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80+ Branding Statistics You Should Know For 2020

Written by: Ryan McCready

Jun 19, 2019

Branding Statistics

Each day you interact with thousands of companies across a ton of different channels.

From social media to radio ads and even in your inbox…you’re constantly interacting with brands, or branded content, whether you know it or not!

Every one of those companies has a different and distinct brand that helps them stand above their competitors. The companies that stand out have spent a lot of time and effort perfecting that brand image.

Their brand colors, their cool business card designs, the font they use in their logo and even the words they use in their email copy have been carefully crafted.

I think it’s safe to say a strong brand is essential to stand out in 2019 and beyond. Here are 80+ branding statistics to inspire you.

Table Of Contents:

General Branding Statistics

1. Consistent branding across all channels increases revenue by 23% (Source)

Branding Statistics 24

2.  89% of marketers say that brand awareness is their top goal (Source)

3. 77% of marketing leaders say a strong brand is critical to their growth plans (Source)

4. There will be 5-7 brand interactions before a consumer remembers a brand (Source)

Branding Statistics 27

5. 48% of consumers say their first purchase or interaction is the best time to earn their loyalty (Source)

6. 60% of millennial consumers expect a consistent brand across all channels (Source)

7. 91% of consumers would rather buy from an authentic brand  (Source)

Branding Statistics

8. 82% of investors want the companies they invest in to have a strong brand  (Source)

9. Only 60% of marketers think their brand is well aligned with their long term goals (Source)

10. 55% of marketers think their internal and external brand are aligned (Source)

Branding Statistics 3

11. 66% of marketers believe their company will sacrifice growth instead of hurting their brand (Source)

12. 67% of marketers believe their senior leaders don’t appreciate the potential value of a strong brand (Souce)

13. Only 48% of marketers say they measure metrics related to branding (Source)

Branding Statistics 25

14. 94% of consumers will be loyal to companies that are transparent with their practices (Source)

15. 73% of consumers love a brand because of great customer service (Source)

Branding Statistics 14

16. Only 23% of consumers say they have a relationship with a brand (Source)

17. Customers who have an emotional connection with a brand have a 3x higher LTV (Source)

18. 31% of consumers say trustworthiness is the most important brand attribute (Source)

Branding Statistics 15

19. 29% of consumers say creativity is the most important brand attribute (Source)

20. 22% of consumers say authenticity is the most important brand attribute (Source)

21. 80% of consumers don’t think brands actually understand them as a person (Source)

22. 77% of brands think that having an online community improves brand awareness and credibility (Source)

23. 37% of users will stick with a brand if they are part of a community (Source)

24. Brand loyalty is worth 10x more than a single purchase (Source)

Branding Statistics 22

25. 90% of users expect to have the same branding across all platforms/channels (Source)

26. 46% of a brand’s image comes from what they say, and how they say it (Source)

Branding Statistics 17

27. Less than 10% of B2B companies say their branding is very consistent  (Source)

28. 60% of B2B brands say that their visuals or content doesn’t conform to brand guidelines (Source)

29. 95% of companies have formal brand guidelines (Source)

30. Only 25% of brands actually stick to their brand guidelines (Source)

Branding Statistics 19

31. 71% of companies list customer confusion as the biggest negative impact of an inconsistent brand (Source)

32. 65% of consumers are disappointed when a brand takes a strong political stance (Source)

33. When companies rebrand, it usually costs them 5-10% of their yearly marketing budget (Source)

Color Branding Statistics

Next, we have a few color branding statistics that should make picking your own brand color palette a little easier. As you will see below, color is one of the most powerful parts of a brand in 2019 too.

34. Brand colors improve recognition by over 80% (Source)

Branding Statistics 23

35. People make a subconscious judgment about a product within 90 seconds of initial viewing and between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone (Source)

36. 80% of consumers think color is a big part of brand recognition (Source)

37. When buying a product, 93% of buyer focus on brand color (Source)

Branding Statistics 11

38. 48% of marketers use their brand colors on less than 1/4th of their presentation slides (Source)

39. 21% of marketers use their brand colors on 8/10 of their presentation slides (Source)

Content Branding Statistics

In this third section, I collected a handful of branding statistics that were content specific. A lot of companies forget that the content they post on their blog or website is a huge part of their overall brand.

Need some more content specific stats? Check this content marketing statistics roundup!

40. 78% of consumers trust brands that produce custom content, compared to generic content (Source)

41. 23% of marketers won’t interact with a piece of branded content, if the first one was disappointing (Source)

Branding Statistics 13

42. 80% of readers think authentic content is the main factor that will drive them to follow or engage with a brand (Source)

43. 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching a branded video (Source)

44. 69% of marketers say branded content is more effective than PR efforts (Source)

45. 62% of millennials think online content will help build their brand loyalty (Source)

Branding Statistics 26

46. 54% of consumers don’t trust branded content that they see online (Source)

47. 56% of online consumers say that most of the branded content they saw was irrelevant (Source)

Employer Branding Statistics

If you aren’t familiar with employer branding, don’t fret. It’s basically how the outside world views your company as an employer.

A lot of this is based on how you treat your employees and the overall company culture. Now if you have a low employer branding score, people won’t want to work for your company.

With a talent shortage in a lot of industries, employer branding is becoming very important to many large and small companies.

48. 50% of employees think employer branding is an important part of their HR  approach (Source)

49. 55% of recruiters want to invest more in employer branding (Source)

Branding Statistics 2

50. 50% of candidates wouldn’t work for a company with a negative brand, even for more money (Source)

51. Negative reviews are the top thing that damages an employer branding (Source)

52. Facebook was the most used social media to research employer branding (Source)

53. 68% of millennials visit the company’s social media sites to research employer branding  (Source)

54. 70% of job seekers changed their mind about a negative review if the brand respond to the criticism (Source)

55. Companies with a strong employer brand see the cost of hiring decrease by 43% (Source)

Branding Statistics 12

Logo Branding Statistics

Logos are probably the most recognizable part of a visual brand. That’s why companies spend millions of dollars to make sure their logo is perfect.

If you’re looking to update your logo, check out some of the branding stats below. I think that they will help lead you in the right direction or stand out from the crowd.  

56. 67% of small businesses are willing to pay $500 for a logo design (Source)

57. 18% of small businesses are willing to pay $1000 for a logo design (Source)

58. 9% of brands didn’t include their company name in their logo (Source)

59. 95% of top brands only use two colors in their logo (Source)

Branding Statistics 5

60. 35% of top brands use blue in their logo (Source)

61. 30% of top brands use red in their logo (Source)

62. 23% of top brands have a grayscale, or black & white logo (Source)

63. 20% of top brands feature yellow in their logo (Source)

64. 7% of top brands use green in their logo (Source)

65. Only 1% of top brands use purple in their logo (Source)

Social Media Branding Statistics

Each share from your company social media accounts is adding another brick to your brand story. I think a lot of social media experts forget this as they share a bunch of random content.

They forget that social media is a great place to build your brand into something wonderful. Or interact with your customers on a more personal level. Especially if you invest in some social media visuals!

In addition to this, you can easily track your progress on any social media platform by using custom short URLs to share your content. These URLs collect data based on the clicks your links are getting, meaning you can see the types of content people prefer, what times of the day — or even days of the week — they interact with your brand most, and lots more. 

Whatever your goals may be, your company still should strive to have a strong brand on social media as well. A great way to put this into motion is by creating a well defined social media plan!

66. 96% of people talking about brands on social media aren’t following those brands (Source)

Branding Statistics 20

67. 72% of consumers will make a purchase from a brand if they follow that company on Twitter  (Source)

68. 45% of people will unfollow a brand if they do too much self-promotion (Source)

69. 19% of people will unfollow a brand based on poor hashtag usage  (Source)

70. Brand messages are shared 24x more on personal accounts compared to branded accounts  (Source)

71. Social media content shared by employees get 8x more engagement than from brand accounts (Source)

Branding Statistics 1

72. Visual content is 40x more likely to be shared on social media  (Source)

73. 70% of hashtags on Instagram are branded or created by companies  (Source)

74. There are 2.1 million negative brand mentions each day (Source)

75. Branded content is 2x more likely to interest Baby Boomers when compared with young people (Source)

76. 77% of users feel more positive about a brand after their Tweet is replied to (Source)

77. 78% of Pinterest users want more branded content on the platform (Source)

78. 66% of Pinterest users would make purchases from branded content (Source)

79. 91% of users want brands to be authentic with their social media content (Source)

That’s all we have for you today! Hopefully, these stats have shown how important having a strong brand is in 2019.

We know a consistent brand is exceptionally useful as well. That’s why with our Brand Kit you can easily add your own colors, logos, and fonts to all of our templates.

Now if you want to learn more about creating a brand guide, start here:

How to Create a Brand Style Guide Like These Top Tech Companies

Branding Stats

And if you need some examples of what a great brand guide looks like, we have you covered:

65+ Brand Guidelines Templates & Examples 

Branding Statistics

About Ryan McCready

Ryan McCready went to the University of Arkansas and graduated with a degree in economics and international business. Now instead of studying the economy he writes about everything and enjoys stirring the pot.