The Night Market Event Poster Examples - Venngage Poster Examples
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The Night Market Event Poster Examples

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Poster Descriptions

Build up hype for a special event by using these business poster examples for design ideas! Each event poster features the same bold title and a modern font.


This helps make the poster examples easy to read while using the graphic images as the focus point. If your event takes place over several months like this night market, then you’ll want to utilize images that fit with the month’s theme.


The designer turned these into creative poster examples by choosing images, icons, and shapes that match each month such as the American flag, constellations, and a skull. These posters also have a bold color palette that will grab people’s attention which is important for advertising an event. Design more marketing posters by using this tips and tricks!

Poster Features


Bullhorn Creative

Color Palette



700 x 906 px


Bullhorn Creative