey infographic template

This is one of Venngage’s most popular customer journey maps. It’s a simple design that uses icons and lines to visualize how a customer will move from a single sign-up to becoming a loyal business user.

Journey Infographic


The gray background can be modified to suit your brand colors. You can use any of the 40,000+ icons in the Venngage library to create your own buyer persona from this template.

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Marketing persona template

Add a pop of color to your buyer persona templates to draw the eye to your marketing reports. This Venngage template is perfect for highlighting your brand alongside your target customer.



This buyer persona lists her personal information, such as occupation, archetype, and personality.

Note how this example uses diagrams and charts to showcase the user’s personality, interests, and motivations.

A good marketing plan will consider personality and the customer’s pain points as a focal point for marketing efforts.

Simple buyer persona profile template

You can think of buyer persona templates as a type of resume. It lists customer pain points and solutions to ensure marketing messages are more impactful.



This template focuses on a 35-year-old program coordinator who is extrovert and empathic. Note how the template includes personality traits, as well.

These are vital details that businesses can use in tailoring their campaigns toward actual customers.

You can customize this buyer persona template in the Venngage editor for your existing customers. Swap out images, change the text, and add relevant charts and graphs.

Simple B2B customer journey map template

A customer journey envisions the complete customer experience from the first time to the final time they interact with a brand. A customer journey map visual represents that process.

Simple B2B Customer Journey Map Template


The buyer’s journey maps out how a customer becomes aware of the product and eventually makes a purchase.

The map helps illustrate how effectively businesses are reaching their target markets. It also underlines the gaps in the journey and what improvements can be made.

If you know how your customers are interacting with your brand, you can build your buyer persona easily.

This buyer journey map can be adjusted for your target customers. Change the fonts and colors, and add your customer touchpoints to make the design your own.

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Ideal user persona guide template

For a more grid-style template that looks casual and minimalist at the same time, this buyer persona report works well.



The buyer persona focuses on a student who is searching for the perfect place to study quietly while enjoying a coffee. A small business owner can develop their marketing messages around these customer pain points.

You can change the fonts, alignment, and layout of this buyer persona template and adapt the preset categories for your own business.

You can still include the motivations, frustrations, and goals of the ideal customer but change the final section to reflect your products or services.

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Colorful buyer persona template

Here’s another bold way to present your buyer personas. Yellow is a strong color that works for this brand. It also makes this report stand out.



The template displays the same information as the buyer personas in this post, but the yellow theme is prominent. The wider format also makes it easier to space out the sections.

Change the image, colors, and text according to your branding guidelines. With Venngage, you can upload your own images to personify your target customers.

Or use one of the free stock photos available in the Venngage editor to represent your ideal customers.

Basic persona template

Mind mapping is an excellent tool for businesses to illustrate their strategies, competitor analyses, and SWOT analysis. It’s just as helpful for creating ideal user personas, like the one below.



This template is easy to customize and just as simple to understand. It lists the customer’s traits in a circular form, creating a basic flow that readers can follow.

Note the use of word clouds for two of the sections. This is a great way of showing the customer pain points without having to design a list.

The mind map buyer persona examples above will mostly require text changes, which you can quickly make in the Venngage editor.

Dark buyer persona marketing report template

This dark-themed buyer persona template uses colors to distinguish each section: the user profile, customer strengths, frustrations, and goals.



The separate blocks make the report easier to follow. This is a very succinct document. It’s short and to the point. Perfect for executives with little time and a lot to do.

You don’t want to lose your audience’s interest. Creating a report like this template, which presents only the most important facts is the best way to get your message across.

Iconic buyer persona report template

A chart can get so much information across in a single glance. Most business reports include charts because of this fact.

It isn’t surprising that a buyer persona would be greatly helped by adding in a few charts, like this example that includes donut charts.



Note the use of icons in the daily activities section. These icons are a great way to tell the reader exactly what the user spends their time doing, without having to use too many words.

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Colorful persona guide report template

Executives have little time to read through massive reports. A succinct and attractive report that distills information is what they’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a stylish and simple buyer persona, this template is right for you. It uses color to signify important information. This is a template that can easily be understood with a glance.



Adapt the various sections for your own products and services. Changing the colors in the template takes seconds. Pick from the color wheel in the Venngage editor menu to suit your aesthetics.

Create your own buyer persona by adapting this template for your brand. The Venngage My Brand Kit feature makes it easy to add your brand logo, colors, and fonts.

Add your website to the editor and it automatically downloads all your brand details.

Venngage Autobrand

Then you can use the Autobrand function to apply your branding to all designs with a single click.

Venngage Autobrand - Upload Your Own Brand-Kit

Dark food service customer journey map template

If it’s challenging to create customer personas for your potential customers, you can use this template to understand the buyer journey.

Dark Food Service Customer Journey Map Template


The template outlines the typical sales funnel for a brand. It also includes the potential actions and thought processes of the customer.

The journey map highlights the channels preferred by the customer, the emotion that the brand wants the customer to feel, and the possible opportunities.

By breaking down these actions and the stages, a food-service brand can use this template to determine their ideal buyer personas. 

You can use this template as is, or adjust the wording to suit the products or services your brand focuses on.

How to create a buyer persona

Creating a buyer persona involves a comprehensive approach to understanding your ideal customer. Begin by conducting thorough market research through channels such as:

  • Customer surveys
  • Website analytics
  • Social media insights
  • Customer interviews
  • Sales and customer service teams
  • Email analytics
  • Competitor analysis
  • Industry reports and studies
  • Online reviews and feedback
  • CRM data
  • Web forms and registrations
  • Customer workshops and events

Once you’ve gathered qualitative insights into your customers’ goals, challenges and decision-making processes, you can start developing a structured persona template.

Share this persona with relevant teams, encourage feedback and iterate as needed. Visual aids, such as a representation with a photo, can enhance memorability. Lastly, regularly revisit and update your buyer persona to ensure it aligns with the evolving dynamics of your business and market.

Improve conversions with a buyer persona template

With buyer personas and customer journeys, you can create the best messaging, positioning, and products that appeal to your target audience. Customize these buyer persona templates for your business presentations.

Presenting your buyer persona template layouts requires time to plan and produce. With Venngage’s buyer persona templates, you can start creating for free, without any prior design experience.

About Daleska Pedriquez

Daleska is Venngage’s Marketing Manager. With a background in marketing communications and a deep interest in journalism, she aims to write about exciting topics and make them understandable for everyone.